Europe getting a Lightning-to-Micro USB adapter

Europe getting a Lightning-to-Micro USB adapter

If you've been watching the European Union at all over the past two years or so, you may have noticed way back in December 2010 when CENELEC (the European Committee for Elecrotechnical Standardization) and ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) both declared their intentions for Micro USB to be standardized charging connector for mobile devices sold in the bounds of the EU. By and large most manufacturers have abided by that, though they've more gone for Micro USB out of convenience's sake. Save on consistent and obvious hold-out: Apple and their 30-pin connector.

Now that the 30-pin connector has gone the way of the dodo, the new 8-pin Lightning connector is going to be the standard for Apple mobile devices for several years. For reference's sake, the 30-pin connector had a long life of nine years.

But what of CENELEC, ETSI, and other acronyms? Apple in Europe has a typically Apple-for-Europe solution: a Lightning-to-Micro USB adapter. It's certainly the smaller of the Lightning adapters made available, and it merely has the male end of the Lightning connector on one end, ready to plug into your iPhone 5, new iPod Touch, or new iPod Nano, and a female Micro USB port on the other, ready to accept your Micro USB cable for your charging and syncing needs.

As the owner of multiple devices, it's the kind of thing I wish Apple would sell world-wide. Practically everything else I own charges off of Micro USB, and the drawers of my house are littered with compatible cables and chargers. The little £15.00 adapter might be a tad on the expensive side, but I'd rather throw that in my go bag over yet another cable. Alas, the Micro USB adapter appears to be a Europe-only offering, there exclusively to satisfy the "must have a Micro USB port or an available adapter" demands of Europe's standards agencies.


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Europe getting a Lightning-to-Micro USB adapter


Amazon is your friend. I'd bet they'll be on Amazon UK and they'll ship to the US. They already do that for most items on the UK site so unless Apple specifically asks them not to I see no reason for them not to ship to the US. What you get back from VAT usually more than covers shipping.

They will eventually. I have a couple of the current 30pin-to-microUSB adapters that work great. I can't swear they're made by Apple, but they sure look like it, and the little poly ziplock bag they came in had a part number that looks like it was conjured up by Apple. The only unfortunate part is that the adapters cost more than a new (3rd-party) 30pin cable.

These leads will NOT be able to be shipped to the states, as you have to have a credit/debit card registered in the country you're buying from, and you have to be resident in that country.

You also have to have an Apple ID in the county you're purchasing from too.

I know this because I tried to purchase a music album off iTunes and it was from another county, and I was not able to place my order.

Perhaps the fine folks here at iMore could arrange a group purchase for some of these fine adapters, I know I would happily buy a couple of them. I have tones of microUSB cables lying around and would prefer to buy a few.

Hi all, I bulk bought some here in the UK for friends in the US/Canada and have extras to sell so I've set up a little site. The Apple adapter is tiny and lightweight and is going to be so handy as I already carry a micro-USB cable to charge my bluetooth headset and other electronic bits. It really is a very small little adapter and it sits on top and means I can charge my phone too.

Can't wait to plug my new iPhone 5 into a Samsung/Blackberry charger.

See if you'd like to order one. I'm sending to the US/Canada daily.

NOTE to latecomers to this thread: I checked eBay and it's swarming with these adapters -- choice of black or white, cable or dongle, all for under $15 incl. shipping. Bless the free market.