What do you most want to see at the iPhone 5 event? [Poll]

After weeks and months of speculation, Apple's 2012 iPhone event day is upon us! We've laid it all out for you in our iOS 6 preview, iPhone 5 preview, and September 12 event preview. We've had our say on the iMore show.

Now it's your turn! What do you expect to see from Apple at the iPhone 5 event? Do you love the iPhone 5 design that's been leaked, or are you secretly hoping for something surprisingly new? Is it finally time for Apple to ship iTunes 11 and put the old, bloated, beast out of its misery? What about the iPad mini? Do you really think Apple will make us wait until October, or do you want it now? Could there be a surprise in iOS 6 like widgets? Could Apple have a subscription music service up their sleeve?

And what about my dream Bluetooth 4.0 iPod nano watch? Will I get it?

Vote in the poll up top and give me the details in the comment below. Tell me, iMore nation, what do you most want to see from Apple today?

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What do you most want to see at the iPhone 5 event? [Poll]


You can't have the leaked iPhone and a totally different iPhone. The results don't surprise me at all. Joe public will still buy it, but the more techie users will look elsewhere (if indeed the leaks are true).

+ 10000000 I pray for it because what we have seen so far is rubbish :/ even iPhone 2G is more aesthetic than the alleged design of iPhone 5 (or the new iPhone whatever).

I really like the look of the leaked Iphone but I think it would be a great if the played us all and put out some crazy different Iphone

And im right with ya Josh.ua

We want the leaked iPhone 5. In black glass and "slate" metal please.

Also, we want to see Georgia doing a jiu-jitsu demonstration on Phil Schiller.

I voted totally different, but really I would be happy with the leaked design if it was taller AND wider instead of just taller. I could care less about 16:9 video. Just letterbox it! I don't see how a taller screen is going to help any functions performed in portrait view.

I'm crowdsourcing wallet cases for iPhone 5 so the feature that Im most interested in is Near Field Communication (NFC) for mobile payments. Android's have had Google Wallet for 2 years and with the recent announcements by Square and Starbucks, I think Apple may miss a large boat if it hasn't included some solution for swiping iPhone5 to pay bills.
The good news? In July, Apple bought a mobile payment security company for $364 million and the iOS6 press conference was riddled with information about the Passbook app which seems like it is a ready-made payment app. Apple also mentioned Starbucks about 15 times during this same press conference. T minus 9 hours til we know!

I am hoping for a completely different phone than what's leaked. Ive had the 4 and 4s and really am tired of that old design. Well have to see buti doubt I'm buying one this year instead I am looking at a droid razr maxx hd but maybe apple will blow me away with something different.

Let's hope so, because if not, there will be a bunch of unhappy Apple customers. The fan boys and fan girls will still buy the iPhone 5 but the lines will be much shorter at the Apple stores.

I'm looking at the Razr Maxx HD because of the killer battery it packs. If the iPhone 5 doesn't have a bigger battery of at least 2,200 mAh, I'm not upgrading.

Hoping for a new design iPhone. But seems like the stretched 4S is what iPhone 5 will look like. :-(

Let me ask you and anybody else that wants a dif. iPhone but the stretched one comes out instead, will you still buy it or wait for iPhone 6?

I already have an iPhone 4S, so I'm not buying a stretched out iPhone 5 with a smaller doc connector, ports moved around, no glass back, and basically looks and acts pretty much the same. I can put iOS6 on my 4S and not miss anything, if it's going to be an iPhone 4 rehash with LTE.

No "Google reveals dedicated Google Maps app for iOS 6?" ;)

So I chose widgets. :shrugs, doubt it'll ever happen but we're fantasizing here. Really, one simple thing I'd be content with would be the ability to security lock individual apps.

Customizable keyboard! Being able to install different keyboards would go a *very* long way toward getting me to switch from Android.