Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X vs. BlackBerry 10 vs. Nokia Lumia 920: Spec Shootout!

Here it is, the brand new Apple iPhone 5 vs. the Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. the HTC One X vs. the BlacBerry 10 L-series vs. the Nokia Lumia 920.

So what do you think, in the spec battle -- never mind experience, interface, ecosystem, content, and supporting services right now! -- which device(s) are at the top right now? Which one would you rather take home?

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Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X vs. BlackBerry 10 vs. Nokia Lumia 920: Spec Shootout!


On the current chart above the iPhone 5 is missing the 5Ghz spectrum for wireless connectivity.

Honestly I am stuck now between the s3 and iPhone 5... Been reviewing the small tid-bits between the two and its a close call...bummer with the new dock connector with the iPhone but awesome new features...not totally sure until I have the hands on.

Hey go get the S3, I am using it since last few weeks and its an awesome phone! I wouldnt say Iphone 5 is not good, but still i'd prefer the S3, much better for a phone.

Hey I have the s3 right now and it's overrated I'm a big guy I loved the evo 4g size but this screen is just too large and the battery just doesn't last all day don't even think about playing games on your lunch break I'm going to best buy tomorrow to exchange for the HTC evo 4g lte I can't wait for the iPhone 5

I think the GS3 had DC HSPA right? I could be wrong. But from these specs, the GS3 seems to win hands down. NFC is a big plus as well at least IMO

lol does it really? rated at what frequency? Also the GS3 has quad core as well for the international version but everywhere I have read says the Qualcom processor does just as good as the quad core offered internationally

quick google search shows conflicting stories, but I switched from Droid2 to GS3 and immediately noticed an increase in speed on 3G (live in Wyoming, so won't see 4G for a loooooong time)

The Galaxy S3 also has HSPA+ support.
It can also do WiDi (Wireless Direct) to TVs and devices that support it.

I'm underwhelmed by the iPhone5 hardware..almost expecting an iPhone5s by the end of the year...can't believe they didn't bother adding NFC? And the OneX and S3 both have better hardware (their CPU/GPUs and even the iPhone4's are plenty fast for everyone already).

Can't say that I'm overly impressed with iPhone 5, it's not making me want to ditch my 4S. Think I'll just hang on to my upgrade and see what the holiday's bring as far as new phones.

Can't say that I'm overly impressed with iPhone 5, it's not making me want to ditch my 4S. Think I'll just hang on to my upgrade and see what the holiday's bring as far as new phones.

It's nice, but it won't set the world on fire. :(

They could have mage it 128Gb, upgraded to better (FULL) bluetooth.

As much as i love the integrated ecosystem that is provided by Apple with all of their products, i cant help but feel like they are not innovating anymore. Just make better what someone else has been doing for a while, but anymore, is their implementation really that much "better"? I have to wonder of Apple will ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) themselves into a marketplace that is not loved by the masses anymore, but by a niche market. Time will tell, but this will be the first time I skip a new iPhone since day 1. :(

All you geeks will continue to pile on arguing about specs and more specs......remember one thing. Joe Consumer is not a geek and his needs / wants are completely different. In everyday life it is about performance, specs AND functionality.

That is why the so-called debate will continue on and on.........and Apple will sell about 10M of em' by the end of September.

Can't wait for the dry, boring and tired "isheep" references.

iLemming! ;-)

Seriously though: you're right. They will sell millions and it is a great phone. I am disappointed about the apparent lack of innovation from a company the set the standard back in 2007 though, and that's why I'm going with the Lumia 920. Windows Phone 8 and Nokia are where the true innovation is these days and we need those companies to keep the other ones on their toes!

Precisely! Blind loyalty to one company doesn't help anyone. The iPhone is surely a great phone. But look honestly at other offerings and vote with your $. Perhaps if you don't buy the iP5, Apple will wake up next year and give us something much better! Buy the iP5 and perhaps Apple will feel like they don't need to delivery NFC or 720p or a better camera until 2013.

You should consider changing your argument to a lack of "app" - and then name the app(s)you feel is missing, lest we all be stuck with the same device for an age before another ecosystem is allowed the opportunity to grow.

Ok... I made a change, more for fun and learning sake than anything from a 4s as my main device to a GS3 with my 4s on my backup line. I use a Mac, iPad and have a PC laptop...
As with any apple guy, I have been waiting anxiously for today. I really don't know that I can make an informed decision until I have both the GS3 and iPhone 5 in hand side by side. I work for a larger wireless dealer as the IT manager and having access to many devices, I have to say I fell in love with the GS3 screen size and customizability. (sp?). There are, however, things about my 4s that I miss. (Siri etc...) I have found, though, that my Android phone and iPad 3 running iOS 6 seem to be a pretty good mix of technology to have in my hands. The main thing I miss is the cross platform compatibility I had with iPad and iPhone together, but the ability to make my phone do stuff that my iPhone couldn't ever do from a customization standpoint outweighs it. Some people do not like the gigantic screen and size of the GS3, OneX etc.. I get that, though after a couple months, going to the small iPhone 4s screen is pretty brutal. I just am wishing that Apple would broaden it's horizons and offer more than one option (iPhone and iPhone Pro or something like that). In the end, I was a bit disappointed with what I saw overall (stretch it, squish it, screen a little bigger phone a bit faster, new proprietary connector but overall form factor about the same), however, that could easily change once I have the device in hand. I am sure it is going to be beautiful, fast and really cool. Just look at everything and don't buy an iPhone just because it's an iPhone. I am glad that after 4 years of being iPhone exclusive, I took a look at what else is out there and actually used it instead of calling it junk without even working with it (like I have in the past).
Lastly... It is also time for Apple to take note that 16 gigs of storage is not worth an extra $100 and an extra 48gigs is certainly not worth another $200.

Hardware to hardware? Anything but the iPhone 5... That's not the way Apple looks at products... I would say even unfair to compare based only on hardware...

Comparisons are made in the context chosen by the beholder. But as a consumer it's surely best to consider all aspects of a product, as well which alternative you'd go with if the iPhone 5, for example, wasn't available.

Looks like its time to part from apple. Its been a good run, but you are burnt out, run out of prime ideas... Welcome Nokia.... Interested to play with Windows Phone 8. Had a play with 7 and was impressed. I guess the only thing left is for me to get a good price on my 4s. My apple fanboy days have gone... Bring on the Nokia 920...

Congrats on graduating from fanboy status, and on the choice of the 920 on which I agree. But along with non-fanboyism comes the responsibilty of considering what Apple might produce next year. Nothing wrong with changing up again later.

Whilst the 4s was still having an edge over the competition at launch time, the 5 is not even able to match all the GS3 and Lumia 920 features, e.g. NFC missing. Sure, the 5 will sell like hotcakes in 2012 but in six months from now Apple won't the king of sales in the high end smartphone market, and it's not the pre-Iphone 5 GS3 spike I'm talking about.

What's worse however : with an Iphone 4 8GB selling for 450$ unlocked (just checked) there will be a hell of a lot of room for Samsung and Nokia to compete for the rest of the smartphone pie. Remember we are five years down the modern smartphone road, selling them for premium prices will get more and more difficult from now on, not everyone wants caviar.

Nice Ipod updates though, they can't go wrong there and Apple still have the tablets to keep the cash coming in, but in the smartphone market it could be downhill from 2013 onwards unfortunately.

Because why? A spec sheet that most consumers don't give a rats ass about?

I've got a shiny dime that says the winner here is Apple. Think I'm wrong? Watch the stock surge in the coming weeks. The masses that held off from upgrading from 4 to 4S are going to eat this up.

Maybe the iPhone 5 is a great phone (we dont know because we have not touched it) but there is no doubt that the GS3 is also a good device as can be seen from sales and reviews. Specs dont tell the entire truth but they do play a role...

The chart is incorrect about the new iPhone 5 height. (I noticed because that was one of the specs of it I was worried about.)

I have a question that may see dumb, but what is the difference between retina displays and HD displays? I see that none of the previous iPhones or this one have HD displays but retina instead, so is retina better or on par with HD or is HD better?

Well, retina display is an HD display (In a sense that it is High Definition, but doesn't qualify to HD standard, due to lower than 1280x720 resolution). Basically "retina" is a brand name to describe HD displays used by Apple. According to Apple, for display to qualify as retina it should have atleast 326 ppi (pixels per inch) (note it is only for small devices iPone, iPod; MacBooks and iPads have different requirements due to difference on viewing distance)

So, basically asking if retina is better that HD, is an impossible to answer question. As both those terms are vague. So for comparison of displays you may look at their ppis. In this list iPhone is second to only Lumia.

However keep in mind, that ppi only measure density of pixels. So ignores types of display (LCD vs AMOLED) or additional display technologies. Comparison of which is a subjective matter, in my opinion.

Thanks! So it really depends on the end users experience at the end of the day right? I remember reading somewhere that above a certain PPI you can not tell the difference so its safe to say that retina is akin to HD but its up to the user to see what they like better. Thanks again!

Sorry to be pedantic, but Retina and HD are NOT akin. Related, loosely perhaps.

Retina is about how small the dots are (presuming they're also adjacent and not spaced out like a dot-matrix display, I suppose). HD is only about how many pixels there are. Standard HD requires 720 rows of pixels (or columns in portrait orientation). Since the iPhone 5 doesn't have that many, it doesn't qualify even though it has small enough pixels to satisfy the pixel density threshold for 'Retina'.

An iPod Nano could have a retina screen but it'd still be very small, not even close to HD.

HD is a term Samsung and other smartphone companies use to make it seem like their displays are on par with Apple's. Retina display means that your eye can't distinguish one pixel from another, so unimprovable basically.

Well to be honest, they use the term HD as to describe that they have reached the resolution that is generally accepted by industry (started from TV industry) as HD.

In this case they are implying to 720p HD standard. Which states that screens has 1280x720 pixels, which is standard HDTV resolution. As you can see both GS3 and One X operate in this range. Lumia has higher resolution, thus it calls it better than HD, or HD+.

So, for example if someday they reach 1920×1080 resolution they will start calling it full-HD or 1080pi, as borrowed from TV industry.

However, please note that it only takes into account resolution and not density of pixels (ppi).

Thus, HD and retina shouldn't be used as comparison. Former reffers to resolution (1280x720; 1920x1080), while later to density of pixels (ppi)

That's essentially incorrect, on both counts. HD is a standard for the pixel count. Retina is Apple's trademark for pixel density. HD isn't a term invented by smartphone manufacturers to sell phones, it's simply a statement of the number of pixels the screens in question are using.

There's a myth about a certain resolution over which the human eye can't distinguish the dots, but that's largely false. One's ability to distinguish pixels, regardless of the density, is entirely dependent on how close you are viewing the pixels. On that basis, the density is irrelevent - only the physical size of the pixels matters, and they'd need to be considerably smaller the tech seems to allow at the moment before you'll be incapable of peering close enough to pick out the dots.

Ofcourse Lumia 920 with all its new innovations !!!!
Pure Motion HD +, Wireless charging, PureView Camera, OIS !!!
All the new Camera lenses, NFC, Super Sensitive Screen with Gorilla Glass 2 (you can use it while wearing glooves)
Best turn by turn navigation with Augmented reality City Lens..
Sexiest Look with awesome colors !!!

For those folks who are jumping up and down for Nokia let me tell you my experiences. Whilst low end Nokia's are quite robust (hell I still have a fully working 8310) the smartphones have been pants reliability wise. I remember the Nokia N95 which I got on day one and that was terrible. Shame as the idea was great at the time. It usually is with Nokia, great idea, poor implementation.

Classic Nokia problems are typified by tye random shutdown issue after a 6-12 months, along with poor wifi and lotsnof other stuff.

As for wireless charging, nice gimmick but its not very efficient yet. It takes 2-3 times longer to charge a phone inductively than with a cable.

Anything really new wants time to bed in. After all touchscreen smart phones have only really started to mature now, 5 years after Apple made the idea popular.

That's a totally misleading and false comparison. First of all, any previous Nokia phones till 2011, were based on Symbian and S60 OSes. Lumias are based on WP(which is considered a very stable OS, on par with iOS). Also N95 in it's time was the best-seller smartphone and had the best camera and GPS functionality in any smartphone in its time. Also, all your classis Nokia problems are false. I currently own i4S and owned Nokia 5800(for 3 years) before that, and I had no such classic problems that you are complaining. Infact, I had camera issues with my i4S initially until iOS 5.1 came out. So every phone has its own issues. Own pros and cons.

Btw, if Apple had come out with wireless charging, then I am sure, you would have praised them. Now that they didn't come out with it, you are trying to act as if it's nothing special.

Now lets see I have had over a dozen Nokia phones in the past decade alone. I currently have five Nokia's in the house. Of them the 'feature phones' have been pretty good (my elderly 8310 is still rock solid and I still use from time to time). The smartphones have been less than good. Back in the day I had two N95's and both suffered from the sudden switch off under load issues, which is a HARDWARE fault not software. If we are talking about the N95 though I purchased it, and paid £500, expecting it to be as good as say the 8310 (and better than some of the 6000 series) but it took Nokia a year to sort out most of the issues with the phone and it was still slow and laggy because of an underpowered CPU and poor software optimisations. But the camera was good for its day.

As for inductive charging, look it up, you will see that inductive charging is quite inefficient and thus takes more energy and usually longer than a cable. It's purely to do with resistive losses in the coils, thus heat, and magnetic loses. I trained as a Physicist though I work in IT for some reason.

I should add I'm not interested in buying an iPhone 5, or the one that comes after it. It looks like a really nice piece of unibody engineering but as a phone, like most smart phones, it's getting too big. My favorite size phone is something like a 5530 but not running Symbian 60 LOL.

Having said that I am tempted by a Galaxy Note 2 to chuck in my bag and use as a basic mini tablet (for Facebook, Twitter, browisng, etc) and tethering device for my laptop and ipad. But NEVER as a phone. WAY too big IMHO.

Size is a subjective thing. I swore I would never want a big phone either. Until I got my EVO 3D with a 4.3" screen (which interestingly enough has an aluminum chassis with a rubberized plastic back, not as pretty but a much more durable and practical design IMO). Now I think I'd like something even a bit bigger (but not 5"+) and there's no going back to something smaller. It fits in my pocket just fine and I rarely use a tablet anymore. Not that it's better than a tablet by any means, but it's good enough and much more convenient.

Again, it is subjective, but I think it's easy to see why people love big phones.

I have to say my friends and I always chuckle when someone uses a Galaxy Note to make calls. I know it's not nice but we can't help it. And I could be one of those folks using one after October or whenever the Note 2 is out - but not as a phone!

Fair point though if you don't have a tablet I can see the attraction but we have three tablets in our house and I carry one in my workbag and I use that instead of a smart phone - a 10" screen is still way more screen real-estate a 4 or 5 screen.

Seriously, I think someone should investigate a clever way of magnifying a screen to make a small phone seem larger

Just because you had problem with your phone, doesn't mean that every N95 had same problem. You can't generalize based on a single person experience.
As I said, my experience with 5800 was different than yours.
Regarding WP, you must be totally biased, if you say that WP is not stable or is like Msft's other previous OSes. Everyone by now knows that WP7 is as stable as iOS, if not better. No one knows about WP8 yet. However WP8 is in a sense quite different internally. So hopefully Msft will maintain stability. May ofcz have some kinks in the first release like every major OS release by anyone.

Btw, no modern smartphone comes close to 8310 in terms of what you are comparing. ;)

Now, regarding Magnetic charging: Read this link:

Now, what I think is that, there are advantages and disadvantages of wireless charging. But the pros offset the cons and it is also more about convenience.
What Nokia is trying(by partnering with retail stores/shops) is that they are making it ubiquitous and convenient. Think about u going to a restaurant or any shop. You wanted to top off your phone, you place it on the charging table, your phone gets some energy while you sip your coffee or eat to gain your energy. :)

I think, wireless charging makes sense, if it is widely adopted. Imagine how many people plug their phones overnight and leave it charging whole night. Lot of phone companies(including Apple in iphone) don't shut off the charging circuit after charge is complete. That's a lot of waste of electricity. (this is in reference to wired charging)

I am also an Electronics Engineer.

Your arguments are quite flawed. Essentially you are saying or implying that:

1. Nobody should want inductive charging because it is less efficient.

2. Inductive charging is the only way to charge a Lumia 920.

3. The Lumia 920 running Windows 8 must have inefficient, unoptimized, and unreliable hardware because your old N95 running Symbian did.

1. Absolutely I am saying in a world strapped for energy resources (and the potential for wars once the oil dries up) I think we can do without millions of electrical items that don't make the most efficient use of energy (whether it be Nokia, Samsung, Apple, or LG). And I level that at all manufacturers and their cheap poor transformers that generate more heat than they should. It is a travesty.

2. I used to be a big Nokia fan (my love started with the N95, as I like a great idea even if it doesn't work too, hence why I like Land Rover LOL) but have become very disillusioned after spending a lot of cash buying phones that were very substandard. And yet their cheaper feature phones are brilliant. We have had that simiiar experience at work where we have always purchased Nokia's and found the feature phones are much better than the smartphones (we've just started a BYOP to work to save cash).

And I have bought later smartphones of all persuasions to tinker (S/hand off of ebay - lesson learned) and found them mixed. My folks usually end up with them when I get fed up LOL.

And nope I'm not saying that Windows 8 will be inefficient because Nokia wrote it. Obviously Microsoft wrote the core OS and the various hardware manufacturers provided hardware drivers, etc, etc. However, although Microsoft are trying very hard these days their track record with writing software is not the best, except for their Sever software which is usually more robust and where they get most of their revenue from.

All we can say is that WIndows 8 is more efficient than Android, primarily due to it's reliance on a virtual machine at it's core. But if I were going to buy a Windows 8 phone brand new, in our shared experience over many years, it would not be from Nokia. Many times bitten now very shy.

And I shall add IMHO.

OK, so you want to save the world by boycotting inductive charging. That's fine, but keep in mind there's about 1000 more effective ways to do so during the course of everyday life. Not something I'm going to worry about.

Heck, if that's what's really important to you, I have an old Blackberry you can have. Its battery lasts about twice as long as an iPhone 4S and it's much lower capacity. Or better yet i think I still have my old Sanyo flip phone in a drawer somewhere, that goes almost an entire week between charges.

Sorry, couldn't resist, that's also just my opinion but I think I made my point.

Start somewhere and work outwards. lets say that inductive charging is much less efficient than a traditional transformer and a cable, over millions (or even billions once samsung bring out their inductive chargers) of devices thats a lot of wasted energy.

Lets take another example. Whereas the ipad 2 is a pretty efficient device the ipad 3 isnt because the right display wasnt ready. So we end up with a much more inefficient device, guzzling more energy as it needs more and longer recharges.

Then there's the promised truly wireless charging (as opposed to laying the phone on a flat charging surface) using electromagnetic waves to excite a coil at a distance which will be even more inefficient.

I think it should be a legal requirement that any new device, car, etc, should be at least as efficient as that which has gone before. Hence manufacturers will have to develop the hardware till its very good. Better some better thought out stuff than stuff that's wasteful. It ends up being more expensive but we keep things longer. A win win situation for the planet and the human race.

I'm sorry to say I don't own a 4S, though if there's a free one then that would be great! I've had to curtail my ebay buying recently due to budget constraints.

A free Blackberry is cool thank you as they are very well built devices, usually more robust than Nokia. You can contact me directly if you are throwing it out. :-)

If wireless charging works while using the phone then this is a pretty sweet feature. I hope they can include this in bb10. I hate having to be restricted to a certain part of the room near an outlet when the phone is dead. Sure I got my extension cords but this is obviously better.

Edit: well I found some more info about this and you need a charging pad to set the phone on. It's okay but not all that special.

Someone seriously needs to tell me now why I shouldn't get a GS3 over this phone. I'm tired of seeing the same design and supposedly "new" features. I'm done. It doesn't take a year to make a device taller.

In 6 months GS3 will be already an old phone.In 1 year you will not be able to get last version of jellybean or whatever "candy" will be available. Not same story with iPhone.If you go for a 2 or 3 years contract, nobody will even remember GS3 by the time you are ready 4 upgrade.iPhone 5 will be old and rubbish but will still get last OS.And I think iPhone will look better and be more stylish than GS3 over time.I love Galaxy3, and if I would be able to buy a new phone every year, I would get one.But I think in the long run just like Audi is better than Hyundai, iPhone 5 is better than GS3

Go get a GS3, and btw im not from samsung posting here, im a genuine user of Samsung Galaxy S3 from India and Trust me the phone works well. I am sure Iphone 5 must be nice and happening as well, but when it comes to customizing GS3 rokxxx. The primary wear and tear in a phone happens to the battery! In case of Iphone and HTC, both have a non removable battery, I was about to buy a HTC, but then when I learned its got a non removable battery i opted out. I went ahead and bought a GS3 two weeks back and it Rox!!!

I was windows mobile, then iPhone, then android, then iPhone. Now...I think I'm going lumia 920 or Samsung Ativ this time. So back to Microsoft. Who would have guessed...

As for my kids, I am still keeping them all on iOS - it has great parental controls and games.

If, I was in the market for a new phone, I would have been very tempted by Nokia Lumia 920, more than iphone5.

Chart isn't completely accurate... Samsung has recently announced a 64GB SKU. Interesting to see what Apple is doing, but some stuff is definitely copycat. I love both operating systems, but having a GS3, I am glad I went with Android... Nothing I've seen so far with iOS has convinced me I went the wrong way. Apple is limiting themselves and forcing consumers to invest not only in an iPhone, but also Apple TV and many other things

Me and my dad were planning to upgrade to iPhone 5 once the Unlocked version is sold online or it comes to where I live (Qatar) whatever comes first. But as we saw the specs yesterday on Apple's website we were not amazed by it. That's not what we used to expect from Apple. We both have an iPhone 4S we expected something completely new in the iPhone 5 but nothing new for us other than the Screen size, Yes the processor was upgraded but my iPhone 4S never lagged for a moment even on the heaviest webpages even the simplest thing to be upgraded in a smartphone is the Camera I mean the back one as I don't really care about the front one (Yeh I never used Facetime) but unfortunately I see nothing deserves I would make a loss selling my current iPhone for the iPhone 5 "Luxury" price. Yes you can't imagine how much it costs in Qatar as it comes Unlocked.

*Qatar doesn't allow the sale of any locked phones within the country. It's prohibited even for Carriers.

I go for the Nokia Lumia 920, because it's really something new!
I've been using Iphone 4 since it came out and was waiting for Iphone 5 to upgrade, but come on guys where is innovation in iPhone 5? Just size and weight of the device? There is undeniable fact that new Nokia is going to smash iPhone 5 in almost every category in comparison, except size and weight. Nokia has fresh wp8 (something new and innovative), better resolution, better screen ( faster, bigger and brighter), wireless charging, super sensitive screen so you can use it with gloves, much better camera, much better navigation applications etc... So tell me what's happening with Iphone 5 ???

Welcome to 2011 Apple. There isn't a feature on the new iPhone that Android doesn't already have or has had for a long time now. And Android gets NFC.

Rockingfreely here: If the Iphone 5 phone is anything like the concept video on youtube, than yeah, it is a sweeping victory...lets face it though, even if it isn't, the great thing about apple products is that they really specialize their craft.... what I mean is, they take the time to design and engineer their products, unlike android, where a phone is popping out every couple of minutes lol... I think that this phone will have some features that will blow the samsung galaxy s3 phone out of the water.. The truth is we haven't actually seen what the new apple phone can do, so it is hard to compare without knowing, but I got my money on the iphone 5 product! when it comes to user friendly, always go with apple!!!!!!

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Now that I know what the iPhone 5 has to offer I will definately swap my iPhone 4S for a Lumia 920. Great job Nokia! Maybe the Finns are back after all.

Apple is the best phone ever in market. The name Apple is enough to describe about a featured android with most of apps. Apple iPhone is the best phone ever I had used. I had read its all features at It has described really very good about Apple iPhone 4S. And I decided to go for it. Now I just want to go for iPhone 5. For what the Samsung was on a war with Apple

all that l wanna say is that ,apple (i phones) are simply created to help the humans.The phone is awesome and l recommend it to both the young and the aged........with it's android features,you will marvel................