Maps in iOS 6 facing user complaints, Apple says it will get better

Maps in iOS 6 facing user complaints, Apple says it will get better

Apple's recently released Maps app that replaces Google Maps in iOS 6 has gotten quite a bit of criticism in the 24 hours since it was released. Apple recently responded to these claims stating that "it will get better".

As of iOS 6, users no longer have the built-in Google Maps anymore but their own native Maps app that's powered by Tom Tom. While the Maps app adds new features such as Fly Over and voice navigation that integrates with Siri, many users have been finding the experience less than stellar.

Apple spokesperson, Trudy Miller, has responded on behalf of the company claiming that it will get better over time.

“Customers around the world are upgrading to iOS 6 with over 200 new features including Apple Maps, our first map service,” said spokeswoman Trudy Miller. “We are excited to offer this service with innovative new features like Flyover, turn-by-turn navigation, and Siri integration. We launched this new map service knowing it is a major initiative and that we are just getting started with it. Maps is a cloud-based solution and the more people use it, the better it will get. We appreciate all of the customer feedback and are working hard to make the customer experience even better.”

Siri was released as a beta but the Maps app was never released as such. While many understand Apple's desire to not depend on a competitor like Google, most users don't agree that it should come at the cost of the consumer. Apple does offer a way to report problems and add locations with Maps but is it enough?

What kind of issues are you experiencing with Maps? Would you prefer the older Google maps over the new iOS 6 version or do you think it truly will get better as more and more user data is fed into it?

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Maps in iOS 6 facing user complaints, Apple says it will get better


If you only have a iPhone 4, the 3D, flyover and turn by turn won't work. You need an iPad 2, iPhone 4S or better

My wife just upgraded and hates the new maps. Suddenly she's jealous of my Nokia Lumia 900.... Hands off my Windows Phone woman, get your own maps.

You guy's got burnt in the map department and the iPhone 5 has few new features to make me want to buy the wife the new one... Sorry, but that's my two cents.

Your username says it all.

Granted, the new Apple maps are poor. I use Waze (free) and CoPilot Live apps on my iPhone and they are both great.

Oh, I forgot, you have a Nokia. Let me explain what apps are to you......

According to 9to5, Google has already submitted a standalone Google Maps app to Apple.... you can bet I won't be upgrading until it's approved

I think it will get better as people start using iOS 6, because people will report problems and the maps will soon become refined.

I've been using Apple products since 1993 and I trust and believe it'll only get better. Haters hate, whiners whine and days go by.

People expect a complete google maps replacement, perfect. In 1 hit? Googles had years perfecting maps, adding bits, extra functionality etc. for apple to redo the entire maps, with turn by turn, flyover, and everything else, I think they've done amazing all things considered. I always expect perfection from apple but getting them to map the entire planet perfectly in 1 release? Na, not gona happen. Besides, they'll sort the little bits out in no time. Stop whining people, if you hate it so much go buy a droid and see what REAL shit software feels like.

You just perfectly described the mindset of most Apple tech blogs. Present one excluded of course. Apple has made it's user base expect these things. Blame them for not being ready on day one.

I was with you until the last sentence, lol.

But you're right. If Apple could release a fully featured Maps app in one go, well hell...they would deserve some type of universal award because that would be AMAZING. But sadly, we're in reality.

Google took YEARS to make their app what it is, and even with those years it's still not perfect. People just need to shut up, sit down, and accept what it is. Yes it sucks that this war has affected consumers. But there's nothing we can do about that. If they don't like it...either wait for a Google Maps app, use the website or , as you said, leave and get an Android device.

In software, bugs are understandable, regressions are unacceptable.

Apple released core functionality in their Version 6 that is worse than the same core functionality in their Version 5.

You can spin it any way you would like, but they deserve every last drop of grief they get for it.

Sure, its a big project, no way they could have gotten it done by now. So the solution is to keep the status quo until you have a product that can compete, instead of throwing the customers on the altar in the quest to screw google. Apple's sitting on loads of cash, they certainly could have waited until next year with this.

SSSSSSSLLLLLLOOOOOOOWWWWWW.... If Google offers their maps app (not Google Earth) I will install it and use it instead. Apple just did a nice try but fell short of meeting expectations in my opinion to the speed and ease of use of Google maps. The latter was quick and flawless (at least for me) since the first iPhone. Disappointing...

Well its there for all the times you fire up the map app from the home screen. Not default is a problem, but not unsolvable.

Lol apple fans as usual give apple the pass... It'll get better of course it will it can't get any worse

We have to take the good with the bad. Nobody else launches and announcements are covered like apple. So of course there will be more coverage of errors

If I recall...Google Maps was derided when it was crap. And even to this day, when stuff happens like people walking into oncoming traffic (even though that should be common sense not to), Google Maps still gets the hit.

So no...other platforms don't get passes. Unless you're talking about Nokia Maps. Nobody cares about them, lmao.

i am extremely disappointed in apple. its fine that they want to make their own app. but how about until you get it right you leave it in beta and dont take out the app that works. now we the consumer again have to suffer because two giant companies cant play nice with each other. Im also really upset about the you tube app (ipad). kids use it and now its not there anymore arg

The YouTube app is gone because it is owned by Google. And the reports have proven that Google makes $4 from an iOS device compared to $1 from the Android OS on other phones. So Apple is earning more money for Google than their Android software for phones. Of course they want to rid their products of Google.

"We are excited to offer this service with innovative new features like Flyover, turn-by-turn navigation, and Siri integration." Well, one problem is that none of these features are available on the iPhone 4 (or 3GS). So those of us stuck in a contract just get a reduced experience regarding maps.

Given that, my only real issue so far was it not finding points-of-interest. I have looked up numerous restaurants (testing it) and it has found less than 10% of them...yes, I am in a smaller city, but that's still kinda sad. I know it will improve, but for now, it appears Apple was more focused on getting rid of Google than providing a high quality product.... Not very Apple-like IMHO.

Isn't this powered by Yelp? If so, I expect that Yelp will improve for all users, on all platforms, soon. Like the Twitter increase following iOS 5

People act like when they first got google maps it was so perfect, give me a fucking break. people will always find something to complain about. If u want google maps then use safari or go get a fucking google phone.

More seriously, now that I have had the chance to use it a little...the new Maps are terrible, just terrible. Siri, at least, they call beta still, but Maps are one of *the* features of smartphones. I am flabbergasted that Apple would release something this poor at all, much less release it as something far inferior to their existing offerings. The map images and locations are, to put it charitably -- erratic, the directions questionable, and the search features laughably bad. It would not be so bad if there were a version 1 product, but, despite what people say, this is not a version 1 product. It may be the first version of Apple Maps (tm), but the SIXTH experience of Maps Apple has offered on the iPhone. (Yes, it has changed since 2007) Apple fans always say that it is the experience, not the technology, that matters. Why is everybody suddenly changing their tune now for Apple when their bits have changed, when the experience they deliver is clearly so much worse?

For you old timers, this is comparable to when Microsoft released Word 6.0 for the Mac -- a direction that fit MS' strategic needs well, but was so ungainly that a pissed off userbase revolted; most stayed on Word 5.1 for years. It crippled Word's reputation on the Mac, and only those straightjacketed into Office by their bosses ever came back. (Funny coincidence with the version numbers.)

Now, this is not going to hurt Apple's bottom line any more than the Word 6 debacle hurt Microsoft's. I'm still getting my iPhone 5 tomorrow, after all, and so are millions of others. But what it represents is a big chink in Apple's armor, and a blot on their reputation. MS' reputation on the Mac never recovered from a similar strategy-over-user misstep. Apple might not be that far gone here, but it will be increasingly difficult for customers to think of them as purveyors of magical devices when the #2 most used feature on a smartphone (after mail) not only lags their biggest competitor, but actually has gotten worse from version to version as their own involvement increased.

Its frustrating to see people constantly complaining about a company trying to improve their products. Anything new has bugs that need to be worked out. Apple unlike the others seems to care about perfection and strive to put out flawless products. Is everyone so spoiled that they think every time something comes out that it has to meet their standards. I personally was happy to see g maps go and I think the new map app is beautiful and runs really good. WIth my 4s on 3g it runs quickly and accurately. And its Verizon 3g (super slow). SO i am excited for the experience I will get with a faster processor and 4g speeds. I personally thing apple is the most amazing company out there. Please quit bad mouthing and give them a chance.

Oh and regarding youtube. Google has put a youtube app on the appstore and in my opinion it is faster and easier to use than the old youtube app. you can also share videos to facebook with that app. Just search the appstore you wont miss the old youtube app.

I used the Apple maps solution today to route me across town to a location I've never been to and it was flawless. I don't care about Flyover, I need to get where I'm going. The more we use it, the better it'll get.

Good article.

I think this will improve pretty quickly. Reported a problem yesterday morning (the city of Brisbane Australia was in a national park!), I checked after reading your article, and it's already been fixed, as well as a couple of other anomalies in the vicinity I didn't report.

It's only been officially live for a day - I think it's pretty good considering how much feedback and user data these projects need.

Innovated features like turn by turn?! I am lead to believe they knew it wasnt ready. But tried to blind the average user with belief these features have been just invented. Where are you google maps haha

It is one thing to release a new feature with the idea that it will get better over time. OK, I can live with that.

It is entirely another thing to downgrade a longtime service. For many mapping is an essential part of an iPhone. The back story of Apple and Google's love gone wrong is not a viable excuse. Maps worked great. Upgrade to iOS6 and maps is a significant downgrade. That's the user experience.

I think Apple deserves lots of grief over maps. And I am happy to pile on ... But at the same time, I like the overall package of the iPhone and appreciate many of the refinements of iOS6. Even with apple shooting themselves in the foot, the competition isn't winning me over, yet.

I do service calls for a living and I used the Apple Maps to day. I went to 7 addresses around town and not once did I experience a problem. It was fast, fluid and accurate. The UI was great and the pace of the navigation perfect. This comes from a person who use GPSs daily. I am quite impressed with it out of the gate.

My complaint is when buying an app or something from iTunes I read the reviews, for some lame reason I'm only able to read the first five. It won't allow me to read anymore ? I had my friend try on his 4s and the something . I like to know what other people have to say before I purchase something, I hope they fix this soon. And of course the map sucks ass !

People are confusing the application with the content. The application is fine. The content is lacking. As people USE the application and report issues the content will improve, and there is no reason why this wont be CONTINUOUS improvement - ie no need for a version 1.x, 2.x etc. Given the massive user base this improvement could be extreemely rapid if the content providers (Tom Tom, Yelp etc) have the resources to act upon the crowd sourced data they receive. It is also possible that Apple will add more content providers as needs dictate. I am generally optimistic.

Bring back public transit!! I was excited to use the new Maps I have to settle for a Maps app that redirects me to use a third-party app via App Store.

I miss Google Street View very much , how can i get it! Apple Maps Quatity Is not acceptable without an comparable Service

Google maps was not created in 1 day. Does any body remember the time when google maps was first released? I'm sure apple will make a better maps app the apple way!

I was getting ready to download ios6 on my iPad when I remembered how much I use google streetview. It makes house hunting easier, so no upgrade for me just yet.

Like a few others, I do not live in an area with available public transportation and I spend a lot of time on the road. Used the new maps application exclusively today to get to 8 different appointments in different areas. Worked flawlessly for me.

OK, here's the deal. Apple removed Google maps before they had a QUALITY replacement. Lots of people used the Google features that are not part of iMaps. They should have left it here, and removed it in a later update. Promising "It will get better" is very lame. But, that seems to be the way Apple does it. Put out a phone with "holes" in it and then expecting the app store to fill in the gaps. Now it seems that once again, they want their customer's to fix this too. And, I find the double standard to be getting a little over the top. The map app sucks, and it is being played off as a "new" thing that needs time, its' their "first try" that gets compared to others, and endless excuses are offered why an incomplete product should be over looked. But let someone release a new phone, and the nit picking is endless about how it was a "nice first try" that missed the mark. I know this is an Apple site, and I have been with Apple a long time (3G, 4, iPad, Macbook Pro, wife has had multiple Iphones, Daughter multiple iPhones) so I am not a "hater". But I am not a "fanboy" either. I call it as I see it. And this should never had happened.

I wish that they released both and gave us an option if it turns out and Apple maps improves and gets better then the userbase would switch over but because they pulled a Siri move on us know we suffer through this flawed feature, Thanks Apple! I will adjust but I hate having to add a bookmark to

Seriously people? Gonna give apple a pass on the maps? The problem, as I see it, is that it completely denied some people access to the google maps app with no reason other than to deny google native app. Interesting everyone on iPhone 4 gets to keep the google maps app, though, considering that it is denied to the people who shelled out cashola for the newest phone and the relatively new 4s.

And to the people crying about people criticizing their software saying 'accept it or buy a google phone' - People don't need a google phone ... They had a perfectly fine iphone with a working maps app. stop being corporate sheep - you have a brain. Think about it - didn't Jobs go batshit crazy on the MobileMe team and kill the project? He was nuts because not only wasn't it perfect, it sucked. Jobs would never have allowed the summer maps announcement nor would he have released this at this stage. For everyone else - it's easy don't upgrade until a google maps gets approved and u can keep your old maps and settings

Based on the history of Maps in iOS, no doubt there is blame to go around and Google has been reluctant to give Apple a full license with its map dataset -- hence why there has not been turn-by-turn all these years. So Apple has made a strategic decision to do maps inhouse.

Well, the interface is still great, and arguably still the best front end in any mapping solution. The problem is the new back end. Google wasn't perfect, but it was more complete and it has been available since the original iPhone. You can't say user experience is your primary focus and then put out a beta product. In rushing to get turn-by-turn, Apple has for many people made a U-turn in usability.

Two years ago, users were holding their phone wrong. Last year, Siri was released in beta. This year, Apple is claiming the Maps app will get better. Why can't the most profitable company in the world finish a product before it's released?

Because 2 million phones were pre-ordered on the first day... Much like the Roman empire, the mob excuses much as long as they are entertained, but we know how that ended up.

Because Apple is not just a phone company, and people have spent thousands in their iNfrastucture, there's a lot of free passes handed out. Case in point, iMessage worldwide has been down 3 times in the last couple of months? No coverage except here at iMore. BBM was down for 2 hours last night in Europe and northern asia and there's coverage about it all over the place. As a consumer I expect my experience to become better.

Consumer who owns a not upgraded iphone 4S, 3GS, iPad and Mac desktop.

I've used turn by turn 3 times and has worked great. I love that I can find something and get right too it instead of using the tap directions that were in google maps.

I think it's a huge upgrade and hope everyone doesn't abandon it so it gets better faster!

I hope it does get "better". Where I live this new map is complete rubbish compared to old google maps. Just pray Google releases something like it's YouTube app.

The problem with waiting on Google to release their official app is that it will no longer be the default map application. Therefore, it will not integrate well (if at all) with the rest of the core iPhone functionality.

Unless they drastically change how iOS handles content, you will be stuck copying and pasting into the non-integrated GMaps app forever.

IOW, you can forget about ever seeing Siri launch a map using the GMaps instead of Apple's own maps app... that ship has sailed!

Where is the Google Maps app? Traffic on iOS6 sucks! Only little Red dashes that you can't see at a glance while driving. What about Yellow, that traffic is moving just slow. My only big issue with iOS6 is Map Traffic. In Dallas it is an issue. Before I go anywhere I look at traffic. I showed the new maps to my wife and she threatened me if I upgrade her to iOS6!

The only reason an apple product/software release gets so much negative press is because when they launch they use words like magical, truly innovative, ground breaking, earth shattering, re-engineered from the ground up etc. Apple acts like they are introducing something no one has EVER seen before.

Well if you are going to say all that, then your product/software has to live up to all that talk.

Other than Siri, I haven't really seen anything ground breaking from Apple, that hadn't already been on the market for at least 6 months with other companies or with apps in the app store.