Staying up to pre-order an iPhone 5? Jump into the iPhone 5 forums slumber party and win prizes!

Staying up to pre-order an iPhone 5? Jump into the iPhone 5 forums slumber party and win prizes!

iPhone 5 pre-orders will begin tonight at 12:01 am Pacific Time (that's 3:01 am ET, 8:01 am BST). Sprint will star pre-orders at the same time, Verizon will start 1 minute earlier, and AT&T... hasn't said yet. Apple, for their part, has confirmed the time to Wired.

If you are going to brave the web tonight, make sure you join our waiting for iPhone 5 pajama party. We'll be hanging out with the staff and readers, having fun, and giving away cool accessory prizes to the people posting.

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Reader comments

Staying up to pre-order an iPhone 5? Jump into the iPhone 5 forums slumber party and win prizes!


Ha, when I first glanced at the image on the iPhone for this article, I thought I accidentally went to a very different website.

I was told VZW business customers need to wait until 7am EST to preorder...I'm going to try at 3am and see if it will still let me place the order.

So torn. I've been on ATT for 2 years. I'm in Los Angeles. I talk a lot, as does my girlfriend, so we're gonna do the mobile share plan (2GB between us will be more than enough) and unlimited talk/text. (Price is the same for ATT & Verizon for 1GB and 4GB; only Verizon offers 2GB.)

ATT seems to drop calls a bit too frequently. And my brother loves his Verizon iPhone here in LA.

BUT no simultaneous voice/date on Verizon.

Like I said... so torn.

if you know the network is good where you work, and you're okay with crap 3g speeds when not on their tiny LTE network, then it's cheap.

you pay more for vzw/att, but the network (in most places) is just much better. i get ~9mb on hspa+ and 23-27mb on LTE with att, sprint comes no where near that

i've heard there are hot singles in my area that want to talk, maybe there are some in yours as well?

I'm getting my daughter the 5 and I'm taking her 4S. I have a cord in the car, desk at work, desktop at home. I'm not paying apple's ridiculous price for the new cords.

In Houston sprint has unlimited everything for 79.99. I looked into Verizon and for 6gb of data with unlimited talk and text I would be paying $120

getting a black 32gb iPhone 5. I'm staying with At&T. Although it's not advertised, I do get LTE where I live and work (New London/Waterford, CT). I've been getting between 25 and 29Mbps via my "new" iPad. Anyone else with that kind of experience?

I'm scared to get into a plan with LTE because if my memory serves me correct, many stories from the first week of the new iPads release included people stating that they blew through 5gbs of data in the first two to three days.

I realize that now. I have been using my wife's iPhone 4S while I've been waiting and I have went over her 2gb plan both months. You can't do much of nothing with 2gb! Now LTE?! I would go thru that in two days. Lol

I went through all the different plans that carry the iPhone and Sprint seems to have a very affordable one.

How is the speed if the LTE there? I had tried the S3 on sprint here in Houston and it was a mixed result. Obviously I returned the S3 and choose to wait for this moment instead. I have had a new iPhone every year since 07' so android to me was confusing and frustrating. To many damn menus.

Not to mention that Samsung phone have terrible reception and HTC is bad too. I can't help but laugh when my wife's Droid Incredible drops call after call in our house and my 4S never has a problem.

Ordering two 16 GB phones on AT&T (also in Houston), one for me and one for Mrs Dookie. Kind of tempted to move up to 32 GB because That's what my current iPhone 4 is, but it's mostly games that I never play and have on my 64 GB iPad already anyway. Pretty sure I can get by with 16 GB.

The only question left is, black or white? Maybe I'll get one of each and figure it out when they arrive.

Guys...those of you considering leaving AT&T for either Sprint or VZW, not sure if voice/data at the same time is important to you. Those two networks will not allow it. Not sure the whole in and out as to why it will not do it. It cannot be the CDMA network only since Android devices can do both.

tick tock.

I am stuck in an area where AT&T only has Edge services (and possibly the WORST Edge service i have ever used, when it works that is), not even 3G until you drive about 20 miles out of town, and WONT have 3G until sometime late 2013 from what the CEO has stated. Verizon has 3G services, but i would lose calling and data at the same time (unless I am using wifi).

About the only time I use voice and data at the same time is with internet radio stations, and apps like Tune In Radio that can continue to buffer the station in the background while i am on a call.

I guess I am damned if i do and damned if i dont. Either pay for non-existent 3G, or have 3G but no calls while using data.

ill go with having 3G :D besides, by the time my iPhone 5 contract is up, AT&T will have 3G in the area, Verizon will have LTE, and there will be the 2014 phone and features for me to look into.

I'm in the UK its 7am here already so I didn't have to have a slumber party was hard to sleep though, bit exited lol.

Any one has experience upgrade two phones in one family plan? Do you have to do it twice or just once?

64g white done!!
Apple store from iPhone. Started at 12:58. MST
Confirmation email received 1:01am.
When clicking on the order number from the confirmation email than rate-plan. It shows I keep my unlimited data plan (AT&T)!

with Express Checkout on, I ordered through the Apple Store App and it took a total of 45 seconds from start to finish, order placed and DONE! Painless Order

Unless Verizon did not go by my computer clock or my 4s's clock... they started orders early at like 2:58am... needless to say 32GB Black Slate 5 on its way........ yea...........!!!!!

The mobile Apple Store app is the way to go. It took about a minute, got the confirmation email at 12:08. (Wasted 6 minutes refreshing the iPhone home page on and clicking the "Buy" button.) works...just taking a little bit between page loads. 64GB black upgrade in the pipeline.

ATT still giving the old "There was a problem with your request. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to support this request online. Please try again later. Thank you for your patience. (P1234)"

3:30 am eastern
went to apple store purchased my 32 gb in white with same att grandfathered unlimited plan.sucess!!!! Goodnight

I moved from AT&T to Verizon. I got 2 iPhone 5's with one being a 16GB Black and the other being a 64GB Black. Now, wait my one week!

Just ordered and it's saying 2 weeks for black & white on AT&T. Argh! And after checkout it says 5 additional days to get to me after it ships in 2 weeks. Argh.

After choosing color and size, I couldn't get past the "replacing existing phone" screen on the Apple website but I ordered on the mobile iphone App and all went smoothly!!

Just bought 2 black 64gb from Verizon under my business account at 7am, no problem and to be delivered by 9/21

work for verizon ... and our line hasnt ended yet for preorder ... if you need help orderding feel free to contact me as well :D

From my perspective most of what's said here makes sense. However, it's the ecosystem that Apple managed to build during the last years which makes them (for a single company) damn successful and powerful. Recently read a comment about this at which summarised it pretty well. They say, the "integrated user experience" of Apple products is outstanding and I tend to agree. I didnt touch a S3 lately, but I was told it is an amazing phone. Samsung generally makes great phones these days!