iPhone GPS Hopes Dashed

The iPhone + TomTom GPS rumor from yesterday has been quashed. Eagle-eyed MacRumors reader thecreativ1 noted the resemblance to an earlier iPod Video fake that was hoaxed; the extra blurriness, and all.

"Don't you guys remember the big hoax about the "real" video iPod??? About how weeks later the guys showed a screencast about how he made the fake....

"Well I do, and the barcode sticker on the tomtom dongle looks an awful lot like the barcode sticker on this notorious fake..."

So it's not true. I wanted it to be real, but it's not. (via engadget).

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Reader comments

iPhone GPS Hopes Dashed


Eagle-eyed reader???
Please. I took one look at this image and new within 2 thousandths of a second that it was not real. Anyone with the slightest bit of depth perception should see it too.
And look at the screenshot! It is just a product shot with the gradated glare still there - albeit choppy as heck after compression. Tell me why this same precise gradated glare, seen in every marketing piece today that involves a glaring sheen of a screen of some sort, shows up in this highly compressed image. And why does it just cover the map corner to corner and not the iPhone's surface itself.
And why does the iPhone cast a shadow but the TomTom unit does not?
And what happened to the ever present status bar across the top of the iPhone screen?
And why do the lines that run down...
You get the point.

Dont worry Archie, I put something together for you. I would hate your fragile hopes to be dashed...

Dont worry Archie, I put something together for you. I would hate your fragile hopes to be dashed...
...and your grossness continues. You were the one complaining that the iPhone didn't have GPS.
For the record, I personally could care less about GPS.
By the way, I hate to "dash your fragile hopes"; but the fact that this thing requires a toggle switch means it is going to drain the battery like a siev being connected to the tx/rx lines continually. This will not be a good solution.