Win a free iPhone 5 from iMore!

The new iPhone 5 is out! Ok, it's not quite out, but it's been announced and that's good enough for us! We know you can't wait to get your hands on one, and we can't blame you, so here's what we're going to do.

We're giving away a free iPhone 5 to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

As for the rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the phone, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

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jhspears says:

I would love to win this!

moii93 says:

I'm from Mexico and I had been waiting for like 2 years 2 this new phone I would really love to win

Isabella Yabrudez says:

I would really love to have the iphone 5 it will make my life happier i don't have anything electronic this is my grand parents computer and i don't have a phone. My sisters don't either so i will share with them so it will not only make me happy it will make my sisters happy too. imore will be the best if i win this and congratz to the person who won and my family wishes me luck and i wish all you luck too thank you for this opportunity imore WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU. we have moved 9 times and never had this opportunity so thankyou once again imore I HOPE I WIN.

jabraunski says:

ME ME ME!! Would love to win a freebie...then again who here wouldnt.

AZbear says:

I want this phone and it would be great to win it. Thanks!

Ozy says:

I ask the Masters of the Universe for their intercession on my behalf in the contest for this lovely shiny magic bauble.

skat_et_dieu says:

Whoah!! Over 8,000 comments so far.. I'm really late... not the woman type of late. Just late to post a comment on this.

davesaidthis says:

Feeling lucky. Can't wait to win this.

Letrice360 says:

My name is letrice and an iphone is my dream phone im 11years old and I cant aford an iphone so I prey 2 god I can win

OpasM says:

This would be wonderful to win!

Abrante says:

From CB to iMore. This would compliment my BB collection!

aileronguy says:

Me too! Thanks for the phone!

Spazmonic says:

watch the registration spike

fathimas49 says:

Visit to get Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 or Sony Xperia SL, for Absolutely FREE!

Just like I got one... :)

jtalwar says:

I would really want the iphone 5 everyone at school makes fun of me and having this phone would also help some of the problems and i would just fit in and i have a job so atleast having a phone would help me out

brianna23 says:

I want this so bad I will not cry even if I don't get cause I am not going to sit there and beg you!....

brianna23 says:

I know all these people out here want this so bad but we all can't win

Nadia nabil says:

I hope to win this please god give me this phone please

Kimora-lee Witbooi says:

Hi,I'm from Namibia and would really like to win please please

Kiggsworthy says:

I would *love* to win this!

ericUT says:

Can't wait to see who wins!

fathimas49 says:

Visit to get Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 or Sony Xperia SL, for Absolutely FREE!

Just like I got one... :)

Salwa Laham says:

Can t wait to see who will be the winner !!

llewsarb says:

I don't plan on upgrading before next year when the next iPhone is released but I'd take a free one now! The LTE and larger screen would be the most desired specs for me.

carbamide says:

I'm totally going to win this. Thanks!

TumnusMr says:

Free iPhone? Yes please!

mattstl77 says:

I know I would like a free iphone 5

ftpjr says:

I would absolutely love to win this.

mikeram112 says:

This would be an awesome prize to win!!

jasonprice says:

Go ahead and send it my way, please :)

kidandyc says:

me want please. love imore and would love even more to say they gave me my phone.

Ivy Gutierrez says:

Might as well. Let's win this thing! :D

kublai says:

Enjoyed the iphone5 coverage!

sooby77 says:

Have never used an iPhone before. This would be a great first experience!

waisybabu says:

Looking forward to winning this. :D

310mike says:

Out of all my friends I am the only one who thinks this is a great phone. I think all phones should be one handed use!

:) would love this.

Joemer says:

Other than that, the iPhone 5 represents a series of incremental improvements. However, There's nothing earth-shattering, which is disappointing to those who want to be surprised, but it’s evidently going to be enough for the millions of consumers looking for a new phone. The redesigned hardwares are a lot of things to consider.

morphorod says:

This would be a dream come true. Please pick me.

CrAcKzZZ says:

I'd love this iPhone, its too good :|

Gamekidmatt96 says:

Awesome! Maybe I'll win it!

rafalzytka says:

this would be amazing!
blackberry user trying to switch to the iphone 5

dmt316 says:

Pick meeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

bigsmoove says:

that would be so fabulous to win that

LqDFx says:

Oh man, this would be a great upgrade for me! The 3GS is just getting a little tired now... iOS6 could bring it down even more and a more powerful iPhone in my pocket would just rock!

valdan says:

5 rows of icons or an iPhone 5!

jvargas92 says:

This is a nice upgrade to the 4/4S models. Can't wait to get one.

alizansari says:

C'mon man, I've been doing this since the TipB times! I'm still not giving up hope! Send a Black IPhone my way!!

Dopekidnate says:

My contest entry lets win this :)

belladonna75 says:

I would love to win this! my hubby would be able to get one too!

ahylianhuman says:

A free iPhone 5 would be nice.

zAstro says:

The new design is pretty awesome!

steve19137 says:

Woohoo! I love these contests, although I never win them hahaha. Here's hope that I'll finally get lucky!

texaskd5 says:

iPhone 5 son!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gbattaglia02 says:

tell me what I need to say and i'll say anything!!!!!

rivenagares says:

I am definitely interested in this!

bold1193 says:

yes please! and thank you

mrrobinson says:

Thanks for the contest, iMore.

lamonicaj says:

Excited to see all the features, up close & personal!!!

beggari says:

maybe this will be the time i finally win!!!

misnad says:

I'll have the black / slate one please! :D thank you! Lol if I win this, I'll post a video of me attempting gangnam style! Lol

DaytonAnnie says:

Sounds awesome! Thanks for this contest!

HeartNeverLies says:

I'm in .. please God let it be me :)

jjlucsy says:

Yes, I'd like to win something for once!

Trickyd80 says:

I would really love to win the iPhone 5

iamlynda says:

Pick me!! Pick me!! otherwise I have to wait until Jan '13 ;-)

stevethomp says:

Can't wait for iMore roundup coverage of the event, and would love to win this :)

onlineboypr says:

Iphone 5 the best phone!!

Eurekasevenman says:

My boyfriend is buying the new iPhone, but I'm a student and can't afford to get it. Please give it to me so he can't rub it in my face!

iArnie says:

I hope I win the iPhone 5. Its 4-inch screen will make everything look really great!

cardfan says:

Consider me entered :)

jdefalco says:

Hook a brutha up! Thanks!

erikarois says:

Good luck all! Hope to win this for my mom!

Randall_Martin says:

Look, with my first-born due in a little under a month, I need to win this. My wife sure is not going to let me buy it, period. PLEEEASE. Yes, I am begging.

snoopgoat says:

pick me please. I've never won anything, ever :)

torrisb3 says:

A bump up from a 3G would be much appreciated.

Windlasher says:

mine, mine, mine, mine, mine....

lundlaur says:

With love from Denmark. Follow you on twitter too

tcerce says:

What a great way for iMore to celebrate the launching of the newest iPhone! I would feel so blessed to win!

johnceli says:

Writing this on my Android so I can FINALLY get an IPhone. Amen

TheDAM says:

I hope to win this for my brother! He keeps getting hand me downs because we can't afford buying the full thing for him. Hopefully I win for him!

futurecode says:

The powers that be have prevented me from getting the new iPhone this year.

Please help me iMore ......... you're my only hope!

ajw2495 says:

always have hope. want this.

brooklyndon2911 says:

I'm loving the black ihpone5. It be nice birthday present for me.

gunnlaugr says:

I would love to get one and not have to pay for it!

mobydick79 says:

Yeah, I'd love a free iPhone please!

carterjay1 says:

I'm surprise that the touch and the iphone have such different specs.

mjsavage says:

Love to get a free phone since I am still on contract!!

dasupaman23 says:

Would love to win this for my wife.

retxed22 says:

Ready for romance - iPhone5 :)

cardfan says:

Consider me entered :)

Julescp19 says:

iMore rocks! J for the win....

Kpofdallas says:

Yes, Imore, hook me up. Verizon please, and THANKS!

varun.chandra says:

Event review: Products: 11/10. Presentation/keynote: 2/10. And i hate the freakin circular icons on the iPod Nano !

MrSnubby says:

Goodness I love this phone! I'd love to have it!!

Carlosalvarado says:

I WANT THE NEW IPHONE 5! i want the new iphone 5!

DLprac says:

I need to win this!! Still using original iPhone on T-Mo...!

HorseVu says:

Great iphone5 coverage Rene!

CrzyP says:

I'm getting an error when I hit the submit comment button... =(

stynkfysh says:

Boy, I sure would like to win something once in my life! This would be the very best thing I can imagine, other than the lottery. Thanks for the chance!

mmihalek#IM says:

Hooray for bee....iPhone 5!

rubenoso says:

Thanks for the iPhone Rene!

Sridhar.rao says:

Hey I have entered the competition too :P I have only one question ... The panorama mode that is said to be there in iPhone 5 ... Will it be made available for the 4s too since the the new iPod touch has the same chip as 4s and it has the panorama mode

Benz85 says:

I want it, please ? :(

JoeLand says:

That would be a good week. and thanks imore. fingers crossed

nano2909 says:

crossing finger toes and eyes for good luck lol

steve.truong says:

Android users are drooling right now. I can confirm because I have an android phone. Haha. I've been dying to get my hands on an iPhone! Hopefully I can now!

johnmarki says:

Love to get my hands on the Black/Slate iPhone 5!

iAli30 says:

Thanks to samsung one billion USD coins now we have a new iPhone ;) winning XD

Seegar says:

I've never owned an iphone. I'd be happy to get a chance to try it though :)

Mebanks says:

I would really love a new iPhone !

calsccr9 says:

I'm a poor college student, give it to me!

Vincent314 says:

Would love to win the iPhone 5 !!!

Tony5272 says:

It would be nice to win so i don't have to pay $799.00 for an iPhone 5 to keep an unlimited data package through Verizon.

richard_rsp says:

Whoop Whoop! Qualified! :D

patrickquirke says:

The biggest thing is to win an iPhone

Mazursky says:

I would love to win this. This would go as a good present to my mother for her birthday!!!

Elit3_Ballin_23 says:

lol yea, it probably would haha

slippieslik says:

I am a winner... I am a winner... I AM A WINNER... Gotta be positive with an iPhone 5 on the line!

jakeless.123 says:

w00t w00t! Entry has officially been entered! Can this be used for an unlocked iPhone 5??

notinbeta says:

I knew you guys would do this! This is so awesome!!! I reaaaaally hope I win!! Hahaha, thanks guys!! iMore rocks :D

connorn says:

Samsung galaxy s3 has nothing to worry about

MrAnticipation says:

Great contest imore! If I win you guys can have my Iphone 4!

Anthonydafc says:

Youpeeeee, a free gift !!!!! An iphone 5

dsblixt says:

Winner winner iPhone dinner!

Fatimah A says:

Wow amazing chance,, i would like to win *YAAAY*

conradzoo says:

Is wanting a new phone not a bit selfish when you still have a (barely) working Sony Ericsson from 2008?



jumuah says:

brace yourself! iphone 5 is coming... to me by imore! ;)

Heath276 says:

yea i could do when a new phone hook me up.

Big Dookie says:

Awesome job on the coverage guys, we appreciate all your hard work!

ccostel says:

Please and thank you iMore!!!

mozyme says:

Great iPhone 5 announcement coverage!
Great contests too!

Edwarda1811 says:

Hello!! I would love to win this

Dutchmaster81 says:

Please and great job guys!

handieman3 says:

Just putting my name in the hat, hopefully you will pull out the right piece of paper :)

raulx326 says:

im gonna sing this to the new iPhone 5 baby... Please be mine (jonas brothers)

yenyob says:

I'm a lucky reader! Maybe?

RaGe420 says:

I would like to win one for Sprint

D.scheurwater says:

Hey Rene, I loved your life coverage of the Apple conference. Thank you for that!
I'm happy i entered this contest with this post! Enjoy the day everyone!

PurpleBerryB says:

MisterDelFuego wants an iPhone 5!!!

inanozgur says:

Awesome... and im here now;)

FM1899 says:

Thanks for this! Man I hope I win!

stubbs80 says:

I'm ready to kick this Droid X to the curb!!!

newmyhappysky says:

Although iphone5 has nothing new for me, but I am still especting to feel it.

InsertNameHere#IM says:

I would love to win an iPhone 5!!!

hms22 says:

You deserve to win!

piranhadonna says:

Pick me. Pick me. Pick me. Hand is raised as high as I can get.

Cyrano says:

Just read blog updates about keynote and then imore tops it by having this competition. Awesome!

August9 says:

I own an iPad, a MacBook Pro, Apple TV, and an iMac, but not and iPhone. If I win it would complete me.

TheRealEChiz says:

If I win there's a possibility of tears of joy

gdavidja says:

Thanks for the contest!

jebulls says:

I would love this phone!!!

Heisenberg says:

Gimme, gimme! I deserve it!

piranhadonna says:

Pick me. Pick me. Pick me. Hand is raised as high as I can get.

ruiner666 says:

Sweet Baby Jesus!
I would LOVE to win!!!
iPhone 5 !!!

zerog46 says:

Ah what the heck, I'm in, can't wait to win.

fribbit13 says:

Here we go! Thanks imore for the giveaway!

akrich87 says:

can't wait to get this!!!! I want this phone so bad!!! :) :) :)

scotchka says:

Thanks in advance for my free iPhone 5!

TheBiggmann says:

My 3GS is on its last leg. Winning this might just make my life.

daddyp1981 says:

I need to win this! Yes please :)

Richiejay1 says:

WOW! Great Competition...

wynand32 says:

Seems like a nice upgrade. Would love one!

hershr2 says:

Thanks iMore! always the go to source for iphone/ipad info!

cyaaa50 says:

The new iPhone is here!! The new iPhone is here!!

BeyondtheTech says:

Either way, I think it's a win-win. If I stay with my Sprint iPhone 4S, perhaps I'll get some speed and bandwidth back when everyone else on my carrier jumps ship to the iPhone 5's 4G LTE. If I win, well, then I get to play with the latest toy from Apple! Good luck everyone!

ingeniumed says:

I would like to win one for Canada :D

yahooman123 says:

I wonder how a winner is actually selected. Sounds too good to be true =\

Tito71 says:

I would also love to win an iPhone 5! Good luck to all!

skeets000 says:

I'm getting one either way but it would be great to get a free one from imore!

maghy7 says:

Thanks for the give away! would love an iPhone 5!

SuperBad007 says:

looking forward to win the most AMAZING iPhone YET from the most AMAZING website!!!!

ml814 says:

Another hopeful comment!

LyndaP says:

I'd be so excited, since I'm not full-upgrade eligible until May! I never win anything, maybe I can break that streak with this!