Samsung ad takes yet another shot at iPhone lines, new iPhone 5 features

New Samsung ad takes another shot at iPhone lines as well as new iPhone 5 featuresSamsung has rolled out another of its ads that aim to poke fun at Apple iPhone 5 buyers and those that plan on waiting in line for one tomorrow. Samsung released a similar ad last year just after the iPhone 4S went on sale; so these poor attempts at advertising and humor from Samsung are nothing really new. This latest ad is supposedly there to promote its Samsung Galaxy S3 under the heading of “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here”.

The ad tries to make fun of the iPhone 5’s use of sapphire crystals by saying the phone will be like a precious jewel, making fun of the repositioning of the headphone jack as if it was some sort of big deal and the all-digital Lightning connector. It’s like Samsung is trying to tell you that iPhone users are dumb people who get over excited over any tiny little design change or small feature. Samsung then goes on to insinuate that iPhone users are mainly now the older generation and the hip and cool people are using the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think? Personally I think Samsung should just concentrate on its own phones features and not spend its marketing budget trying to be humorous or knocking better products!

Source: YouTube

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Samsung ad takes yet another shot at iPhone lines, new iPhone 5 features


Another pathetic, jealous marketing attempt by a company who would absolutely love to be in Apples position. Sad how Samsung hasn't learned that marketing a product by bashing another or it's users is not a reliable long term strategy.

It's not another jealous marking attempt... It is the truth, just deal with it! you isheeps are so funny!

You call Trini-34 a troll and here you are using the same name as a pron star???

Besides, you haven't been here that long either...

i have the S3, half of the features are gimmicky at best, at first i was fine with the 4.7 inch screen but after a while its to big 4 inches is perfect, i'm putting my S3 on craigslist next week, there is a lot of pros and cons on both OS, but at least with the iphone i wont experience any fragmentation. Not as much as before but i still get that lag on my S3 even after rooting. and don't get me started on root, 90% of all roms i tried had some something wrong with them. whats funny to me is how much roid fanboys like you have hate. always bitter and filled with hate, what your mommy didn't give you enough tit

"iPhone 5. Well, you USED to be able to talk and surf the Web at the same time...."

What fragmentation is there with Samsung phones? What? Their OS/UI is a little different than HTC phones or Motorola phones? Oh, my! Apples phones are completely different than anybody else's phones. So, what's the problem again?

That's due to the network restrictions, Verizon and Sprint have screwed that up. Apple kept the phone small and used one chip. On carriers who have more developed networks (hell in Canada, I believe every network supports voice and data).

And before you whine and moan and say "BUT IT DOESN'T SUPPORT LTE WHILE ON VOICE" (troll emphasis is mine) please, please, PLEASE don't try to justify needing to browse at 40+ while on a damn phone call.

I honestly think the need for LTE on a phone is baffling unless you are tethering.

And Stuart, ALL android devices are fragmented beyond belief. The fact that Samsung and HTC hardware are so completely different in their screen sizes, resolutions, the chipsets are different, the entire hardware in all of the umpteen phones out there is a mess when it comes to developers trying to create an app to work across the board. I saw a picture from a developer who had no less than 200 Android phones with varying hardware that they had to try and test on. With Apple, it's now 3 iPads (with corresponding hardware) and 6 variations of iPhones. And for the most part they don't need to go even that far.

As for guided access, I tested it and it faltered once, then it was locked perfectly regardless of the rotation. It's a bug, and don't EVEN try to say that Android is free from all bugs, you're living in a dream world of you think that's true. The big difference is that with Apple, you can expect an update to fix the problem will come fairly quickly, and be IMMEDIATELY available for everyone. Versus Android where you MIGHT get an update to fix a problem in a year, or not at all. I see how horrible the update process is on Android, waiting for the carriers to hopefully update the firmware to push down.

As for Siri, you do realize that technically Gmail has been in beta for a decade? But no, gmail is just garbage, millions upon millions simply are disgusted with its stability and flexibility.

You call Apple people Sheep, but you clearly can't see any of the many faults Android has. Neither is perfect, far from it. The difference between the Apple haters and the Apple fans is simple. We can see the benefit of Android, yet you're completely BLIND to any benefits to Apple. You are so close minded, it's embarrassing.

I see the joys of Android, I see why people choose them. I see the draw to a bigger screen, to the ability to have widgets and the various other things.

But for me, the slim profile, the light weight, the feel of the build quality in my hands, the ecosystem that translates seamlessly across my now 5 devices, and I can sit back and enjoy them. Due to the various updates, I no longer need to jailbreak. I don't have a need for widgets, my phone and iPad just work, and they work like a dream. I don't have a need for android like I would have 6 years ago. And maybe if Android was around when I got my Touch Pro 2, with even a remotely established App Store like Apple had, maybe I would be on the Android train... But I sure as hell wouldn't act the fool like you Android trolls do.

You rarely, RARELY ever see Apple owners trolling on your Android forums, sites, posts. But you guys can't help but to ALWAYS find your way here to try and act all superior.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you guys are jokes. Why can't you grow up and just enjoy the phone you have, why must you act like children?

"network restrictions [on] Verizon"?? Huh? The iPhone 5 will be the ONLY 4G LTE phone on Verizon that CAN'T do simultaneous voice and 4G data.

As for using voice and 40Mbps, you may not be a traveling professional, but lots of us are. I turn on the hotspot on my phone and connect my laptop, tablet, and iPod Touch to it. And I, for example, participate in conference calls while watching online screen-shared type presentations. Like I said, that's just one example. A totally different one would be taking a roadtrip with my g/f and turning on my hotspot so she can surf the Web with her iPad - and be uninterrupted if I get a call and talk on the phone while I'm driving (and using my Bluetooth handsfree).

Dismiss simultaneous voice and data all you want, but I sure do remember 2 years ago (before Verizon started having phones that would allow simultaneous voice and data) when that was one of the big things AT&T phoners used to use as a point in favor of being with AT&T instead of Verizon.

And, really, the point of my comment was that Apple has not moved forward at all (on the voice/data front) from the 4S position of only doing voice and 3G data - where ALL OTHER 4G LTE devices on Verizon CAN do simultaneous voice and 4G data. Lame. No excuse.

Samsung, who sells more smartphone than Apple, seems to have a pretty cohesive ecosystem. No developer has to test on 200 phones to release an app that works on a Samsung phone. And the market for that developer is still bigger than the market for an equivalent iOS app. Why does it matter that HTC also uses Android, and possibly in a slightly different way? Regardless, say what you will, MOST (the VAST majority) of Android apps work on any Android device that meets the minimum OS version level (not counting apps where the developer chose to specifically target certain hardware - like a Tegra 3 processor).

No, I didn't know Gmail is in Beta. I have never used Gmail. Every Android device I've owned has come with a mail client other than Gmail, which I have always used. And, generally, they are more complete, in their functionality for working with my Exchange account, than the mail client that came on my iPod Touch.

Finally, I re-read my previous comment and I request that you please explain how you can conclude, from that comment, that I don't see any of the faults that Android has. I see many of them. If you are not a regular Android user, then I probably see many more than you. However, I posted here in response to a comment that, in its essence, implied that Android had faults and Apple/iOS had none. I have multiple iOS devices, multiple Android devices, and, of course, multiple Windows-based devices - and just gave my TouchPad (webOS + Android) to my mom. I like whatever works best. I don't participate in fanboism for any platform. I just like the facts and I don't like when people post things that aren't factual or imply things that are not true. And it seems (to ME) that I see the most fanboism and posting of incorrect information (about the competition) info here. It may not be as common for Apple fanbois to read and post on Android sites as it is for Android fans to post here, but that doesn't mean there isn't just as much BS posted about Android.

There is a simple excuse, they used one chip. They can do simul voice and data on 3G, but neither Verizon nor Sprint have the infrastructure to do that. All the Canadian providers can, but it seems that's not the case in the US. The fact that it can be done on AT&T and in Canada on Bell, Telus, Fido, etc says that there's something that Verizon and Sprint were unprepared for. If I recall, Sprint couldn't do it on the 4/4S either. Sounds like they should have worked that out.

On ANY other provider, you'll still get simul voice and data, but the data will be 3G speeds. Last I checked, my 3G speeds in a mediocre area were enough to stream HD video content without a blip, I know because I've used it, many times. But that's not enough for what you're doing during the time you're making a phone call?

Find me another smartphone in the same class, weight, thinness and design of the iPhone 5 that has the ability to do that, please. I'll wait. Everything is bigger, heavier and less well designed. Personally I'll take a thinner form factor and deal with the relatively RARE situation where I would have to deal with the "measly" 3G speeds while I was on a call. Just because you don't like the "Excuse" doesn't mean that it's not a valid reason.

By next year there will be further advances in the chipset and I wouldn't be surprised if they were able to add in the extra chip needed to do this without losing anything they currently have.

And ANY company that have more Smartphones than I can count on my hands and feet "technically" sell more. When you have phones cheap enough that people can get it for $50 without a contract, you're attracting a market where people don't care about the phone they're getting, they want a cheap smartphone and that's that. It's like trying to say that Hyundai is more successful because they sell more of their vehicles than, say, I don't know... Rolls Royce. Or that Timex sells more than Rolex. Of course they do, there is more in the market. But you could combine every single product that Samsung sells and they would still not remotely have an equivalent demand for even JUST the iPhone. Factor in the iPad, Mac Books and so on, and Samsung looks 2nd rate.

As to the fragmentation, you are clearly missing the point I was making. NO developer is going to create an app "JUST" for Samsung, in what world do you think Samsung is that established that developers would simply not support HTC or the multitude of other Android phones out there? An Android developer has to ensure their app works on as MANY phones as possible, and in the end there are multitudes of phones, many Samsung, that get slapped with the "this app won't run on this device" error. I know, because I've heard the complaints from friends and family. A developer can't just say "OH, I'll just make sure my device works on the S3" and leave it at that. Samsung has made drastic changes to their hardware prior to the S3, different chipsets, and so on, so not only does a developer have to ensure compatibility with all other Samsung phones, but also with HTC phones, and LG, and anyone else with an Android phone.

With regards to your comment that most apps will work on Android based on their OS version, that simply emboldens my point I made about Android and the ability, or INability to easily push updates out to their device. My friend who owned a VERY recent device had to wait almost a year for the carrier to flavor the firmware update. Which means that every app which required that OS simply wouldn't work. Versus iOS which the moment it's released, you can install the update. It boggles the mind why Android phones have to go through that crap every single time. I had to deal with that over 5 years ago with my Windows Mobile phone, yet it's STILL going on to this day? That's insane!

And you replied to a guy who commented about seeing the pros and cons to both OS, but stated there isn't the fragmentation on iOS versus other phones. It's TRUE. It's simple math. Apple is building the hardware and is building the OS. There are no additional add ons like most android phones, Samsung takes Android and then fiddles with it. They're taking an OS that is NOT designed directly for their specific hardware and they are tacking on more things to their devices on top of that, and they also have to ensure that their various flair works across multiple devices with very different hardware. THAT is fragmentation, and it's something Android and ALL its makers have to deal with. Everything with Apple is in house and designed for one standard OS that runs across all devices, hence no fragmentation. Nowhere in the post you replied to said that iOS was faultless, you merely implied that from what you read.

What does the mail client on your device have to do with anything? You got all huffy about Siri being "in beta", implying that it cheapens it somewhat. I commented that Gmail, one of the most insanely popular internet mail providers in existence, has been "in beta" since it launched eons ago. Just being "in beta" doesn't mean it's not sturdily functional or highly efficient. Siri is still a work in progress and it's improving by leaps and bounds constantly.

As for your comment about the Android post and such, you make no sense. You, as someone who clearly dislikes Apple, went out of your way to read this post, watch the video, look at the comments and reply to one person who simply said they felt their S3 was on an OS that was fragmented. Hell, you were talking to someone who OWNS an Android and voiced their frustration with their experience, and you took that on as your personal charge to be the captain of the Android is Awesome attack. GO back and read the post you replied to again. Please.

But if you don't want, I'll bullet point it for you:

- Many of the Samsung features are gimmicky (seriously, I can tap and share a playlist? I can palm swipe mute pause snap etc?) I looked through the list on the Samsung site and it's clear they just tried to stuff as much as they could to try and seem ahead of the pack. I personally still think Siri is somewhat of a gimmick, but I think there is far more solidity in its features than palm swipe pause mute or flip over to mute.
- A large 4.7" screen feels to large for him
- There are pros and cons to both OS
- There is more fragmentation on Android than iOS (a singular OS that runs across cohesive hardware)
- There is less fragmentation that there was before
- Even after he rooted, he still found there was lag in the S3
- Roms are finicky, which is entirely true. They're written by people who are not teams of developers, they're just every day people putting things together. The same goes for Jailbreaking on iOS.

I see *NOTHING* there that is a bald faced lie or a charge that you needed to come in and correct. They were opinions and real life experiences from a person who went out and actually purchased a phone. I highly doubt his goal was to buy an S3 just to not like it so he could go back to being an Apple sheep, if it was then damn, that's a LOT of work just to be able to post on a comment thread.

Say you aren't a fanboi all you want... But you are. It may not be just for Android, but it's clearly AGAINST Apple. You're an Apple Hater Fanboi, clear as day.

Oh, and a troll. At least I'm here because I have Apple devices and have an interest in them. Do you see me voicing my feelings about the features I think are stupid about the Samsung line on their blogs? No, because I AM NOT A TROLL.

haha...i think this is funny hence my name...true both take your products and have love with them .....your both being haters right now

My Wrong-o-meter pegged early, so I didn't read this whole post.

"There is a simple excuse, they used one chip. They can do simul voice and data on 3G, but neither Verizon nor Sprint have the infrastructure to do that. All the Canadian providers can, but it seems that's not the case in the US. The fact that it can be done on AT&T and in Canada on Bell, Telus, Fido, etc says that there's something that Verizon and Sprint were unprepared for. If I recall, Sprint couldn't do it on the 4/4S either. Sounds like they should have worked that out.

On ANY other provider, you'll still get simul voice and data, but the data will be 3G speeds. Last I checked, my 3G speeds in a mediocre area were enough to stream HD video content without a blip, I know because I've used it, many times. But that's not enough for what you're doing during the time you're making a phone call?

Find me another smartphone in the same class, weight, thinness and design of the iPhone 5 that has the ability to do that, please. I'll wait

You have not identified an "excuse". You have identified a decision Apple made (to use a single chip). That does not explain, nor excuse, why they made the decision to "design" a solution that does not allow simultaneous voice and 4G. The Apple fanbois hold up Apple as the Ultimate Designers - and they couldn't design the iPhone 5 to do what all the other 4G LTE phones have been ablel to do for 2 years?

Also, for your information, Verizon has AT LEAST 3 phones that CAN do simultaneous voice and 3G data (as well as 4G). The HTC Thunderbolt had SVDO (i.e. the tech that supports doing Simultaneous Voice and EV-DO data). The HTC Rezound has SVDO. And, it is my understanding that the Samsung Galaxy S III also has SVDO. I can say from personal experience that I could sit in my car, talk on the phone via Bluetooth, and run Speedtest on my old Thunderbolt to get 700k - 1Mbps downloads over a 3G (EVDO) connection at the same time. Similar, for my Rezound.

So, there's 3 phones for you that can do it and are in the same class as the iPhone 5. Please post back after you've gotten yours.

Please tell me why the iPhone can do voice and data over 3G on AT&T, Telus, Bell, Fido but not on Verizon or Sprint? Sprint, who couldn't work with the iPhone to allow that on the 4.

Why should Apple have to change their design because Sprint and Verizon can't do what AT&T and the others can?

Apple DECIDED to choose to use one chip because of space, that's the closest reason I can. Possibly to reduce cost. As I said, find me another phone in that SIZE, which the ones you mentioned are NOT. None of those phones have profiles even close to the iPhone 5.

Thunderbolt - 177g
Rezound - 170g
S3 - 133g (an all plastic body as well)
iPhone 5 - 112g

Simply put, the iPhone 5 CAN do simultanious voice and data, just NOT on 2 of the carriers due to them not being able to accomodate the iPhone design apparently.

And I doubt I'll be posting back, I'll be too busy enjoying my phone :P

Hey genius, both Verizon's and Sprint's networks can handle simultaneous Voice and data just fine. The Qualcomm chip in the iPhone 5 is also fully capable of handling it on both cdma AND gsm networks.

In this case, however, it was Apple who chose not to connect their second antenna to the SoC to activate that capability. Instead, for those two networks, they (APPLE!) chose to utilize their second antenna to enhance voice connectivity.

It was Apple's screw up, not the two carriers.

If you're going to rant on something, you should at least get your facts straight before doing so...

Samsung only sells a lot more cause they make more phones than Apple.
Apple only makes one phone a year where Samsung makes more than 5 phones a year. It's obvious that Samsung can outsell apple.

ps. iOS just works better, you say? And Siri is STILL in Beta (a year later)?? And did you hear about how you can put an iPad in Guided Access mode (if you have iOS 6) but then you lose all your security as soon as the user turns the iPad from Portrait to Landscape? Oooo! Give me some of that!

If we are funny, then you Anti Apple Fanbois are sad disappointment of stepping in dog poo. Have you NOTHING better to do but troll Apple blog posts? Seriously? You hate Apple so much you have to find out everything that's going on!

Makes me think this is like those people who are so anti gay, they tend to be holding in the fact that THEY are actually gay. Or like when you were a child and you'd pull the hair of the girl you really liked, but you just couldn't say you liked them.

(I know that's not the case, but geez you guys are an embarrassment with your persistence in posting on Apple news items!)

This is typical of a company or even a sitting president. You know you're fighting a losing campaign when you can't defend your product (or record) and start slinging mud like a child.

I agree. Reeks of desperation. I've owned the Note, and the S3...this isn't the best way to enlighten anyone to another product that's actually pretty good! Purposely alienate millions of iFans? Not very smart when you're trying to attract new customers.

I'm not a big apple fan boy like you. I have an iphone 4 and don't have any Samsung devices but I find it funny. Apple might have started the trend but they are now falling behind.

I agree with you. They studied Apple's success and copied everything they made and did, to get their position. Samsung is sad, and I hate the company. I like the TVs, but not the company or phones.

Hate to break it to you, but Samsung has long used the same tactics in the TV industry as they have been using in the phone industry. And if you buy their TVs, you are supporting the tactics you so despise.

O c'mon thats funnier then $*&^! girl: the connector is going to be all digital! what does that even mean!?? ha ha i just waited for will ferrell : no one knows what it means but its provocative, its get the people going!!

My two favorite lines:

"The headphone jack is going to be on the BOTTOM...boom!"
"We're gonna get that...for sure. Maybe not this time...but the next time...right?"

Be mad all you want, it's a good, funny commercial.

And Hyundai has a larger market share than a high end car manufacturer. Timex has a better market share than Rolex.

Apple has what Samsung will never have, deep brand loyalty. Just because you have dozens of devices, some cheaper than flip phones, doesn't mean you're better. As I commented above, Samsung would kill to have the kind of draw Apple has.

Remember, Apple has ONE phone on the market, Samsung and Android have countless others that have saturated the market, of course their share is going to be larger.

And go to the stocks, look at Samsung vs Apple... then come back and tell me Samsung is the king thanks to their market share. Apple has steadily increased, and my biggest mistake was not putting a ton of money into their stock when it was freaking $80. God how I kick myself... a $10k investment would have netted me WELL more than I make in a year. I didn't even like Apple back then but I knew their stock was the golden boy, why didn't I use my brain? UGH!

Okay, their PER stock price is more, but Apple stock is worth a total of 655 Billion, versus Samsung's 182 Billion.

Stocks split, so they're lower in price and there are FAR more of them.

Last I checked, 655 billion is a WHOLE lot more than 182.

What the hell are you talking about? Apple was notoriously greedy with their stock under Steve Jobs. That's well known fact. They didn't pay dividends until just the last few quarters which made their stock worthless to investors. That's why 401k funds avoided Apple stock. It didn't pay squat on returns.

Give it a few yrs & after a handful of splits, which are inevitable, & we'll revisit the topic of market caps & total valuation. I'm betting Apple's won't be so high.

Fact is that it's worth 5x more than Samsung.

Just because Samsung's lesser stock prices are higher doesn't mean that it's better than Apple's larger valuation, it makes no sense and now you're trying to backtrack and use other arguments that are entirely beside the point.

Apple stock is just under $700 a share at $655b
Samsung is just over $1210 a share at $182b

It doesn't take a person versed in stocks to know that no matter WHICH way you slice it, Apple stocks are worth more.

I've back tracked on nothing. I simply proved you have no clue what you are talking about. Market cap valuations mean absolutely squat to investors who want dividends. Samsung stock has been valued higher than Apple's for a decade or more. Period. No matter WHICH way you slice it.

Now go back to enjoying your phone. Stock talk is obviously not in your wheelhouse.

Ummm... do you remember the who Mac vs. PC advertisements that Apple did? This is exactly the same thing...!

And I thought the Mac Vs PC ads were the worst move in advertising Apple EVER made. But even considering those, they were done with FAR more tact than this joke of an ad.

How soon you forgot those Apple Microsoft commercials. I have both Apple iPhone and Windows Phone, so I can honestly state your either ignorant or simply another corporate loving iSheep sellout.

Buy whatever you like but don't tell lies about Apple never having made false ads. Try and replicate the behavior of Siri as shown on TV and see if it functions like the commercial. Straight out FALSE ADVERTISING.

C'mon, be an independent thinker dude!

Funny I don't see you iSheep saying the same when it was apple and their Mac vs PC ads?

When Microsoft finally started their own ads giving money to people and trying to get them to buy a MacBook with it and finding out how overpriced they were, Apple begged them to pull the ads. Because qhwn you only have $500 dollars, you can buy a million different kinds of laptops but no MacBook.

It's the height of insecurity and obsession when you focus so much on your opponent instead of executing your own business properly. Not to mention the incessant copying. ..that $1B fine may well have been too lenient.

LOL, yeah, it is pretty insecure to be constantly focused on your competition. You know, like iMore does when they write about a Samsung advertisement. Again. And what the heck does the fine have to do with the commercial?

Seriously some people need to take a chill pill. Did I really just say that? Ugh. But it's true.

And no matter if you find them stupid or amusing, obviously if they are getting blogs like this to talk about them they are pretty effective.

Come on people, Apple did the same thing with the genius commercial. It may not have been directed at a specific PC maker, but it was bashing Windows as a whole ("So this is nothing like a Mac?"). If Samsung wants to bash OSx or iOS, it can't bash it in general without bashing Apple directly. Many companies have ads like this, not just Samsung. Lighten up and enjoy the humor in this ad, the Apple ad, etc.

+1 same here, I love my iDevices, but I also find those commercials quite funny. I don't see people changing their minds one way or another by such commercials, and if they do, I hope they enjoy whatever they buy. I'm happy with my iPhone 4, and quite sure I'll love my iPhone 5 that's on order :-D

Come on the ad is funny, i am a iOS/Android user but i really found it great and made me laugh a bit.

For me it's easy to each his own wether you want to buy a iPhone, Lumia, Galaxy, One, BB or even a Nokia 1100 i don't care everybody works or whatever to buy the phone they want, no need to be a dictator and force someone to buy something they don't like. Just my 2cents.

I agree. Although I personally love my iPhone and iOS, I also think that no one phone is perfect for everyone or superior to all the others. I don't care what phones other people buy because I'm not the one selling them- I just use them. To each his own and everyone should stop taking it so seriously.

Agreed. It would be funny to see this level of fanaticism applied to other industries.

Colgate is better than Crest, you Crest troll.
You're such a TySheep for using Tylenol when everyone knows Bayer is where it's at!

Ok...maybe it's only funny with technology. *sigh

And there are plenty of examples right here on this site. It is pretty silly to get so excited about an incremental update. It amazes me, especially in this economy , that there are so many people who have nothing better to do than stand in line for days for a gadget they likely don't have much need for. Those people do deserve to be made fun of. Sorry if I offend anybody.

I've always thought the same thing. It's not like there will be a shortage or something. I've noticed people in these lines that probably should spend that money on decent clothing first. Or maybe a car or house payment. I'm speaking anecdotal here but it's true. People who are obsessed with social status or celebrity worship will sacrifice life's necessities to be 'one of the 1st with the new iPhone.'

Perhaps Georgia should do a Zen & Tech about this behavior.

The phone can & should wait.

Just a sad attempt to jump on someone else's bandwagon, basically. I especially dislike the notion that people are going to be turned off to a product because "old" (meaning anyone over 40) people enjoy it. That's fairly insulting to the younger generation; to suggest that they're so shallow that they'd abandon something just because a different generation enjoys it.

They make a good point about people getting way too exciting over pointless, incremental updates to the iphone, but these are the same points that people have been making fun of for 5 years now. The joke is really tired at this point. It's stupid for people to get excited over such nonsense, but it's even stupider to point out how stupid that is. Nowadays making fun of that is just a tired cliche.

The one point I agree with is that the S3 has a lot of features the iphone does not. No denying that. However I also have to point out that most of those features are things no one really gives a crap about. Exchanging playlists? Emailing while sending a video? Those are hardly dealbreakers. Point is, no one's really feeling the loss of such features with the iphone, so to show a group of iphone fans salivating over them just doesn't ring true.

ok...that was hilarious....really.....but i'm still gonna go with the iphone 5 cause at least next year i will be able to update ;)

If only Samsung actually come up with some new idea of their own and not just stole then maybe they could do ads like this,but everything they have is taken from other companies.....I.e. the tv. Voice from apple and motion from Nintendo and microsoft.

That "touching phones" stuff... That's the stupidest thing I have ever seen. He had to press it all the way onto the pack of the phone. High risk of falling, and just a waste. Samsung added tons of functions like these so people would think that the GS3 was revolutionary. It is not.

Oh, and the sapphire stuff that makes it look like a "Precious jewelery", is just on the camera. Why? Because it is almost impossible to destroy, and the camera lens will then have no chance to get scratches. Do you want scratches on your camera lens that will ruin your photos? Then go on and buy a GS3.

As someone who owns a MAC, and is geting ready to retire my old Blackberry for something new very soon, I found the Samsung commercial very funny. Honestly, I thought it was brilliant.

I have given BB too many last chances. Palm, to Blackberry (for almost 8 year)...I will more than likely get an iPhone since I only have positive things to say about Apple customer service with my Mac. That's a few months away though.

I was hanging out with a buddy last night and this commercial came on. We both looked at each other had the same reaction; it's pretty good. Those people in line did look and sound ridiculous in a way that seemed real. Not that I really am interested in NFC or the beam thing but IMO to the average person it's a pretty effective ad.

The commercial is funny, if you don't think so it may because you relate more to the people standing in line. I'm a mac - I'm a PC - no Apple's never done anything like this before.

Jeez, relax some of you, it's an ad. Companies have been mocking the competition's products in ads for years. Hardly anything new. If you take off your Apple colored glasses you'll find it was pretty entertaining.

The ad is great. The people here that are getting upset are only getting upset because they are the idiots that they're making fun of. I love my iPhones and MBPs and all that but these commercials are pure comedy.

I think the commercial was pretty funny. I enjoy a good laugh from ads. In any event, people shouldn't call out Samsung for attacking Apple in their ads when Apple ran ads that trashed Windows for a long time.

Im sorry, but I love this commercial- its total BS as far as Samsung vs Apple but very entertaining. Samsung will still not do as well as Apple in sales, so they have to create these ads. Im gonna watch it again for another laugh because the actors are hilarious. You cant fault Samsung for their efforts, in fact I applaud them. But when you truly make an inferior product, you have to intentionally focus on the competition in an ill attempt to make their product appear inferior to yours. Apple doesn't worry about that. They know what they have.

I would never wait on line for hours on end or over night for ANYTHING...Not a celebrity, not a pair of sneakers, and not a phone...Samsung makes the point that people get overly excited for incremental upgrades, but from a business prospective, wouldn't you want your loyal consumers to react the same way? You want your consumers buying your products and spending as much money as possible. Obviously, you're targeting iPhone users in this ad, so why insult them by portraying them as ignorant and naive? It only makes me dislike Samsung even more (they do make great TV's though) although I'm far from one of those iPhone users they portrayed. As a loyal iOS user, the best way to market your products to me would be to get across a message that says something like "hey, we know you're comfy with iOS, but give the SGS3 a try, you'll be pleasantly surprised. We have all the things the iPhone has and more. Check this out..." I can totally understand why they have to compare their products to Apple since Apple has a mob of loyal followers. The same way the Mac had to compare it's products to PC's since they have a mob of followers comfy with their products and unwilling to give that up. The SGS3 is a great phone, but they're marketing it the wrong way in my opinion, especially after a U.S. court ruled that you copied Apple products.

I think the main problem here is that the ads almost make fun of the consumers themselves, not the competition. And the problem with that is that's gonna leave an unpleasant taste in their mouths for some people who may indeed not enjoy being made the butt of a joke by a company. I'm not personally offended, frankly I don't care as I won't be standing in line one way or the other, but it seems to me all Samsung is doing here is potentially alienating some possible future customers.

Unless you are the guy that came up with the iPhone 5 new features spec sheet, why are you getting your balls in a knot? I swear some of us act like we are on the Apple payroll. The ad was funny.

I will admit the Galaxy S3 is a nice device.... But the main problem here is that if you have a GS3 you are most like the only person in your group of friends that has it because all your other friends have iPhones... Therefore all the cool "features" wont apply to you.

Sad attempt here... Really desperate.

I said this over at 9to5mac yesterday and i'll say it here (although, I honestly expected better from iMore):

Every single year people act as if no company before Samsung has ever put out an ad campaign that goes after a rival lol. I can't believe how hard it is to comprehend that Samsung might want to actually sell some phones. Back when the Android OEMs did this by listing specs, you all said that Apple sells an "experience", and that was why Android would never catch up. Stop whining about business.

no one phone is better or worse than the other. they all have their features that make them stand out above the rest for a little, but in a months time, something better will come along. (literally with WP8 ;) ) and figuratively (i think i spelled that wrong))
to be honest, some of the commercial was true and some was not. i am not going to name specifics because it does not matter. i personally won't get an iPhone, but my wife is getting the 5 hopefully tomorrow like many of you. DO I want to see it. Hell yes because i love technology. but would i use it as my primary phone, NO, not really unless imore gives me the free one from the contest.

it does not matter the company, ever company that puts out a commercial sometimes bashes someone else. i did not see or hear the word apple mentioned (but i was not looking for it either)
it was a funny commercial and that's that.

Oh lighten up, Chris and guys.. As Steve Martin said, "comedy is not pretty." I'm a massive Apple fan but this was just a funny commercial, pure and simple. Sometimes people identify so much with inanimate objects though, that they take something like this as a personal insult but mask that pain by claiming it's really only about the objects in question. Regardless, chill.

Just the other day I was at best buy, buying a new HDTV. I was about to buy a Samsung, but the started thinking about all the law suits, and how they try to rip off apple. So instead I decided to buy a Sony instead.

And, as a result, you ended up with an inferior product. Samsung happens to make some of the best TV's in the world. Just last year, they were only beat out by Panasonic and the new Sharp Kuro.

Sony wasn't even in the top 5!

Sooooo... congrats?

look m a android fan.. but love the stylin of iphone. n to b honest this ad is cool. everythin shown in this ad is truth.. bigger screen.. faster processor.. more features then iphone. blah blah.. but a die hard ifan will not b distracted by it now, but after steve jobs there is no one in apple to create that magical effort to make the product stand out.. if not this year or next year but eventually its will go down. n honestly iphone 5 has nothin in it that S3 doesn't have. so be sensible select the product that suits u.. rest is BS.

look m a android fan.. but love the stylin of iphone. n to b honest this ad is cool. everythin shown in this ad is truth.. bigger screen.. faster processor.. more features then iphone. blah blah.. but a die hard ifan will not b distracted by it now, but after steve jobs there is no one in apple to create that magical effort to make the product stand out.. if not this year or next year but eventually its will go down. n honestly iphone 5 has nothin in it that S3 doesn't have. so be sensible select the product that suits u.. rest is BS.

The amount of haterade going on is crazy. So many people feel that Samsung started all this bashing. Did we forget all the "I'm a Mac. I'm a PC." commercials?

Seriously, using both operating systems, they each have their own merits. The commercial is entertaining. It may hurt, but it also has truth to it.

So incredibly true. Every OS(and OEM)has its advantages over the others. If you move from one platform to another, there will *always* be tradeoffs. Just enjoy what works for you.
Samsung is marketing, just like everyone else. Business as usual.

I love these ads and they are well done. If you don't find these observations humorous, them maybe you take this tech stuff too seriously.

agreed... the so called "isheep" need to get some fresh air sometimes!! mind you i like apple but i don't need "everything" apple...S3 better for my purpose than the i5... and that new connector was a horrible least give the adapter for free with the phone! what a money scheme.

I got a good kick out of this ad, because there is some truth in it, but the part that made me laugh the most of the things Samsung was bragging on are just "features" of the bloated TouchWiz UI that they slap over ICS. The same TouchWiz that I tossed in the trash 30 minutes after opening the box, rooting the device and going with a AOSP ROM(AOKP JellyBean). I actually own and love the GS III, and I will proudly tell people that it is the best phone that I've ever used. But I would recommend that you ditch the stock ROM. Is it better than the iPhone5? For myself, I say it is. For everyone else? Depends on how you use the device. If you want a device you can customize everything about, and have complete flexibility with, go with the GS III. If you like something fairly easy to use, that what you see is what you get, and/or if you are already familiar with, go with the iPhone5. By the way, I use both the GS III and a iPod Touch 4 every day.

Who is more douchey? The people who stand in line for a product they love? Or people who stand outside bragging how their "thing" is better either by saying so or blatant/innocent demonstrations. That commercial is as moronic as the company it represents. I also do realize that this commercial is meant for people who would never buy an iphone in the first place. So it's more of a political/ religious ad.

someone who needs fresh air ..... above....relax its a commercial if you really want to voice your hatred for this company go to a samsung store and yell out gestures at them.

Exactly! The iSheep ignorance is what bothers me the most. I can't believe I'm going to have my children grow up in a world that people this ignorant and stupid populate.

I'm a huge Apple fan, and I thought the commercial was hilarious. Nice to laugh at myself once in a while. :)

One observation I did notice is Samsung doesn't mention the OS at all, I wonder why?...LOL

Regardless of what any of you say, iPhone IS falling behind, greatly. The SGS3 is the best phone out there now, but there are at least 3 other device better than the iPhone5.
1) SGS3
2) HTC 1x
3) Motorola RAZR MAXX HD
4) LG Optimum G
5) iPhone 5 lol

I have had both the iPhone 4 and the S3. They are both great phones. Just came back to the 4S today. For those that are so uptight about this making fun of Apple... come on! Lighten up... it's funny as hell!

"It’s like Samsung is trying to tell you that iPhone users are dumb people who get over excited over any tiny little design change or small feature."

It's not "like" they are trying to tell you that -- that is EXACTLY what they're trying to tell you...

...and they're right!

I think the ad is f'n hilarious. :)

let'S face its funny.... just like the mac and the pc I work on an iMac at my office, I own both an Air and a MacBook Pro, an iPad1 iphone4 and a galaxy not to brag... about it, but i will wait for the IPHONE 5S....

Samsung has given up any hope of trying to be cooler than Apple.
They're just playing to lock up the #2 spot behind Apple, and they've done it.
(Just ask HTC, LG, Nokia, Palm, RIM, et al.)

Well, Apple did similar stuff with its Mac vs. PC ads.. I don't see this ad as a problem though, but is just funny. If you do love your iPhone, like I do mine, then you'll just ignore the silly comments in the ad. Apple was childish back then with the Mac vs PC ads, but they then grew up.. What did MS do back then? just ignore, admit to being a PC and ask 'so what?' I guess Samsung are the new babies in town so here's hoping they'll grow up.. Eventually.

I'm perfectly happy with my iPhone line of products and haven't found anything they mentioned significant enough to make me want to turn to the dark side.

But I laughed out loud (at work) at the 'the make the coolest adapters' reaction from the girl. To be fair, Samsung doesn't have a decade long cable standard either-

I'd be interested to see the marketing numbers from this year and last year's smeary style campaigns.

Exactly! Apple has changed their cable now ONCE in 9 years. Sure it would be nice if they used a standard that everyone else uses, and maybe I'll never fully understand the reasons why they don't, but I'm sure it's not just to be "difficult".

It is amazing how many cables Samsung did go through. Some phones had different cables for charging and syncing, but no, Apple is the big bad.

If the "next best thing is already here" why do they have to resort to making stupid ads like this. Just let the numbers (sales) determine what the next best thing is!

Never have I been biased toward a product. But I've owned a lot of Androids and they were all laggy and slow after a while. I'm now a iPhone 4S user and I've yet to experience any problems. And I could care less about widgets and customization because it does nothing but slow the phone down.

So here's my piece. The Mac Vs. PC ads were probably one of the main reasons I truly detested Apple years ago. I HATE attack ads. I think they're a sign of weakness and have no place in advertising at all. They're disgusting enough in the political circle, so to have them for products is just a shame. They're the equivalent of mooning people and going "na na na na boo boo, stick your head in doo doo". Apple dropping those ads was the smartest decision they could have done.

As for this ad, it not only wasn't funny, but it was uncomfortable in its stupidity. I have never, ever, ever, ever wanted to type an email on my phone while simultaneously watching a FREAKING VIDEO. And while the iPhone can't natively tap their phones together to magically transfer a playlist (really, a playlist?), apps like Bump can do so with just as little effort. And I'm pretty damn positive I'll be far more likely to find a friend with an iPhone than I am to find multiple ones with an S3.

like many have said, Samsung WISHES they had this much demand for their devices. They WISH they were this much in demand and WISH they had people that brand loyal. For each and every moronic step they take, they ensure that I'll be less and less likely to buy from them in the future. It's not that I love Apple that much, but the continued negativity from Samsung particularly is doing nothing to endear them to many people. If I were to buy any device at this point, I'd either go to HTC or a Windows Phone long before I'd consider anything made by Samsung.

I think Samsung should put more energy into trying to better their devices, and better their image, rather than *TRY* to make Apple fans look like morons, when again, Samsung would sacrifice their first born to have this kind of demand and draw for their devices.

Such butt hurt ignorance on display here in this comment thread. Grow a thick skin kids it's an ad. Apple made countless ads like this as has already been said. Where was the outrage? Oh that's right most of you were probably not out of middle school at the time or had no idea what Apple was. The obsession with this company & defending it's honor is just too funny. I think Apple is doing fine without your constant need to come to their defense.

If it would make some of you feel better, like say maybe Chris the author of this piece, I've done some quick research on how to cure what is ailing you here. Look in the mirror & pretend you are Justin Long. Then begin to say slowly "I'm a PC" 3 times while tapping your heels together. When you wake up it'll all be over. ;-)

Apple user's are a lot like the religious ignorant masses. You post a video on the web and you're certain to start a riot over a silly idol they worship.

Attack of the iSheep in 3 2 1....

This ad from Samsung is Genius and Entertaining, plus its amazingly accurate. Don't worry Chris, not only does Samsung have enough money to engage in Fantastic marketing such as this, it has more than enough money to fight the "broken" patent system. ; ) I wouldn't worry much.

I like my iPhone, and thats all that matters to ME. Why do people get mad at us for liking our iPhones? Samsung should stop trying to bash and actually show positivity towards their devices rather than negativity towards others. Simple as that.

I think the rebuttal to the commercial is pretty simple. Where is the media and consumer frenzy surrounding the release of the S3 (or any other Samsung or Android device?) We all know it doesn't exist. And Samsung WISHES it did...but it DOESN'T! Jealousy causes people to do and say some really irrational and stupid things. I think the commercial really shows how desperate they are. In the meantime...I can't wait until my iPhone 5 arrives tomorrow!!!!!

i own a macbook and i have to say it is a better laptop to use for my purposes and worry free from issues that i would get with a pc laptop. BUT i also just got the S3 and would prefer it over the I5 which is too restrictive and is overly hyped. I got my S3 for free and to pay 200 + for a phone that has not made big feature changes in my eyes from the 4S i would go with the S3...i love it and this commercial tells the truth. So to each his own but this iphone craze is overly hyped...

From the number of comments here and the people at work I have heard talking about it, I would say Samsung got what they wanted from the commercial, people talking.