iPhone 5 pre-orders start 12.01 am PT tonight. Set your alarms!

iPhone 5 pre-orders start 12.01 am PT tonight. Set your alarms!

iPhone 5 pre-orders will begin tonight at 12:01 am Pacific Time (that's 3:01 am ET, 8:01 am BST). Sprint will star pre-orders at the same time, Verizon will start 1 minute earlier, and AT&T... hasn't said yet. Apple, for their part, has confirmed the time to Wired.

Because of the glut of people trying to pre-order, web sites can grind to a halt and even come crashing down. Stay patient. Keep trying. Get multiple machines at play if you have to. Copy/paste or screenshot any important order or transaction numbers. Breathe. Need help?

I'll probably be lining up next week instead of ordering, but if you are going to brave the web tonight, make sure you jump into our iPhone 5 Forum and join our waiting for iPhone 5 pajama party thread. We'll be hanging out with the staff and readers, having fun, and giving away cool accessory prizes to the people posting.

So get on over there and tell us what color, capacity, and carrier you're be ordering. Seriously, there's no better way to wait!

Now set your alarms! (And if you haven't already, make sure you enter to win your iPhone for FREE from iMore)

Source: Wired.

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iPhone 5 pre-orders start 12.01 am PT tonight. Set your alarms!


Gonna stay up late. Wife will be sleeping so she can take our daughter to school. While i sleep in with our son. :)

I hope they've improved their system this year to meet the demand. Would hate to have the website slow to a crawl with all the traffic.

Has there been any word on whether AT&T/Verizon/Sprint will allow early updates as they have every other year? In other words, I upgrade every year because AT&T has offered me the subsidized pricing on the new phones. I've not heard word one this time around...

Also, the "check your eligibility" trick is worthless, as every year AT&T has said I'm not eligible, yet at the last minute has given me full iPhone subsidized pricing on release day.

Was that just a pleasant surprise when you checked out? Or did your eligibility status change on the website at the last minute?

It was a hope and a prayer. I went to Apple's site to place an order, and low and behold, the subsidized pricing was reflected. However, I had a feeling that would be the case, as numerous sites (including this one, I believe) reported that AT&T and Verizon would be offering early upgrades to top users. I've heard no such rumors this time...

About those early upgrades like many of us enterprise and high-spend users have gotten each year, well according to our corporate AT&T salesman who manages our account, he told me to wait until NEXT WEEK when AT&T received more information. Can you freaking believe this? A phone call to Enterprise accounts yesterday was no help either. The rep told me AT&T had never offered early upgrades for iPhones...doh! Giant cluster of ignorance and I blame most of this on Apple! Their secrecy, IMHO, causes widespread cluelessness with the carriers! VZW users are in the same fix, have talked to them too. Pathetic. And I've already sold my 4S on ebay!!!

Last year I set my alarm and found the websites to be unresponsive for about 2 hours. I learned later there were problems between Apple & AT&T's servers that resulted in most people not being able to order for approximately 2 hours... a waste of getting up so early.

This year I'm just going to wait approx. 2 extra hours so that I can just wake up, order it and go the hell back to bed promptly.

I remembered when I bought iPad 2 via Apple Online Store US and went through this nightmare. If I were an American I'd probably join you guys on it. Good luck with that, hope Apple Servers handle the demand. (but beats the hell of waiting in line on Sep. 21)

Rogers WILL be doing preorders, but there's no information as to what time they will be updating their website for the iPhone 5. If I'm not mistaken, last year they started at 6am EST for the 4S. There's literally nobody with a right answer for this yet, as telephone customer support has provided tons of people with tons of different answers. We will have to wait and see.

Wow, that's an awesome idea for the thread you all have came up with! I'll be joining you all tonight around 12:00a EST. I will have one on Apple's site and a backup system on Verizon's site (if I have to go that route). I'm preordering for in-store pick-up, and will still be heading to my local Apple Store at about 3:00a EST on the 21st.

Rene are you implying that if I DIDN'T preorder, and still went to my local Apple Store around the same time, that I would be able to purchase one still? I wasn't aware the locations would have boxes on the shelves without preorder.

I will probably never understand it but why why why 12:01? 12:00 midnight is actually the next day.

Going to get to the VZW store at 9:01am when they open to order my phones. :)

I have an upgrade coming through Verizon. Is there a particular benefit to pre-ordering through the Apple website vs the VZW website, tonight?

the iPhone5 will become available on the Rogers Reservation System between 6-7am EST on Friday, September 14 . This is for Canadians

It means, if u r quick enough tonight and get ur order in before they sell-out of the first wave, ur guaranteed to get your phone the first day of launch- 9/21/12. Maybe a day early if ur having it FedEx.

i set up my alarm up to wake up and make my pre-order but i have to pay full pricce anyone knows 16gb is goin to cost??

I have to wake up at 3Am anyway so I'll give it a try...But I could wait, and just give it as a Xmas present. So no hurry ,2 line's free.

I ain't gonna preorder nothing unti I see and try that phone in person in the store. I am not that desperate.

I need to get my hands on five of these baby's by Christmas. I will preorder as many as I can tonight then stand in line September 21st to get the others, hopefully. I mean they only come out with one of these phones every year or two so it's a must have.

Good thing for this forum, because Apple doesn't think it is necessary to write the time zone that the sale will begin. Their website just says Sep 14.