Apple announces new widescreen iPod touches with A5 processor, better camera, and FaceTime HD

Apple has just unveiled new 4" widescreen iPod touches that will include the same A5 processor that powers the current generation iPhone 4S along with a new and improved camera system that'll support FaceTime HD. It'll be available in 32 and 64 GB capacities for $299 and $399 respectively.

The A5 processor will increase the iPod touch's processing power to be twice as fast as its predecessor while adding dual core graphics support. The new 4" widescreen display will line up with the new iPhone 5 screen size. It also manges to shed some thickness becoming the lightest iPod touch ever.

The camera system will also be improved and will include a 5 megapixel sensor and the same sapphire crystal construction the iPhone 5 will be receiving.

The current generation iPod touch will remain on store shelves for $199 and $249 for the 16 and 32 GB models. You can find more info over here at Apple's product page.

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Reader comments

Apple announces new widescreen iPod touches with A5 processor, better camera, and FaceTime HD


That's a nice update. I like how it's a step behind the new iPhone. Doesn't make the retail price of the iPhone seem so harsh now.

Can somebody please explain why someone would pay the same price for the Touch as the iPhone 5?! Sure, you don't have to sign up for phone/data service with a carrier which is more $$, but it seems unfair to pay the same price, just the same....

@ Sancho90 -
Yea, I suppose you could get one and not sign it up for cell use. I'm not sure what the point in that would be though. My point is that it's a whole different market. iPod folks don't want to spend thousands to support their device.

It's not the same price. You can't buy an iPhone 5 for the subsidized price without a contract. The real price of an iPhone 5 is starting at $200 PLUS A MONTHLY BILL. The real starting price of an iPod Touch is $299 with NO monthly bill. If I had city-wide wifi, I'd definitely buy an iPod Touch instead of an iPhone. Google Voice rocks. I wish I could buy an iPod Touch with a data plan.

a tiny 5th gen ipod touch for £250 / $299 and everyones expecting the ipad mini to be less???? hahahahaha the 5th gen itouch price is a HUGE let down to say they only added colors and a few extra features. im sorry but i could almost get an ipad 3 for them prices

I think this is overprice when compared to products like Nexus 7 & Kindle Fire? (please bear in mind that I never used a Nexus 7 & Kindle Fire) I wonder how they will price the iPad Mini.

The new Kindles might be better, but I actually think my old iPod touch is a much better e-reader than my wife's Kindle. (I can highlight or take notes much more quickly, it's smaller and lighter, I can see it in the dark, etc.) The only advantage the Kindle has is that it can read books (audio) and is better to view outside.

As for the Kindle Fire or Nexus 7, they are Android based. That's a deal breaker IMO.

This is certainly the product I was hoping for, I'm just not crazy about the price. Probably putting that kind of screen in killed the cost. It's now a premium device for sure. (I'm still not sure about the taller size, I don't think I'll like that... but can put up with it.)

Folks, the iPad mini and iPod touch are different devices for different uses/markets. It wouldn't matter if they were the same price. Think about it, the iPhone and iPad are nearly the same price as well. Does that make the iPhone too expensive because it is smaller? How does size matter in terms of pricing?

Please can someone help me out. How is it that this new ipod touch is widescreen? the screen seems to be the same dimensions as the iphone 5

Realize if you want to go cheap they have the iPod Touch 4G at 199 for 16 and 249 for 32. And think about it, Apple is usually the first to things and they weren't the first to the 7 inch tablet so they won't make a 7 inch tablet you were all hoping for. The pricing of the iPod Touch backs it up.