Apple reportedly to replace broken iPhone 5 displays in-store

Apple to replace broken iPhone 5 displays in-store?

iMore has learned from sources within Apple retail that broken iPhone 5 displays may soon be getting replaced in-store. This would be a change from Apple's current iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 practice, which consisted of swapping the entire iPhone out for a new or refurbished one. Sources within Apple retail have told us that equipment used to remove the screens has started appearing in their stores.

The new unibody design of the iPhone 5 may be what makes it easier for Apple Retail staff to swap out the display. Apple Retail has been replacing shattered screens on the iPhone 3G and 3GS like this for quite some time. Instead of replacing just the glass, the entire front containing the digitizer, glass, and LCD would be removed from an iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS and replaced with a new one.

This process wasn't possible with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S due to the design. While the glass backplate of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S could easily be removed, the front assembly could not -- all of the internal components lay on top of the screen.

Apple Retail does offer some repairs on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S including rear panel replacement, camera replacement, and in some cases vibrator assembly replacement (GSM models only). Basically, any repair that could be done in a minimal amount of time.

There's no word yet on how much the service will cost or whether it'll be tied into AppleCare+. The current pricing is based off paying $99 for the plan and then $50 per incident. Since, with the iPhone 5, the entire iPhone wouldn't have to be replaced anymore, it may bring down the cost for both in and out of warranty repairs.

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Reader comments

Apple reportedly to replace broken iPhone 5 displays in-store


"Since, with the iPhone 5, the entire iPhone wouldn't have to be replaced anymore, it may bring down the cost for both in and out of warranty repairs."

And that is what we call baseless speculation.

Turned out this is not true. I just called Apple Store in Bridgewater, NJ and they said they don't replace the screen. They'd replace your damaged phone with a refurbished one for $229 since the iPhone is still under warranty.

I love iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s but withis new iPhone 5 I don’t know what to choose. The three are really wonderful.

Yes this isn't true. I have a nerve condition and cracked my glass within two ours sorry about my bad luck. I bought the insurance from AT&T but its $200 each time per incident. I just bought my family five IPhones and I'm now broke so ill just have to live with it. Best thing to do is get AppleCare fur $99 and they charge $49 per incident unlike AT&T's $200. Apple not AT&T bent over backwards for a loyal customer.

This is not true. I have had my iphone 5 for a week and a half and dropped it and broke the glass, the lcd screen is perfect. I went to the apple store and they said they have no way to change the glass but they will replace the entire phone. They said they did not know of a future plan to be able to replace the glass. I called the same store two weeks later and they told me they had the glass and make an appointment. I made one for three hours after the phone call, went to the store and same story, there is now way they can change the glass and you have to spend $229.00 to get a replacement phone.

Well I thought that an otterbox defender would protect my iPhone 5 but I was wrong. A 2 foot fall still shattered the screen.