Win a FREE Jot Touch Bluetooth pressure sensitive stylus from Adonit and iMore! Enter Now!

Tell the truth! The moment you saw our review of the amazing new Jot Touch pressure sensitive Bluetooth stylus, you coveted one for your very own, didn't you? Well, now's your chance to take it home! The fine folks at Adonit are giving a Jot Pro away FREE to one lucky iMore reader.

And all you have to do to enter is:

And that's it! Did you enter yet? Giveaway starts now and ends Monday, September 17 at midnight PT. Hurry up!

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Reader comments

Win a FREE Jot Touch Bluetooth pressure sensitive stylus from Adonit and iMore! Enter Now!


Not to be flippant, but because it's a Facebook contest :)

We run tons of contests every month. Once in a while they're for Facebook users. Other times Twitter, or comments, or forums.

Everyone is welcome to enter the ones they like, and pass on the ones they don't. There's plenty for everyone!

Hello Rene,

I am a longtime fan, keep up the good work.

Regarding the contest, I understand the reasoning. I did not mean to sound so serious as it was written partially in jest. I do like the stylus and cannot find a local retailer who carries it so I will keep an eye out for the comment contest. :)

Thanks and have fun with the announcement tomorrow.

OMG! I love the Adonit Jot Pro so much! I use it almost everyday and it is definitely the best stylus for an artist. iMore! Please I want the pressure sensitive stylus too much for words!

While I don't use FB much I can understand its a contest so you have to play by the rules. It was simple enough to do and I could really use a sweet stylus like that.

Also take a moment to remember those who were lost on 9/11/01 and keep those around you close at hand and in your heart.

Liked both (only needed to do Adonit as was already Liking you). Thanks for the contest !! Been looking at which stylus to get for a while. Not sure if I had to post here but thought I would just incase.

Liked both as Tony Leung. Thanks for a chance to win.
911 still in our memories. But tomorrow is Apple day. hooray!

I "liked" iMore a long time ago on FB, does that get me into the contest (as in: can you "like" something multiple times? I didn't think so)?

OMG! Where have this stylus been whole my life! I love it:) I would love to win this I've always loved to design what ever I want on my iPad, but I can never make it good or the way I wanted it to be:D