iPhone 5 dream device giveaway!

iPhone 5 dream device giveaway!

Design your dream iPhone 5 and show (or tell) us all about it for your chance to win $500!

Apple has just announced the iPhone 5 event! Now, sure, there have been parts leaks, but nothing is confirmed until Tim Cook, Phil Schiller or Jonathan Ive hold it up on stage. That means there's still time to let our imaginations run away with us!

If you ran Apple, what would YOU announce as the next generation iPhone? What would it look like? What specs would it have? What special features would make it the best phone on the planet?

The contest

Design your iPhone 5 dream device!

Break out your Photoshop or 3D program and make a killer rendering, write out your version of Phil Schiller's keynote intro telling us all about it, make a fake web page with all the tech-specs, create a spoof video commercial, or just tell us, in your own words, what your dream iPhone 5 looks like. It has to be original (you can't copy anything you've seen online, the other forum members will turn you in!), and it has to be creative (make us want your iPhone 5 even more than Apple's!), but other than that, the sky's the limit. Wow us!

The editors of iMore and Mobile Nations will go through all the entries and pick our favorites. Rene's going to want something with killer design. Simon and I are going to want the best gaming iPhone ever. Leanna's and Daniel are going to want an awesome camera sensor. Ally's going to want repairability. Chris O... will just want Siri to work in the UK. Phil and Chris P. will take some customizability. Kevin is either going to want a physical keyboard (ugh!) or something in the $2000 range. You won't be able to please all the judges, so pick and choose your targets, and execute something too great to be ignored! Insanely great!

When you have your entry ready, post it in the official iMore forums iPhone 5 dream device giveaway thread!

The prizes

We know the iMore nation is the most creative, most intelligent, best looking community in mobile, and that means it's going to be really hard to pick just one winner. So we're going to add a couple of runner-up prizes, just to make it more interesting.

  • Grand prize: $500 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate to put towards the purchase of the real iPhone 5 when Apple launches it later this month!

    • Runner up prizes: 2x $100 Apple Store gift certificates to put towards the purchase of the real iPhone 5 when Apple launches it later this month!

The deadline

The contest starts now and ends Tuesday, September 25, 2012, at midnight PST. Winners will be announced live on the iMore show on September 26, 2012, some time between 6pm and 7pm PST.

Bring it!

Are you ready? Are you set? Then go, go, go! Post your dream iPhone 5 now!

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Reader comments

iPhone 5 dream device giveaway!


It would be not only taller but also wider, a 4.3 in screen would be nice. It would have lte, a quad core processor, 128 gigs of storage, 2 gigs of memory, a fingerprint reader to log on to it with, NFC, a 3 megapixel camera on the front and a 12 megapixel camera on the back. It would have widgets and airdrop built into ios 6. And a dock that could turn it into a full fledged mac osx desktop computer. All for $399, on contract of course. Ahh that was a nice day dream. :-)

If I ran apple I would create a 4.5 in screen with a 18megapixel on the back camera and the front with 14 megapixels with photoshop included so you can edit the photos that you take, I would design different iPhone 5 models so other people that don't like that model can choose different kinds with other neon colors instead of just black and white. I would also add a faster processor like a chip called the ultimate graphic chip. Make a different iOS layout so we don't just stay like all the other iPhone models. I would also add flash in the front camera. The whole iPhone would be water proof bullet proof scratch proof and etc but it will be very light so it will be at others comfort. You will be able to customize your next gen iPhone keyboard as soon as you get it you will be able to do anything you want. Like i stated above iphone Will be very slim and slender at your own comfort. You would also be able to charge your iphone through wifi an it will also come with a charger. The speakers with be the best out of the best because it will come with a mini subwoofer. The increase and decrease volume buttons will be heat sense and you can talk to the iPhone and tell it want you want it to do for you as in like order food reserve tickets call places and you won't have to say a thing. Being the owner of apple and creating other electronic devices would be awesome also. I would really wish to make this kind of iPhone to see if it will become the next best iphone on the earth you will be able to customize anything you want to once you obtain it it will come with a app to customize your home layout and keyboard and etc. you can change the color of your phone just by one click away anywhere your at by the customizable app. The iPhone will have unlimited amounts of gb so you won't lagg or so the phone won't go slow while playing or doing anything that could make your phone go slow which won't ever happen again. It will come with one headphone and one earphone which will come with noise canceling and will have the best bass and sound ever created on this plant. "iPhone Heist"

Same size as current form factor, at least as far as width/height. Edge to edge screen, for larger display. Thinner; about as thin as the leaked iPhone 5. New smaller dock connector is cool. Smaller is always better as far as cables go. I like the idea of the newly placed headphone jack so I'd go with that too. And an all brushed aluminum back.

As a current iPhone owner thinking of switching to Samsung, this shouldn't be hard.

I would invent a phone with the following features:
- A brand new form factor that has never been seen. One that is easy on the hands and pleasant on the eyes.
- A 4.5" super AMOLED screen that screams "touch me"!
- NFC integration
- LTE support using the latest technology and least power
- A duel-core processor with 2GB RAM and 32GB storage and microSD slot
- Beats audio so that people can rock-out with their phone without having to hide it on a stereo rack
- A matte finish on the back that grips the hand for longs hours of use without the need of a case
- Multiple colors so that people can have the color they want
- A 12MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera to catch the beauty of you and others

Thanks iMore.com for the opportunity and the contest and I hope I win.


If I were to design a new iPhone:

-I would first put LTE in it, as verizon 3g is nothing to brag about
-I would like to add a microSD slot so that one could purchase the baseline model and still be able to put one's own library on the device.
-I would upgrade the front facing camera to a little better than what is currently on it. I think 1.3 is a little lame.
-I would love to add an open source iOS on the device, and all devices for that matter and add the ability to add cydia and all other applications over the air, and not have to be forced to use the app store.
-I would take the phone a little bit bigger, as developers can now just do the same thing for iPad on iPhone applications, it is no longer an issue for developers.
-My last touch would be a slightly longer battery. My iPhone 4s doesn't have nearly the same battery as my iPhone 4 did.

It would be taller and also wider, a 4.15 in screen with 16:9 would be great. It would have 4G connection, a quad core processor 1.2 GHz-1,5 GHz with quad-core graphics (like New iPad), available in capacity 8GB(if available/when new iphone comes), 16GB,32GB and 64GB, 1.5 GB of memory, a fingerprint reader to log on to it with, a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front and a 8 megapixel camera on the back. All for $299, with contract. And $799 for unlocked iPhone 5

My iPhone would be circular, about the as big as a softball, flat and have no center. It would be holographic with a push to flip out keyboard. It would have NFC, a 12mp camera, and have 160G of storage, 4G RAM and have a "floating" dock stand that "wirelessly" charges the battery. The battery would last for 12 consecutive hours of on network talk time, it was be made of steel and come in a multitude of colors. It would dent/scratch/break resistant due a covering of carbon nanotubes. The holographic screen would create a resistant electric field so that scrolling and touching the screen would be possible. It would charge to full charge in 45 minutes and be world capable. Slogan "iPhone 0, because everything before was simply to square"

My name is Jam, and I'm a PC who owns a iphone and would like the two to work together better!

My dream iphone would have specs like this.
- A body that never scratches of cracks (were talking about those minor drops and falls from necessarily harmless falls) The whole point of the iphone is the amazing design and for me who always wanted a white phone to show off people I have one. Cant do that when it drops an inch and scratches like i just threw it across the way, or when I have to worry about the glass being broken all the time.
-smudge proof glass! I hate putting on zagg shields its so tidious and then having to get it changed because it starts looking funny and paying verizon 15 dollars to do it, smh.
-finger recognition/face recognition/voice recognition screen. A camera or sensor enabled screen would help me when someone tries to use my phone that shouldnt. steals, or whatever insane thing so my phone sticks with me.
-phone alarm. you know when you loose your phone, i wish the phone around the silver plating or antenna thing would glow when its lost, or something when im in my room and cant find it. Instead of having to sign on to flippin icloud to make it play a sound I just push panic putton on itunes and the thing will glow or chime like whatever glows a chimes.
-12 megapixel camera, like mine now because my camera is amazing 1080p (with maybe an up-gradable ability)
-12 megapixel front camera, cause face the front camera SUCKS! with also 1080p recording abilities.
-i would like not only a volume butting but a play pause button.
-4inch screen looks nice
-all white back and front, the back being matte (kind of like a rubberized back of some phones for grip) and also for it to be lint resistant.
-I would like it to come standard 32gb with a micros sd card slot
-I would like it to have 6ghz processor
-and a video chip that was equal to or greater than the ati radeon 1550 chip i think i have on my computer (i want my phone so fast and amazing if I could I could play the sims 4 on it!)
-all wireless capabilities,
-bluetooth 4.0
- capatible with every carrier
-comes with a amazing speaker so siri can get what i say straight the first time!
-and a back button for heaven sakes, as well as a menu button that makes a list of all the apps you have appears so if your lazy you dont to go screen by screen.

i think thats all...

oh i forgot, some how i would like my iphone to have a usb to hdmi cord included so i dont have to buy apply TV to stream from my iphone to my tv or computer..even though that may exist already. but if hdmi out put could be put on it thatd be nice. I might have that on the opposite side of the micro sd slot,.. i also would like it to be thin as possible and small enough to fit in one hand. maybe a screen to the edge of the phone with a very thin like separating it.