iOS 6 bugs: What problems are you having? Wi-Fi? Passbook? Apps? Media?

iOS 6 bugs: What problems are you having? Wi-Fi? Passbook? Apps? Media?

So iOS 6 is here -- and you really have to read our epic iOS 6 review! -- and that means, just like any brand new release, bugs are here with it. Some of you can't install, some can't get to the App Store, some can't get Passbook working, some are having Wi-Fi issues, some aren't able to sync media, music, photos, tones, or more, and the list goes on and on.

We're trouble shooting over in the iOS 6 Forum so if you want to work on it with us, jump on in, tell us your problem, tell us what you've tried, and tell us what's worked and what hasn't so far.

What Apple did not squash, iMore shall crowd source out! So get with the complaining, and the helping!

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iOS 6 bugs: What problems are you having? Wi-Fi? Passbook? Apps? Media?


Wi-fi is not working on my iPhone 4s. Worked fine with iOS 5. Now it seems to connect for a second, then loads a log in page at and says it cannot be found.

Wi-fi works great on my laptop, as well as my "new" iPad, which is running iOS 6.

I have exactly the same issue, with iPhone 4S. Now the iPad 3 popped the window up however it just showed the message "Success" and now access my network normally. My iPhone 4 (still on iOS 5) continues to access the network normally as well. Seems iPhone 4S is the only suffering at this time.

That gave me an idea, since my iPad is not the 3G version, it could never open "apple" website without the WiFi working... so I went on Settings, Disabled WiFi, then Cellular, and disabled Cellular data. Then I enabled WiFi again and it connected without issues. Re-enabled cellular data and all is working well right now.

I had the exact same issue on my 4S as well. Did the disabling/re-enabling of Wifi and Cellular and it worked and is now working just fine. Bit of a hassle, but it is what it is.

WiFi worked fine on 4S but had the same issue on iPad 2...plugging into iTunes did not resolve it..about an hour later, it connected and now is working fine....

Had same issue and went to reset and push reset network settings. That fixed it. Also had issue when pushed passbook it would give me a message that read it could not connect to iTunes and this was before the wifi issue and I had to reset phone and restore from my backup. That fixed that issue.

I had the same problem with Wi-Fi and solved it by going to settings, Wi-Fi, click on Wi-F->,click on your network (blue>) icon, near the bottom click on Renew Lease.

Found a fix, thanks to the Apple discussion board. Reset the device by holding down power and home button at the same time until screen goes blank. Then restart it. Now it connects just fine.

When you hold down the Power and Home buttons down together until the phone restarts (Apple logo appears) is called a HARD RESET, no it does not delete any of your settings, apps, etc.

I had the same issue. Go into settings- General- Date and Time. Change "Set Automatically" off. Then change the date to November. Go back into Passbook and you should be able to access the store. Once you have you can go back into settings and change it back to automatically set date and time. Hope this helps. It worked for me

Did not work for me. Any other ideas? My battery life is also terrible. Went from 99% to now 75% within a couple of hours. Most of which I was doing nothing.

Having same issue driving me nuts.. Trying to understand the problem. Everything is on.. But it's the only problem I have so I guess I should be happy

update to iOS 6 in less then an hour... later in the night though is when it started acting buggy... it doesnt want to connect to wifi and when it does it pops up a log in screen that directs me to where it then says "page not found" iMessaging goes in and out seems like every other ends up as a text. finally when i download something and trying to put it into a certain folder it acts all buggy and has a mind of its own moving to different screens moving apps around etc and then crashes and reboots. (dont seem to have an issue as long as i dont move any apps around!! All together the negatives out weight the positives with this update!! Apple needs to send out a fix ASAP!

My Wunderlist app was affected. The edit and share buttons are now large and the print in the add a new task window is fuzzy.

After upgrading to iOS6, my tethering stopped working. Contacted my carrier and had them re-provision it, no luck.

The WiFi issue should be fixed now... try turning Airplane mode on for 30 seconds or so, then back off and it should reconnect to wifi.

Wi-Fi fix (for me after trying a million other things). Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > choose a SSID (blue arrow button). Scroll to bottom - HTTP Proxy. Mine were set to Off. Change to Auto. For each. I can now connect to my wireless networks at home (I have 3).

I have tried everything on my 4s to get wifi with no luck. I go to settings and wifi is off. I tap the arrow to the right of the word off and then try to tap the button off FOR wifi to on and nothing. I also try to open apps I have always used and they blink on for a second then right back to my home screen we go. HELP!!!!!!!!

I had the same issue. Go into settings- General- Date and Time. Change "Set Automatically" off. Then change the date to November. Go back into Passbook and you should be able to access the store. Once you have you can go back into settings and change it back to automatically set date and time. Hope this helps. It worked for me

I spoke to Apple, they said Passbook only works with apps that are compatible with it, you figure most of these developers (American Airlines, Starbucks etc) would have made their apps compatible with Passbook by now.

I had the same issue. Go into settings- General- Date and Time. Change "Set Automatically" off. Then change the date to November. Go back into Passbook and you should be able to access the store. Once you have you can go back into settings and change it back to automatically set date and time. Hope this helps. It worked for me

also fyi os 10.8.2 is out. says right in the log about all the facebook integration but its not showing in notifcations etc after install? did get imessage working over the cell # now though. same for face time

I was having problems at first with my 2 iPads and 3 of my iPhones. Only my iPhone 4S was working. But out of no where, all my devices are connected to my wifi network at home. Hopefully that means Apple fixed it behind the scenes somewhere.

Don't know if this qualifies as a "problem" but is there anyway to avoid the "fisheye" distortion in the new panorama picture feature?

Apple changed the default search engine on my phone to Yahoo! I knew they were ditching Google but didn't think they'd change the search engine for someone that already HAS an iPhone and has it setup. I immediately changed it back to Google (personal preference).

Much to my surprise, the next time I used Siri to "search" it again launched a Yahoo search in Safari, despite Google being my default search engine. The workaround to this it to tell Siri to "google" instead of "search". [shrug] I don't like it but it's not the end of the world.

Called Apple and asked them about adding an Apple Gift card into Passbook since I looked in the Apple Store App, etc and there was not a way to add it into Passbook. Apple support rep explained that Passbook was not designed for Gift Cards, but only for Loyalty Cards, coupons etc... Then why does their website say this:

No more hunting through your wallet for gift cards, coupons, passes, or tickets. Passbook keeps everything organized — and handy.

Uhhhh.... Duh!

Am I the only one whose brightness gets turned up when I launch Passbook? The brightness returns to its original intensity once I leave the app.

My auto- brightness no longer functions. Really annoying at night being blinded by the display. Didn't notice any connection to passbook, though.

I got the passbook problem fixed but how do you download the apps? Ive tried United, and Target and I can not figure out how to get them into the passbook! This is driving me crazy! Thanks!

I'm not experiencing any problems YET, but I did notice that my battery dropped quickly... but it may be where I was on Maps, etc.

The song info is no longer displaying when I connect via Bluetooth to my car's stereo and I also can't change the track with the buttons on my car anymore. Gonna do some troubleshooting with the stereo manufacturer.

I am having the same problems with my car it no linger displays info I cant change track and I have to press play on my phone everytime I get in the car as it no longer automatically plays the music everything was fine until downloading ios6

Passbook is not working and every time I go into the App Store or iTunes Store it says cannot connect to iTunes Store

Bluetooth problems! Can pair with my car, but continues to disconnect and have to pair AGAIN. Not sure if its an issue with my car or phone, but it worked perfectly prior to updating to iOS 6!!!

go into wifi settings for your access point
click on forget this connection

do a reset where you hold the power and home buttons at the same time

let it sit

power on

go to settings, wifi

choose your wifi and click on

put in you pass word and you should be good to go

The only "bug" if you will that I've been experiencing is that iTunes and the App Store are not "new" anymore. When I first loaded iOS on my phone are 1pm EST this afternoon iTunes was new and redesigned, same with the App Store and now they are bordered in the new black but the same old looking stores that we've seen in previous versions of iOS. It's kind of frustrating because I was enjoying the new look and feel of the stores and now I can't get them back....

Ipad 3: Lost all Safari bookmarks and cannot save new ones. There were there once done and then gone after opening Safari the 3rd time after update. Sync with cloud does not work. Also lost all playlists. Terrible mess as I need now to recreate bookmarks if ever possible but fortunately can sync with iTunes.
iPhone 4 and 4S: awfully slow on upgrading to iOS 6. About 90 minutes on wifi vs 20 with iPad. Ugh!

New features seem to be working great but my new iPad has been unresponsive. I've had to re type keys a second time on several occasions since the OTA update. I've never had this problem. I don't know if the new iOS could effect that or not. It's a new unit, I just got it last week.

Anyone else having this problem?

So I downloaded ios6 and when I text certain people it re routes my text to someone random and have no clue who it is. I also lost my YouTube app

Apple got rid of google maps and the YouTube app. But you can download a standalone YouTube app in the apple store!

Auto-Brightness not working. Laying in bed, instead of auto-dimming in the dark, it's still pumping out photons like it's high noon. Anyone else noticing this (besides my wife complaining next to me?).

Hard reset, toggling brightness and turning on/off auto brightness in settings have no effect.

My wifi didn't work, works now though!
Deleting twitter account doesn't work and there are some more annoying bugs!

Early in the day, several apps, especially the iMore app, we're crashing randomly and the iPhone seemed really slow. Realized that after OTA update my phone was syncing to iCloud. Most problems resolved now, except passbook does nothing but pop up the "can not connect to iTunes Store" message when I click on ANYTHING in there. Overall an underwhelming update. Now that the cloud sync is done, at least the phone isn't crawling anymore.

iPhone set up smooth. Passbook problems, but that has been addressed in several post. My problem with it, will it go the way of ping, if developers do not work with it. Right now it seems like a app you may not use much. iPad set up a little problem. Would not recognize WiFi, but finally got it set up. Wish google had an iPad YouTube app developed, but can use it in safari. Works great on the iPhone, but still could be better.

I am having multiple issues and no matter what i tried nothing works. any tips would be really helpful, thanks!! :)

1) passbook doesn't work-tried a hard reset and turned and changed the date to November for the time and date and that did not work.

2) keep getting can't connect to itunes store errors when i open the app store and passbook.

3) cant sync using wifi but yet wifi works in my house..(checked firewall settings etc and still can't figure it out)

4) all the sudden my car charger won't charge phone and i get an error about the accessory not being supported.

If I go to App Store and click the genius option at the bottom and then attempt to look at or install an app it crashes, also if I go on contacts and press the Facebook bit, it opens my mobile banking app!

The " +" button that should show up in the photo stream tab used to set up a shared photo stream is not present on my 4S. Anyone else having this issue? I am unable to set up the feature so that I can share photo streams with my fiance. Please help. :)

iPhone 4 text messages are not making any sound about 60% of the time. Volume is up, phone isn't on silent, do not disturb is off, text sound is on chime. What is the problem? Tried resetting the phone and still no remedy.

Lost the ability on iPhone but not iPad to use the silent switch to lock the screen. Very disappointing now that we have do not disturb!!!

My 4S freezes on remind me in hour feature on the phone. My iPad 2 has wi-fi connection problems and the app store puchased section just spins and crashes.

Overall I have not seen many bug myself but I've noticed many others are having a lot of issues... This is probably because I try to stay away from major software updates from any company so I did a fresh install...

The cartography has worked fine for me on one trip with the rerouting working fine...

I did notice when I was using Passport that the screen brightness went to 100% while in-app but don't know if this is a feature rather than a bug...

Also, I noticed the Maps app went very dim and was unresponsive... then it crashed and closed and I had to re-open it... maybe another feature of handling unresponsive apps... idk...

Overall I have not had too many issues but that's prly because I havn't had time to really test every thing like I would like.

I would recommend that if there are issues PLEASE ALSO POST THEM TO APPLE DIRECTLY @ this way Apple at least can quantify the issues to see which major ones need fixin' first...

I am unable to view my video playlist in my iPod after upgrading to ios6. However, I can still view the music playlist. The video playlist title are under the playlist in the iPod but when opened it, it is blank. When I connect the phone to my laptop & click on a particular playlist in the ipod, the videos in the playlist are there. Help!

I just installed iOS 6 on 2 iPad 2's and an iPhone 3Gs. The installs went well with all three. One iPad was updated using WiFi - after the install the WiFi no longer connected to my home network. I did a soft re-boot, then a "hard" re-boot. Still no success. At one point it prompted me again for my password - still nothing, just the spinning wheel. Then after about 45 minutes of fussing around, it just reconnected on its own.

The only other issue I have had is on the iPhone, I cannot connect to iTunes through the new Passbook app (yes, I have tried the "change the date" method to no avail).

One more comment, while I like the new proprietary maps presented in the Maps app, when you try a "hybrid" or a "satellite" view, the quality is gawwwd awful. Where I used to be able to zoom in on my house and see the cars in the driveway, now I am presented by a pixalated blob of a cloud!

After upgrading my bosses 4s with 6.0, the earpiece volume is very low even at the highest setting, there is no screen protector on the device. The speaker phone is functioning normall. I do not have the same issue on my iphone 4, both are Verizon however I wouldn't think that hould make a difference, however after a few years in IT I'm not going to rule out mundane details.

Small quirk.... But I noticed that you can't "flag" emails that are part of an Exchange account. Or maybe I missed a setting....

I updated my phone last night and now i can't hear anything on my phone. the volume bar is missing,doesn't make the lock noise when i lock it. It pretty much is silent except for when i get a phone call. I've restored multiple times reset it but nothing seems to work. If anyone has a suggestion on how i might fix this problem please help.

When I try to download a free app from the app store, I'm still being asked for my password. Anyone having this problem?

In order to skip the password, you have to have downloaded it before. Free apps still require a password the first time.

Thanks, I didn't think you needed a password for 1st time free apps. I must have read it wrong. My free app updates download fine with no password needed.

Saving photo's doesnt work. when saving off your facebook page or any page for that matter, you save it and it doesnt show up in the photo's album

Im having issues with bluetooth in my car.. before updating my iphone to ios 6 i used to be able to use my steering wheel controls to control bluetooth audio.. since ive updated i cant use my steering wheel controls and on top of that whats playing is not being displayed on my dash! this is so annoying!

I have the exact same problem in my car no info displayed cant use controls and have to press play everytime I get in the car as it no longer plays music automatically this is so annoying everything worked fine before ios 6

I just updated to iOS 6 today... My wifi connected perfectly fine after update, but now, a few hours after, it keeps disconnecting me or looks connected, but will not let me browse! Help :(

I cannot get my iPhone nor the iPad to AirPlay on my Apple TV. This is both for music and video. I'm updated to the latest software on the Apple TV (I have three in my house and it does not work on any of them).

My problem is I can't seem to even download it. I have enough free space and I have wifi etc. the download and install button is faded grey and won't let me touch it. I called apple and the phone call wasnt exactly helpful. Not sure if it's a problem with my phone or if it's a bug :(

Issues and observations with iOS 6 upgrade.

I upgraded my iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPad 2.
Both iPhones are synced with the same apps and data, so about 99% identical.

Upgrade times - the iPhone 4S took about 30 minutes for the full update while the 4 took about 1 hour. The iPad took about 30 minutes. These times include downloading the update via wifi.

App Update issue - both the iPhones failed a couple of app updates, showing that they are updating, but the update is frozen. Tried rebooting the phones, closing all apps, resetting all phone settings, and refreshing the updates, but no success. I even spoke to staff in the apple store, but they had no answer. I recall this same issue a couple of years ago. The only way to fix it is to delete the app and re install it. The problem is that some of the core apple apps are frozen, so harder to get these apps back. The apps range in size from very small to very big.

Wifi issue - this issue has happened many times before with apple upgrades. It's really easy to fix. For some reason the os thinks the wifi password is in place, but like all the other passwords, it needs to be entered again.
The fix simply involves deleting the wifi setting and re creating it with the password. All 3 of my devices were solved the same way.
The dummy apple login page is a red herring. Ignore this and just recreate the wifi setting.

Maps - I was looking forward to the new maps, but without the comprehensive google maps search, finding businesses is very hit and miss. Fortunately google maps web can easily be added to the homepage. I'll definitely be using it until apple maps search results matures.

Performance - all the devices feel a bit sluggish at times and other times very fast. It's odd, almost like iOS 6 does some sort of caching.

You Tube - the google you tube app is a good enough replacement for the iPhone. Google hasn't created an iPad app though, so the web is the only way to use you tube on the iPad.

App Store - this seems a bit buggy and sluggish. Yesterday I could not access the Games category, but every other category seemed in place. For the past couple of hours today the App Store won't open, simply showing a white screen and returning an error message. Apple is obviously having some issues.

App Store layout - I like the concept of the new layout and it seems to work on the iPad, but on the iPhone there is way too much swiping needed due to the much bigger screen real estate used by each app. The new layout would actually discourage people from browsing as much.

Battery - it's too early to tell and I haven't timed anything, but battery consumption seems to have increased about 20%. Fixing issues and playing more over the last 24 hours make it harder to be sure though.

Heat - there is a noticeable heat increase after iOS 6 is installed. This might be related the the increased battery consumption.

I can't save internet photos to my camera roll anymore. Worked fine until I updated yesterday. It will say saved but when I go to the camera roll the photo isn't there. How do I fix this??

Ok, i thought it was just me and that is why i came here to this forum. No internet photos are able to save to my iphone as well. Hopefully there is an answer to this. I also added this same question to the forum

After the update my iPhone wont let me sync with iTunes... It keeps telling me to restore my phone... Any suggestions!?

Just upgraded my ipad2 to ios6, now unable to open ITunes, just gives me a blank white page...few other apps also dont work (like Zynga Poker)...any way I can download it again and re-install the software update?

All of my playlists have disappeared from the music tab - it just tells me itunes match is on (won't switch off) and that I can download and listen from iCloud

Anyone solved that one?


For anyone having a problem with iMessage. Go into settings>messages> and make sure you iMessage option is on. Mine wasn't, I had to enter in my iTunes email and password. Once you enable the fiction it should work! :)

Anybody else had some problems with apps? Mine always crash and so now I can't open Atleast half of them, including my favorite cam wow app.

The only issue i've noticed do far is that iTunes is skipping 2-5 songs at a time. It isn't on any type of shuffle. Anyone else?

My autolock is not been working after i updated my iphone to iOS 6. What do i do to fix it?
I tried rebooting too, nothing changed.

Ok, so updated my iPhone 4s to iOS 6 this morning, worked fine for few hours then wifi stopped working.
Have switched off phone & on - nothing
Have reset networks. - nothing
Tried auto join, set to auto, renew lease, - nothing
Get a blank login page with at top of screen but nothing else except a cancel button that can be pressed, after leaving on this screen for several minutes an error message pops up saying "hotspot login could not open cos the server stopped responding"
Totally at a loss now, wish I'd never updated, hubby is in Angola & only way I can contact him is with Skype set up on my phone. Grrr all my games, emails etc unaccessable.
Please help anyone

Apple got rid of the built-in YouTube app. You now have to use the mobile website or download Google's official YouTube app from the app store. (There is also a 3rd party YouTube app called Jasimine.)

theirs an app called tubebox its usually a paid app but has been on offer for free recently, you can download and store and play offline high quality youtube videos and also you can save them aswell to your camera roll

i have a problem downloading ios6 on my i phone 4s. i have 3.6 GB free space. is it the wifi connection low? or anything else i have to do? because i keep on having the message: an error occured downloading ios6. so what is this error?

I haven't been able to save any images from Google and one of my photo editor apps crashes every time I try to edit a picture. Before the update, everything was working fine.

This is more an iPhone 5 issue than an ios6 issue, but can anybody else hear their screen? When I am on headphones and plugged in, I can hear crosstalk from the new connector to the headphones. When I scroll the screen, for example, I hear an electrical hum. Can anybody else reproduce this (easiest to hear if you are not playing anything), or is my 5 just a lemon?

Mostly Everything is working fine with me, the only problem is that when I try to save a pic like from face book or that I was tagged in it doesn't let me. The "save image" button comes out, but when I go to my pic the pictures are my there.

I am not being able to sync with facebook. I can open the app perfectly but when I go to settings to sync the ipad with facebook. Tried with different accounts, rebooting the app, the ipad and the settings manager. Also eliminated the app and installed it again.

Since the ios 6 upgrade i have not been able to save any photos from facebook or any other website to my iphone photo app. It worked just fine prior to the upgrade and I have tried changing configurations everywhere but can't seem to get the photos to save. Is this a problem anyone else is having?

I am fraeaking out! My iphone3 did an iOS6 update the other night and it deleted my YouTube and put a stupid passport thing on my phone instead. I'm mad as hell. Can I get rid of passport and get YouTube back?

You're not joking, are you? I would advise reading about an update before installing it. You cannot delete (most) stock apps such as Passport, which is a new feature of iOS 6. Just hide it in a folder somewhere with Compass, Stocks and the other useless crap you can't delete. You have to download the new YouTube app in the App Store, since the old one is no longer included.

Well, what I meant is that when I touch the screen long enough for the icons to start shaking and showing the red x for deleting the "x" doesn't show up!

The "x" is not going to appear on Passbook and the other stock apps on the front page because you cannot delete those. Which other apps, specifically, are you trying to delete?

In the Mail program on my iPad 3, ios 6, suddenly when I try to reply or forward response to an email, the cursor begins flipping rapidly from the "to" to the "subject" to the text field in a rapid rotation. nothing I do helps. Whassup??? This happens when I am not in range of my wireless Apple keyboard. It puts the keyboard graphic up at the bottom of the screen, but there's no way to use it because of the flipping cursor.

My girlfriend and I recently upgraded our Iphones to iOS 6, she a 4 and myself a 4S. I had no problems. Her, on the other hand, cannot even turn on her phone anymore. Following the directions her Iphone gave her 100%, she was instructed to plug it into Itunes partway through the upgrade where it told her something about recovery mode and then BAM an 'error' occurred. She now cannot even turn it on. She has tried holding the top and center button until it resets, but even then cannot get it on It merely gets stuck on the apple icon. She has also tried other remedies like running it out of battery and then trying again. The apple store was unsuccessful in helping her, but it was only a student helper and not a genius as she is not located near a genius bar. And Ideas?

I ended up going to my friends house and using her computer. It worked but I think I might have lost all my pictures and information.

i just updates my iPhone 4 to IOS 6 and lost all of my pictures on my iPhone so i hooked my phone up to my computer but i don't know how to load the pictures back onto the phone. Help!

My issue seems to be a bit different. when i go to work i try to connect to the guest wi-fi. it's one of those networks where when you first go to a website, you need to accept their terms of use. Well when i get to that page and i click on "accept" it reacts as though I've clicked it, but nothing happens. Suggestions?

I have an iPhone 4. IO6 seems unstable. Crashes my programs often. Very annoying. Hope a new release comes out soon.

When listening to music, I am unable to change tracks using the inline remote. Also, I cannot pause the music either. I am able play the track again by clicking the button once and change the volume of the track up and down.

I am having video playback synchronization errors. Weather using Netflix or YouTube, any video the video is out if sync with the audio by about .25 second. The difference in speed between the audio and video means that it gets worse as the video progresses to the point that the video delay can be over a second and that IS COMPLETELY RUINING JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING I USE MY IPAD FOR! I hope those jerkoff administrators that force half baked crap liked this out the market get their fair share of frustration for screwing with all their customers' devices.

Tried the Netflix update that supports iOS 6 and it has the same problem as before. The syncing issue is the same in any video playback app.

My issue happens when,
I listen to music for a fair while or car drive then when I turn my music off for about half hour or so and go back to using it again it's gone back to the first song I listened to in the previous session
on the off occasion my iPhone decides to skip songs.

Ios 6 isn't allowing me to send picture messages to people who don't have an iphone/apple product Basically i can only send pictures to people with apple product and i have an Iphone 4

I can get to iTunes Store. I downloaded passbook apps, but when opening passbook, it doesn't go past the intro screen? How can I use passbook

I only did my update today, now my phone won't lock as my power button is totally useless. I press it and it won't work at all, so I can't lock, or restart or take screen shots. Also as I have it on auto lock in about a minute when it locks the unlock tab goes red into the option to slide to switch off. It's ridiculous. I run out of battery faster too.

I am having a problem downloading any new app no matter if it cost or if its free. As soon as I push the free button it goes to waiting and stays that way. It will not ask for my password. But I can upgrade the apps I already have just fine. Do I need to do the hard reset too and if I do will it for sure not delete anything. Help please.

A new problem I just found is when I open iTunes it goes straight to movies, it will not show the music even though its on the tab for music.

I've noticed that with my iPhone 4, the keyboard shortcuts aren't really working. If I restart my phone, they work for a little while, but then they stop working altogether.

Relatively happy with the iOS6 update however; found out that on the Facebook app that you can't landscape to type status updates. Not sure if that is a Facebook glitch or part of the iOS6 update. Also when book marking in Safari on the iphone, it allows you to save the bookmark but I haven't found a way to look at my saved bookmarks.

We (in Hungary) cant write the é á ű ú ő ó ü ö characters with iOS6 same time (5/1). And the brightness is more lower, and the white color is a bit yellow with iOS6. I have a 4 32Gb, but with 4S 32 / 64 have this bugs too.

FIX this PLZ :(

Is anyone having an issue where all your photos don't sync to your iphone for itunes. I have like 560 pictures on my mac and itunes will only sync about 140.

I have the same issue but I have a normal PC and my iPhone 5 has 4gig left but I only want to sync 5 photos, and I can't find any way of fixing it maybe go into a apple store?

My iphone synced reminders with Outlook Tasks (through corporate MS Exchange). Since the ios6 upgrade, it flushed my tasks and does not sync them anymore. I tried TaskTask and got an error that I could not sync. Think this is an ios6 upgrade problem. Anyone else have this? Anyone able to modify configurations to fix it?

I have always used my iPhone to access this website, after upgrading to IOS 6 on my iphone 4 and also now using iphone 5, I get this message...
Application is already opened!
Multiple instances of this aplication using IE tabs or using
File > New Window (Ctrl + N) is not supported. Please open application by clicking the browser icon from the start menu or Task bar (in IE 6 or IE 7) or File > New Session in (in IE 8).
Ok, that was the whole message. I have no idea why this application or my iPhone would give me a error message related to IE when I'm using Safari. I'm not tech savy, can anyone help me with this? I really need access to this site it's the Parent Portal to my child's school. Thanks

Since this update everything has been fine except my iPhone no longer outputs sound unless I use headphones. No YouTube, no ringtone, no keytone, nothing. :/

I think it's a quite annoying bug.
When I download a new app from the appstore it doesn't show the "New!" text on the blue ribbon. It shows only the blue ribbon. It would be nice if all of you kind people would help me.
I have an iPhone 3Gs 32GB White running iOS 6.0.1

My you tube app is horrible. It hardly ever plays a video straight though. Before I upgraded to ios 6, it rarely skipped or buffered. How can I go back to ios 5.1? Help I've never backed up my phone, heck I don't even know what that means! Help thanks

Since iOS 5 and an iPhone4, my iPhones have randomly lost the sounds of my text notification chimes. The only way to get them back is by resetting the phone (hold down home key and pwr button until apple icon shows up on screen). Quite frustrating since you don't know it happens until you pull your phone out and realize you have missed many texts. This problem persists with iOS6 and my iPhone5, and it is only specific to the text tones, while ringtones still function.

Also, I am running two routers in my home, one from Verizon for my fios broadband and then an apple airport extreme that is mirroring the connection to the Verizon router. For the first 2-3 weeks, my wife and I could join the Verizon router wifi with no problems, but then suddenly the connection was dropped and neither phone can even "see" the Verizon router. It's gone and no amount of rebooting of router/phone will bring it back. Luckily, the phones can reliably connect to the Apple router, but this type of thing is really infuriating.

Cant send any text messages it keeps telling me not delivered with that annoying red light..(iphone 5 ios 6.0.1) please help

I am trying to remove some icons and when I hold the icon until it wobbles, the black X does not show up when it starts wobbling so I can't remove it. How can I fix this?

My iphone 4s everytime i goto upload a video to youtube from my camera roll it says my password or username is wrong, yet its right when i log in directly from youtube. Thanks for your help

There's another problem that I noticed since the beta. Download an app and while its installing, make the apps jiggle and hold the app you are downloading over a folder and keep holding it over the folder until it finishes installing. The app you installed should have a "new" banner over it and on the second homepage (or others if its filled also) you should have the same app icon still stuck on the "installing" mode. You can even put the two icons next to each other, like I did here. To fix this, respring (change language if not jailbroken) your springboard or reboot your device.

Go here for an image:

I have a 4s without the latest OS update, my boyfriend has a 4s WITH the OS update.
we are both sitting RIGHT next to our wireless router. my phone stays connected with no problems. his loses WIFI connection within 2 minutes of connecting.

someone help before he tries to jack my phone >.<
i've trouble shot every idea mentioned in this. we've run out of options :(

hi my mum has an iphone 4s and i did a sync for her all was well or so i thought until she told me that the mail tone was not working anymore all other tones are fine and the settings are as they should be so can someone please tell me what has gone wrong and how to fix it because i really dont want to have to restore it to factory condition as this just is painful and stressful for all please help me

p.s she is getting notifications for her mail so it is only the tone not working i have been hunting everywhere for an answer any suggestions appriciated

My new ipad 3rd gen does not seem to have wifi problems, however the new version of itunesis not helping the fact hat ios 6 is glichy. I have various crashes and gliching when trying to play videos, listen to music, or download from icloud. All of my gliches are on the apps that came with the ipad like videos, itunes, app store, and music. One of the most anyoying things is that i can no longer sort a playlist. But i still love my ipad!!

I just got a replacement iphone 5 yesterday (brand new) and my App Store isn't working correctly. It functions fine, except that it says I have 10 updates, yet when I go to the updates page there is the loading circle spinning on the top as if it's loading but then it just stays blank.

I've got an iphone4, updated to ios6 a while ago and had no problems. Today I can't delete apps, the general settings > usage page does not load. When I press and hold an app to delete it freezes and shuts down. Any answers would be appreciated!!!

Today feb 23. Iphone 4S. Since some recent update, No wifi, no bluetooth. Installed new itunes. Installed new ios 6.1.2 Still same problem. Restored completely. Still no wifi this stays grey, no bluetooth in endless loop. Tried every trick on the forums. No Appple solution?