Apple releases iOS 6 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Apple releases iOS 6 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Ladies and gentlemen, start your updates! As promised, Apple has just put iOS 6 in general release.

Here's our MASSIVE review:

Here's how to update:

Let us know if you're updating OTA, or doing a clean install over iTunes, how long the download looks like it's going to take, and most importantly -- when you're up and running iOS 6!

REMINDER: It might take a while for the OTA update to popup, keep calm and keep checking. I imagine Apple's servers will get hit something fierce today...

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There are 118 comments. Add yours.

ccostel says:

Downloading OTA via WIFI at work...
Started at 49 min to go, went to 7 min to go, then to 6 min to go... now at 2 hours remaining... LOL

tsm09 says:

Me too. Downloading at the moment OTA
41 mins > 11 mins > 36 mins > 1 mins (which lasted for 10 mins) > back up to 34 > & now it's 1 mins remaining for the past 7 mins :D

dloveprod says:

I wonder if its the same version as the gm.

HogDog says:

It is the same as the GM so you are good to go if you have that already.

dalvik says:

checking over iTunes and over the air, it says "the version of the ipad software 5.1.1 is the current version" what gives?

pedrogpsousa says:

where r u downloading iOS 6? I don't see it anywhere :(

ssjakhar says:

I don't see the iOS 6 update anywhere.. :(

pelley says:

Not showing up here yet, either (both OTA and iTunes). Wonder if they're doing a geographically phased rollout?

pedrogpsousa says:

Perhaps thats it. where r u from?

cmilanaik says:

downloading now. it showed up about 10-15 mins ago but it said you need 2.5gb of free space. almost half-way done.

jinjelsnaps says:

Downloading now in San Francisco via a Verizon MiFi device. Download is pretty fast too, I seem to remember iOS 5 being a bit slow

RagedUSMC says:

Yeah iTunes isnt saying there is an update available. When i did it OTA on my ipad 2, there was an error.

tbaptista says:

Game on! Downloading now!

Gsarfin says:

Not showing up OTA in San Antonio Texas iPhone 4s on AT&T (connected to wifi).

Sancho90 says:

Still not seeing it. :(

brewski77 says:

i had to click on check for update several times before it gave me option to download ios 6 !!! remember millions of ppl are trying to do the same thing at this very minute.

sataml says:

no showing up I'm in orange county, ca

franciscosjb says:

Nothing in Mexico City, MEXICO

vanadiumdroid says:

Check again, I am doing it now for my iPhone and iPad, Aguascalientes, Mexico.l

ssjakhar says:

Downloading now in India.. showed up just now.. :) Installing through iTunes..

G.4 says:

Still no update where I'm at in Asheville, NC... I guess I'll just keep trying. Hopefully this will hold me off until I get my iPhone 5 on Friday... :)

G.4 says:

Psych! It's installing now :)

G.4 says:

Downloaded OTA using wifi at work- took about 15 min total. So far it's awesome!

cheechoz818 says:

OK NYC is now getting the update and downloading now :) I am doing a clean install on iTunes!

TechnoGuru says:

Download via iTunes took 2 mins...updating now fresh install

dalvik says:

i just got the available update. downloading now but it may probably not go completely through, as it was happening with 5.1.1 a year ago

RagedUSMC says:

Yeah just showed up now on East coast at 1:03pm EST

UnifiedTechs says:

iTunes downloading now for iPad, no luck on OTA so far. (Vero Beach, FL)

Espo says:

Still waiting for it to show up here in Pittsburgh PA.

80Ramey says:

Downloading now in Seattle. iTunes. 913mb. 8 minutes total time.

PilotPhil81 says:

Showed up on my iPhone 4s 15 min ago but still nothing on my iPad 2.

Storm26 says:

Finally appeared as OTA on Verizon - Florida

PilotPhil81 says:

Updat on the iPhone looks to be stalling at the end.

Pharrett says:

OTA showed up in iPad 2 a couple of minutes ago. Downloading thru iTunes on iPhone 4. Both say about 5 min to download.

RoadRunner64 says:

Downloading as I type this. OTA

msilk90 says:

wasn't showing up at first for my iPhone 4 or iPad 3, but now it has shown up for both OTA. Just try to keep checking for a software update. Going pretty fast, too. 7-10 minutes remaining and just started.

fre12 says:

Didn't show on my iPhone 4S, got impatient so I'm installing it from itunes

Smurfy71 says:

OTA as we speak!
1 min remaining!

PilotPhil81 says:

Just showed up on iPad 2, and saying 25 min for download over FIOS. Lol

UnifiedTechs says:

OTA just kicked in too, very slow though. (Vero Beach, FL)

UnifiedTechs says:

OTA just kicked in too, very slow though. (Vero Beach, FL)

TechnoGuru says:

All loaded up...time to play

richard_rsp says:

Im downloading OTA... 2.4GB free needed? oh well.. delete songs till later.

Im jumping between 5 min and 2 hours remaining.

PilotPhil81 says:

I am not going to be very productive today. Lol

daniel.mead says:

For all you Mac owners I just got a Mountain Lion update with lots of new features as well!

nikkisharif says:

I'm downloading it now =)

nite732 says:

Mine keep jumping from three hours to 14 minutes. Wating patiently.

SagarK says:

Download speed varying so is time remaining from 40mins to whooping 4-5 hrs

grizman says:

Got it in Illinois. Updating two Ipads and a Iphone 4s. It's gonna be a bit!!!!

nikkisharif says:

Downloading now on iPad 3rd ten & 4S

Matador says:

Preparing Update......... :)

Mr.Chow says:

itunes clean install. 50 mins.. hilarious :O

cmilanaik says:

I don't think it's area specific like East Coast or not. I'm in CT and it showed up around 12:50 which clearly surprised me.

cinnabubbles says:

Downloading over WiFi/OTA on a iPod 4G as we speak. Got it around 1:10pm EST. jumped around with times to download for a bit am now at Preparing Update.

ukcat_fan says:

Installing now. Downloaded in 18 minutes via iTunes.

Ojo_Verde says:

Downloaded and installing now :)

cmilanaik says:

it took about 20 minutes to prepare the update once it was downloaded. I did it OTA

Brandon M. says:

Gotta wait till after work to update :(

chesapeake country says:

Taking a long time to prepare the update was fast.

kch50428 says:

OSX 10.8.2 Is LIVE too. Hit software update on your Mac... happy downloading.

Dezdon#IM says:

Bing!..done..14 minuets...halographic keyboard!..thats crazy!!!

ABeeghly says:

Just got mine in Orlando! Download was quick... But it's stuck in "Preparing Update" on my phone! UH Oh!!!

abdisalan says:

It takes a while during that stage just be patient!!!

hawk2100n says:

OTA download is going super slow for my 4S. I also have iTunes downloading the new iPad update on the same connection and about 20 minutes left; 1.08 GB total. Looks like I'll have to head back to work without it on my phone.

Tarheelblue22 says:

Done for both...only took a combine total of 30 minutes for my iphone 4s and new ipad. I guess passbook is not on the iPad.

abdisalan says:

My download took about 25 min (OTA).

The Reptile says:

iPad is done and iPhone4 is on its last phase of the update. The latter is taking much longer to download but is now quickly getting to the end.

elmoco says:

iphone 4: 20 mins to download; 25 to install. doing "new" iPad now

wfdmedic8 says:

stuck at 'preparing update" for past 10min should i be worried? DL via OTA

Pharrett says:

Took my iPad2 quite a while "preparing". I would advise not letting it go to sleep. The first time I tried to install it OTA it went to sleep and when i came back to it there was an "error".

nedgould says:

In Starbucks, Victoria St, London... No wifi at home as just moved house!!

ssjakhar says:

On iOS 6 now on iPhone 4.. showing a little lag as compared to iOS 5.1.1

Pharrett says:

Finally!!! Downloading and updating apps while browsing the App Store!

hopkins569#IM says:

took me 45 minutes to download the update and do a restore from my jailbreak

usmc says:

Very slow download in Tennesee. Can't wait!!! It goes from 15 min back to 22.

mcmillan27 says:

iPhone 4S and New iPad done. And awesome!

ivancab says:

I have an unlocked iphone 4 running ios 5 that I currently use with t-mobile. The guy that sold it to me said he unlocked directly with at&t because his contract was over. If I upgrade to ios6 would that affect anything with my iphone being unlocked?

lbtriguy says:

is anyone else unable to get the update? It's still not showing...I feel like I'm the only one

Liam330 says:

What if I have betas ?

heyitssteve429 says:

took my 4s 28 min to "prepare update"... now is installing

anthonyhalfie says:

South Africa's internet has to be the slowest internet in the world... been downloading for an hour and a half almost and the time remaining just creeps up the whole time...

slyle01 says:

Itunes install at 12:01 CDT - took about 10 minutes.

fordgirl14 says:

24 mins on both my iPad3 and 4S OTA.......still waiting until the download completes.

sataml says:

taking for ever this is my third attempt to down load ota but this time it says only 15 minutes

adamwrobinson says:

I started my OTA download at 12:45 PM Central time...just finished & am restarting the phone at 1:45 PM. I don't know what this really means time-wise as I'm using free public wi-fi at work. At least I didn't have issues like I did with iOS 5...well done, Apple.

cmilanaik says:

I updated to iOS 6 earlier and for some reason my app store isn't updated anymore. It shows the darker UI but not the new layouts. It did at first but now it's back to the old layout. anyone else have this problem?

counterculture says:

I'm stuck in limbo. Completed the download and it finished the first reboot, but now I'm stuck on the a black screen/white Apple logo and progress bar, but it won't complete. I've been here for about 30 minutes. Suggestions?

Jenna Jameson says:

Try a hard reset. Push home and power buttons simultaneously until Apple logo appears.

counterculture says:

Never mind, it finally finished! Thanks for any assistance though :-F

Baysic says:

took me 10mins to download; 30-45 to install. OTA

wanderguzman says:

Installing right now :) on my "new" Ipad

Gsarfin says:

OTA update done. Seems much slower and apps (including imore) randomly crashing. 64 gig iPhone 4S AT&T

knitgirl says:

OTA update on my phone is done. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but it took about an hour and 20 minutes to download and process. It's a late day at work for me, so I'll be updating my iPad OTA as well.

got berry says:

OTA took 2 hours including 2 restarts.

khobia2 says:

Got it about an hour ago in Northern NJ. Updated three devices including iPad. Working great on everything so far. Feels snappier to boot. What I love the most so far? No more having to put my Apple ID password in for each new app update. Updates on auto now. Sweet. Still playing around with stuff.

yorgo says:

iPhone 4 with no service installed and updated to IOS6 over MIFI in less then 1 hour Miami,FL

Gsarfin says:

iMore still crashing like crazy, but it seems only when trying to read the iOS6 review
Hard reset and all. Still seems slow as molasses.

sogaduch says:

Downloading OTA been going between 2-4 hrs

citygirl110282 says:

finally downloading ota! curious to see how good it will be since i have an iPhone 4 and not 4s

VikramPune says:

Got it on my iPhone 4 here in India. Too bad it won't come to my iPad 1 :-(

Jerimiah 005 says:

I started downloading it at 12.50 pm and got done at 1.20 pm and I did it OTA

DonS50 says:

I started downloading at 9:38 am PST on my iPhone 4S & iPad (3) at the same time and although it took awhile (about 2 hrs total) everything went well. Did notice that after OTA download I had to update many of my apps which took some time. I had made sure that all my apps were updated before the download but many more needed to be upgraded. Overall, not a bad experience.

ganthonyv says:

Downloaded this a couple hours ago at work and everything seemed to be fine until I got home and now my iPhone wont connect to my wifi router. Wheni select it, it shows that I'm on wifi but couple seconds later it boots off and goes into 3G. I rebooted my phone and still the same thing. What should I do?

ganthonyv says:

Oh and sometimes it's going to a log in screen at

jt1998 says:

ditto. installed ios 6.0 and now no Wifi. WTH? I'm on my home network and only get cellular data. WTH.....

sogaduch says:

Ya im getting that to until I set the wi-fi to auto join. It's working well.....for now

ganthonyv says:

Mine won't even work on auto join and now I noticed my battery is draining way faster than before.

ganthonyv says:

I just changed it to auto join again and this time it's working. Now it's just the battery issue.

adamsalazar1983 says:

I try to download over the air and keep say the file failed.. When it is say update file wtf.. I been at this since 10am Ca.

sogaduch says:

still cant update on my ipad guess I'll need to wait until I get home