Sygic "Confirms" First Turn-by-Turn App to Enter App Store?

Dieter gave us our first eyes-on look at Sygic's Turn-by-Turn GPS solution for the iPhone 3G, but we wondered if Apple -- whose iPhone SDK specifically forbid providing such navigation -- would ever allow it.

Seems Sygic thinks they will:

Sygic is entering the AppStore to be the first on the market that offers full turn-by-turn navigation for Apple users. "We believe Apple users will benefit soon from Sygic Mobile 2009 turn-by-turn navigation worldwide – the same as all of our customers on different platforms" said Michal Stencl, CEO and founder of Sygic.

Could this be part of a new Premium App Store launch later today? Our tipper, antonioj, seems to think it will...

Only 2 hours left, so be sure to join us for our live meta-blog coverage and hopefully we'll find out together!

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Sygic "Confirms" First Turn-by-Turn App to Enter App Store?


Now this app doesn't have voice correct? At least the JB xGPS can have voice directions.
Still this is good news. I might purchase this if it has voice navigation.

The symbian and windows mobile versions have voice. If, as we expect, apple announces some changes later, i can´t see why sygic for iphone won´t have voice

The only use I'd have for this is if I was a passenger in a vehicle without GPS. So if it's not too pricey, I'd consider it... but probably rarely use it.

Apple is sooooo close to sending RIM packing, I just don't understand why they don't finish the job!!! I bought the iphone 3G in july, then bought a bold when they came out. There are just too many things it does not do, and coming from a curve, found it frustrating that I could no longer do. And I have waited. AND waited for them to "fix it". It really pisses me off that Apple "decided" that we don't need these things. MMS?? Come on. A $9.00 RAZR can do that. Media Machine?? NO stereo bluetooth, and ONE crappy speaker. The games are fine, if you want your target audience to be 15-16 year olds. It seems like Apple wants you to see the pretty box, and not whats missing. If this 3.0 does not fix it, then it could be lost. Other's are catching up,and about to start pointing out what theirs do and this one doesn't, and that may well start to spell the beginging of then end.

I'm hopeful that Sygic is correct here. Tom Tom and Telenav both were hopeful of getting into the App. Store at one time as well, before Apple rejected them. It's kind of interesting that Apple allowed G-Map (a true turn by turn GPS) into the App. Store when it rejected the other 2...maybe because G-Map agreed to not include voice prompting?
At any rate, if Sygic gets approved, I hope Apple will allow Sygic, G-Map, and all other GPS systems full voice control.

...and it is the first - check Sygic turn-by-turn voice guided navigation at iTunes' App Store. From today you can download their Australia&New Zealand as well as South East Asia apps.