Washington: You, Storm, are no iPhone!

We're not sure if picking on the BlackBerry Storm is even sporting anymore, and you know, we probably wouldn't even bother if RIM hadn't styled it the "Apple Killer" even while bleating that they "couldn't type on glass". Well, according to BlackBerryCool.com, it turns out some other people couldn't type on the Storm's specific type of glass either: the US Government:

"The BlackBerry, to me, is a utilitarian tool,” said Rodell Mollineau, communications staff director for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). “It’s not easy to send e-mails on that thing. It is not a good touch screen, and it’s not like the iPhone, where there are so many other great features to it.”

Dear US Government, next time just read TiPb -- we could have saved you lots of frustration (and who knows, maybe even restored your childlike sense of wonder!)

Oh, and get more iPhones!

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Washington: You, Storm, are no iPhone!


I played with the storm for about 3 minutes. I didn't know the guy well. Typing wasn't that bad. I think it's harder to get the words right on my iPhone now-a-days. I guess it's because I type a lot faster on this phone and the keyboard does not keep up with my two thumbs. But the menus were confusing the least bit

Having used the storm briefly by someone who wanted to know what I thought compared to my nor-always-perfect typing on my iPhone. In a word: atrocious. If I'd upgraded to that from an earlier Blackberry I'd have been furious. I'll admit that the iPhone's lack of tactile response isn't perfect. But exchnaging it for a wonky wobbly key cap the size of small notepad doesn't really cut it either, IMO. and to be clear: I'm talking solely of the hardware, not saying anything of the other software matters that RIM has been addressing.