UPDATED AGAIN: Cut/Copy Paste! Palm Pre-Features! No Video! No MMS! Kevin Rose Diggs iPhone 3.0 Rumors!

UPDATED 2: As commenters have pointed out, Rose doesn't say "no MMS", he says he doesn't know about MMS. He does say Apple is not providing Video Recording due to technical limitations: writing too frequently to the NAND Flash memory would burn it out. (While it's true writing to NAND is destructive and thus, there are limited write cycles, Dieter tells us devices like the HTC Touch Diamond and Sumsung Omnia allow writing to internal storage, so who knows?). Basically, the gist of Rose's rumor is that iPhone 3.0 will have Cut/Copy and Paste, and "Palm Pre"-like features...

UPDATE: MacRumors has posted slightly clearer details on Rose's description of how cut/copy and paste works, along with a link to the video (NSFW-L):

Double-tap to bring up a magnifying glass with two quotes, you drag quotes around text string to select, and then you can cut/copy and paste.

ORIGINAL: Kevin's back. Back again. Digging iPhone rumors. Tell ya friends! Not iChat Mobile this time, unfortunately, but Gizmodo is reporting that during his SXSW live Diggnation, Kevin Rose - who's flubbed almost all iPhone rumors, but nailed iTunes and iPod nano scoops -- put it on the line again for iPhone 3.0 pre-Preview Event:

  • Cut and paste (as previously rumored) using double-tap to zoom and activate, pinch boundaries, then options pop up.
  • "Palm Pre" features. (Could that be integrated social network contacts, unified messaging, better notifications, multi-tasking?)

Also, what will NOT be included?

What do we think? Will Rose be right or wrong this time? Tuesday's just under two days away!

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Reader comments

UPDATED AGAIN: Cut/Copy Paste! Palm Pre-Features! No Video! No MMS! Kevin Rose Diggs iPhone 3.0 Rumors!


He may be right sometimes, but he's wrong enough of the time for me to be doubtful. I'm not saying I think he's right or wrong, only that I don't trust his rumors.
That said, I hope he's right about the "Pre" feature and the lack of MMS, and I hope he's wrong about video recording.

MMS better be coming. Don't joke about that.
Copy and paste will be great. As long as it's quick, simple, and can cross over to ALL applications in ALL fields.

he has a pretty good source established now. I say it's true. It's a simple addon that will let Steve sleep at night without millions of people waving their iPhones at him and pitchforks chanting, "copy/paste!! Copy/paste!!!"... Meanwhile, I use hclipboard from Cydia.

I am thinking it is due time that we saw some of the features come to the iPhone. Also, whatever happened to the notification services that were promised awhile back? I bet it has something to do with the network.
Looking forward to announcements!

Copy and Paste !
Multi-tasking !
About MMS :
Apple was the FIRST to remove the Floppy Drive from their computers while Microsoft based PC still incorporated it years later. That was movement in technology Apple ignited.
The mobile industry is moving more towards SMART/FEATURE phones with emailing abilities.
MMS is indeed outdated and Apple is not going to help the outdated Dumb Phones keep up with them.
However, if they plan to improve picture sending despite MMS, they need to make improvements to Mail to handle more than one photo !
They do everything for a reason and most of the time, they are right with the choices they make. Look at the iMac ! There are companies who are copying the design of the iMac.
Video :
Would be excellent to add but I think Apple and Piracy don't go well together. With a 16GB ( and possibly 32GB ) iPhone, people can record entire TV shows. I still think they should reconsider and maybe put a limit on how much you can record. However , I don't think people will be happy with a half @ssed video App.

a substantial release like 3.0 should def feature cut and paste. Video recording with the simple ability to email recorded video would be nice!

Well, if nothing else, at least Apple will (if all rumors are true) finally give us copy/paste, which they probably see as the most glaring ommision to the iPhone since day one. Apple might not think MMS and video record are as big a priority as copy/paste. Oh the suspense....

Video may still be a battery killer for them, and they anticipate people having Nokia N95 like rapid-drain and blaming the phone, even though the features are power-killers? And again, if the quality is not very good, Apple probably won't do it. They seldom do things that aren't good quality (see A2DP).
MMS I never much used on previous phones, and have emailed (and received emails) of hundreds of photos on the iPhone, and that it's cross-platform and cross-device (I can send to someone on a phone and a PC and a Mac and Ubuntu or whatever) at the same time means it just kills MMS (can only send to people on legacy feature phones).
Copy/Paste we'll likely see, again, if Apple's really nailed the gesture interface at a cross-OS level.

What's interesting here is that the software is being previewed before the hardware...by a matter of months. This is interesting because it means they can't really show off anything that takes advantage of what the new hardware will bring. So don't expect video iChat until the generation of hardware/software after the new one this year.
I would expect on Tuesday to see things like Copy & Paste, multitasking, application folders, video, MMS, widgets...maybe even Flash (but I doubt it). Also probably many updates to various apps and UI tweaks.
For the upcoming hardware tweaks, more storage, more memory, faster processor, better camera, and battery improvement.

Well I'm still hoping for copy/cut and paste and maybe a little more customizing capabilities. But idk if I can take it because you see I will be at a location where my phone is not permitted or well it's a restricted area so the presure will be on to get done with that client and hop on my iPhone and dive right into tipb.
PS- does anyone know if this event will be recorded like an apple keynote and posted in iTunes/apple homepage

As someone pointed out - this preview will take place on the current iPhone... Meaning that the new software is able to run, and therfore should be available on the current phones, without the need to get a new iPhone!

About MMS : Apple was the FIRST to remove the Floppy Drive from their computers while Microsoft based PC still incorporated it years later. That was movement in technology Apple ignited. The mobile industry is moving more towards SMART/FEATURE phones with emailing abilities. MMS is indeed outdated and Apple is not going to help the outdated Dumb Phones keep up with them.
Video : Would be excellent to add but I think Apple and Piracy don’t go well together

Spoken like a true fanboy. Justifying not having 2 popular and sought after features because Jobs doesn't think you need them. Sure I like Apple products, but I haven't drank the Koolaid as you surely have.


Sure this cat has nailed some of the rumors..but the fact is that he's not employed by Apple, so he doesn't know what's coming in this, and future updates. Only those at Apple know. All we can do is wait 'n see what the 17th has in store for us. I just hope it's worth it so everyone can breathe easy...

A broken clock is right twice a day. Kevin Rose's average on iPhone reductions is worse than that. He's about as good as a economist at an investment bank or a loan officer at Fanny Mae or Freddy Mac.

@gquaglia - I haven't spoken out of term and I actually stated a true fact. I guess having two iMacs, an iPhone and a plan to purchase a MacBook makes me realize how much Apple has changed technology on their own.

I think the retained floppy drive on the PC and not on the Mac had more to do with the CMOS BIOS vs. the EFI.

I just want A2DP...The Gym sucks after two years with Stereo BT Headphones and now I am stuck with cords.

No video recording then it's not really a upgrade!
I most wait and see what's what, then I'll deside if going to buy the iPhone or even jail brake my old 3G
I hope it's not true, I hate to says it but other phones will surpass the iPhone in no time!
Very Sad

@rene...did understand your remark about a2dp...the sound quality obtained with it is very good...on par with what you get with the iphone standard headphones, at least on my Sony Ericsson hbh ds220 stereo bt headphones connected to a SE P1i...there´s no excuse for a phone+ipod device not having this bluetooth profile

I had to swipe my finger at least times to see these last few comments. How about making it so we can drag the little scroll bar down? :roll:

iPhone tethering to Macs/PCs is another thing that could be added on Tuesday. I really hope it is, and is offered for free. That would be a huge advantage over other phones and plans. I'm wishing here, not predicting.

@antonioj: I guess it depends what level audiophile you are. I'm hardly pristine about audio (I listen to 128bit MP3's ;) ) and even I notice that A2DP sounds bad (or at least it does on my Mac when I've tried it). Maybe Apple isn't good at it, but I've heard the same complaint from many people on many platforms.
How's battery life on your SE P1i with A2DP? Is that another issue?
If sound quality and battery life are nailed, then yes, seems like a strange omission... but I'm not sure they are to the quality millions of users would really want.

@Steve: unfortunately that's not an interactive control but you bring up a great point we'll be addressing in an article tonight or tomorrow morning :)

LMAO. All this wait to bring iphone up to speed with what smart phones had 5 years ago. But no MMS.
I hope these leaks are a joke and the release is going to have much more than some half assed version of copy and paste.
no MMS = epic fail.

@John: Yeah, Apple could just have released a PalmOS device, that had MMS, cut/copy paste, all the stuff people are really upset that the iPhone is missing...
And everyone is gloriously happy with the Centro, right? Why even buy an iPhone when the Centro's got all that great 2004 functionality...

A2dp is a sucky technology becaue it transmits audio over bluetooth which necessitates compressing the audio stream to fit Bluetooth's tiny bandwidth. Also, another issue to contend with is wireless interference. In other words, bluetooth audio quite literally sounds like listening to the radio. Now, you might be happy with that, and it may sound no worse than the stock iPhone headphones, but any self respecting audiophile wouldn't be caught dead on iphone headphones, and all the more so a2dp. (Check head-fi.com for a fun glimpse into the world of good headphones.)

Furthermore, the iPhone itself gives off terrible wireless interference. Trying to transmit a2dp would be a static disaster. Here's an easy experiment that would demonstrate it (I've tried it personally). Get an a2dp adapter to plug into the headphone port of the iPhone. An easy to obtain one is the logitech freepulse headphones available at best buy, ect.... Start listening to the music and will sound ok. But now, try doing something that involves wifi and youre finished. It will skip and be full of static. 3g doesn't affect it much (which is probably why they allow headsets for phone calls) but wifi just decimates it. Similarly, you could try going to a webpage while on the phone on your normal Bluetooth headset. The conversation quality will degrade alot while data is transmitting over wifi.

By the sounds of the copy and paste method it would clash with safari zoom which would mean either safari being left out or that the rumor isn't true. I've o my Been an iPhone owner since Xmas and so far don't have that much faith in apple to do the right thing. There's only so many times you can p*** off your users before they decamp.

Again, a2d9 is not sucky...some people say everything apple lets out of the iphone is "sucky", UNTILL they have it: copy + paste, mms, video, a2dp. I like the iphone, but apple fanboys get on my nerves.
@rene, yes, i am no audiophile nut, but again, i tell your, the quality is VERY decent, on par with what i get with iphone stock headphones.
Battery life is of course a problem, but it is enough for jogging, going to the gym...but hey, if that´s a problem, then they should not add wifi, 3g, gps to the iphone at all...

@Pinny, all you are saying then is iphone hardaware is crap...my almost 2 year old Sony Ericsson P1 smartphone (symbian UIQ), could handle wifi connections and bt stereo at same time without degrading sound quality at all.

My "scrolling" comment was directed toward Apple's 3.0 update, not toward your site. :)

Guys let me put it to you this way... this is a "3.0" update right?
Well you don't just come out with a whole complete firmware update with just a few features like copy paste and palm pre like features... whatever it is. it should be big.. or things are going to get ugly.

Apple should put a cork in that guy's mouth. If you're Apple, you ignore Palm completely and don't call attention to them.

Not to be a downer....but unless this guy works for APPLE or is a psychic why do we care lol.
I do hope that he's correct about palm pre like features! I pray they steal every feature ;). That would truly make the iphone the perfect device.

I would love to be able to forward text messages. I guess I can copy and paste a message to a new message but forwarding would be nice...I get around mms with Get MMS app and that works for me.

he never said there wouldnt be mms!!! omg...if you watch the video, someone asks about it and he replies "i dont know if theres mms"