Higher quality pictures of the purported iPhone 5 design

Higher quality pictures of the iPhone 5 design

Remember those iPhone 5 dummies that were floating around Germany and Taiwan last week? Well it looks like they're starting to hit U.S. shores, social networks, and tip boxes.

iMore previously reported that this is indeed the basic design for the new iPhone, though the final design details will no doubt differ (pentalobe screws, properly typeset branding, etc.) But if you're still eager to soak in as much hype as you possibly can before tomorrow's iPhone event, check out the image above and the one below, and let us know your pre-release thoughts.

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Reader comments

Higher quality pictures of the purported iPhone 5 design


It doesn't hold the sophisicated design of the 4 and 4S, I need to see it for myself. Its nice but I hope the black is one colour not two toned and the screen isn't tall and not wide but slightly taller and a tad wider
We just have to wait and see tomorrow!

"Sophisticated"?? Are you kidding me?!
The thing is all glass. That is not practical. They are too fragile. They are meant for a china cabinet, not every day use. How about a metal or rubberized back, that is MUCH more practical.

No thanks. If I wanted a rubber back, I'd throw a case on it or buy a prepaid Android phone from Walmart.

Can't you see the build quality sucks, Clearly its a fake chinese phone.
For instance check the camera lens its not aligned to the ccd. Sides have paint off scratches.
Overall if this is the Iphone 5 build quality... Apple is doomed.

I have the white 4S. If the pictures are true about the black having black metal around it, I will be going black this year. The white looks pretty ugly, only in comparison to the black with new black metal around it.

Yip. This is bigger. Has a different back. A better chipset. A different antenna. A larger screen. Different material. An lte chip. A new battery. So yes. Your the only one.

Of course it's the same phone for the third consecutive time. They can't change the design because they will be sued for slave copying any other rectangle shaped phone. :-)

Tim Cook said they were going to step it up on secrecy, what has happened? Everything leak looks like.

Thats why this fake mock up has been floating around. Because they have stepped it up big time on secrecy. I mean do you reallt think the new phone will look like this?

FAKE! Well at least not totally accurate, maybe a prototype. Why, you ask? Because Apple is not putting Phillips screws on their iPhone!

Maybe you should look on the bottom of your phone. I clearly see 2 phillips screws on the bottom of my black iPhone 4.

I had hoped for something totally different . . . yet this is still a nice design and the updates are worth buying. I would like to see a comparison against the GS3 to see ho thin they both are.

I saw at instagram a photo of THE iPhone5 similar size but full Glass back as 4/4s dock connector is similar but spk holes are much more & smaller & láser drilled, bezel is now white or black

I swore to myself never to fall for anymore iPhone rumor. But I keep falling for it every year. I thought the 4S rumors were bad, this year has to to be the worst.

Clearly a fake (starting with wrong iPhone font!!). Regardless, I refer to this as the iPhone4ss (super-stretched)

The article says it's a dummy phone meant for retailers and that the final product is likely to look very similar, although not identical.

I was gifted a Zune and always thought the headphone jack on the bottom was a weird design decision. It works great on an armband, though.

Hate the back but it will live in a case so I'll deal. Question is, black or white. I always favor the white but the two toned back looks better in black. Again, I have to remember I will only see the front thru the case….Ok White it is! Hurry up release day! I'm so ready!

I do like it...just ready to see Tim Cook and everyone else officially announce it so we know everything this includes. I was thinking it would be pretty smart if all of these things were leaked on purpose to show us a completely different phone. Very unlikely but still fun to think about.

If this is the actual phone, I am not impressed. With the other phones on the marker being slimmer and a more sophisticated shape, I expect more from Apple.

Who's going to sue them first for LTE infringement. Wouldn't it be funny if HTC got it import banned before Samsung could? Who's copying who now? LOL!!!

Just an speculation dummy.

The Real iPhone 5 was leaked few hours at Instagram, stretched is true, new Connector is Tue, but Backbody NO, the iPhone 5 still use a full glass Back as 4/4S, the new Bezel is on White or Black with a lot of laser drilled holes at bottom for speaker. the full phone has a single solid black or white color, black and white maybe not the only ones, maybe new iPhone will be available on about half dozen of colors (claim of the leak) (only see white/black).

There is no way that the phone in the first picture was made by Apple. Look at the two screws in the bottom. There is paint in the grooves and not of Apple quality.

Fyi everyone. Its not gonna be called the iPhone 5. Its gonna be called the new iPhone. Like the new iPad. Check out Forbes

I read somewhere that apple files a patent for a new type of screw which would be harder to open by like 3rd part repair shops. So its likely that iPhone 5, new iPod and iPad Mini will all have that new screw used in it.

lololol Yeah no way Apple is going to intro anything close to what you see in that photo. This fake mock up is just a little something to throw people off of what the real phone looks like. Sir Jony Ive can do way way better than this. There is way to much at stake for them to just tweak a design from 2 years ago. Sorry nah

These are just marketing/"security" dummies and you are a dummy if you believe they are real.

Apple's bank roll is somewhere in the billions, do you really think that they would not have very tight control on a product that makes them an insane amount of revenue. Let's not be naive people, I would not be surprised if Apple purposely put out those "leaked prototypes" to generate buzz, interest, the "need" for an iPhone and to protect "real leaks".

So tomorrow when the actual iPhone is released, don't be surprised if it looks way different.

Oh and by the way don't be surprised either if you see it on T-Mobile ;). AND YES, you heard it from me first.