How fast is your iPhone 5 data connection?

The iPhone 5 boasts Apple's most advanced cellular radio yet, able to do super-fast LTE on multiple carriers around the world, speedy DC-HSPA+ and HSPA+ on AT&T and GSM carriers, and slow EVDO rev. A on Sprint and Verizon. But how fast is fast?

We need your help to find out! Download the free app from the App Store, make sure you're not on Wi-Fi, and then run a few tests. Let us know where you are and how good your data speed is. If you can, post a screen-shot in in iPhone 5 speed test forum thread so we can get the exact results.

We're going to crowd source this to see which carriers, in what areas, are providing the best connections, and just how good Apple's new iPhone 5 is overall. (And yes, we want all the results, good, bad, and ugly!)

So grab the app, do the test, post the results, and share your screenshot now!

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Reader comments

How fast is your iPhone 5 data connection?


AT&T LTE outside of Orlando FL in minneola/Clermont FL I get 65mbps download and upload of 25mbps =] one satisfied customer ..... I love living in the countryside area where no one hogs the LTE

I've been seeing an average of 15MB/sec in Rochester, MN but I hit a pocket where I was upwards of 50MB/sec. Pretty cool

You guys are lucky. I don't get to try lte out until Monday when I'll be an hour away for work. I got 36mbps down on my galaxy s2 down there last week. Can't wait to test my iPhone 5. West Bloomfield/orchard lake Michigan area is where I was at

I'm just the opposite. LTE at home and surrounding areas is great. 3G coverage at my work is horrible. I'm wondering if LTE will even exist in that part of town.

I know that you want to know how iPhone 5 on LTE is doing but I just had to try it on wifi on my iPad 2. In Hamilton getting 14 MBps down and 1 MBps up. Unless I'm missing something here I can only say WOW! Can't wait for my iPhone 5 because I have Bell LTE in my area.

Wow, do I feel inadequate :). Charlotte, NC on AT&T LTE 9.09 mbps down and 2.41 mbps up. Of 6 tests since yesterday my best is 9.09 mbps down and 4.34 mbps up. This is at the house with 3 bars.

I am also in Charlotte....I get 6 mps down and 3 mps up. AT&T is SLOW in charlotte. Maybe the slowest LTE in the US.

I thought they just pumped a bunch of $$$ into Charlotte LTE in the past year? I think someone's got a new vacation home somewhere!

I also live in Charlotte and I get an average of 21 mbps down and 11 mbps up on AT&T LTE. I've seen it go as high as 35 mbps at my house!!
I heard many of the carriers had upgraded their networks in preparation for the Democratic convention here in the Charlotte area

Woodbridge va doesn't get LTE only 4g highest I got was 12MBps up and 6Mbps down can't wait to test LTE some day ..

Los Angeles, CA - Wi-Fi: 12.36 down (0.93 up), LTE - 36.6 up (9.26 up). Needless to say, We are happy with AT&T's LTE, but their home Internet is not bad either.

Honestly, I'm not. I know I about to be contradicting myself, but I really hate useless post on this forum. iMore is one of my favorite iPhone related websites. I just feel that if you don't have anything constructive to say, then don't post in the first place. Trolls are the worst thing on the internet! Just so we're clear, I'm not talking about you. I'm sorry about the mini rant.


Download 45.71 mbps and 17.58 mbps upload 45 mins north of Detroit.

AT&T launched LTE in Detroit this past Wednesday and so far I'm very happy with it. It blows my Verizon LTE iPad out the the water which gets 28 mbps download and 13.65 mbps upload.

FYI: These speeds make put home wifi to shame!!!

FYI: I paid full retail ( $911.00 ) for my iphone 5 64gb so i can keep my truly unlimited verizon data plan. Man did those verizon sales rep try their asses off to switch me from unlimited data plan to their new family share plans. "NO WAY!!!" I said.

I think its sad that the bay areas and the silicon valley cannot hit speeds like I am seeing reported here. Were the heart of technology and the birthplace of the iPhone. Its kinda ridiculous! Excited for you all getting these awesome speeds on the new phone!!! I will be on the 5S or whatever they decide to call it. Hoping LTE gets better here in the Bay!!

I'm on my old unlimited AT&T plan and don't seem to be getting LTE because I'm only at 6 up. My iPad is getting in the 30's. anyone know what I need to do with AT&T. And yes my LTE switch is on.

I am having the same issue with my Verizon iPhone. On my iPad, I get 20+ down, but on my iPhone I only get 5 down. Idk if there is something I can do to get better speeds on my iPhone. Both devices are on Verizon LTE in the same location.

Same thing here in the Chicago suburbs. 25mbps on the iPad and 10mbps on the iPhone. Verizon as well. Super super weird. Anyone have a clue why?

This is about 6x better on downloads and 10x better on uploads than my home Internet.
Roseville, CA
Test Date: Sep 22, 2012 9:25 PM
Connection Type: Cellular
Server: Auburn, CA
Download: 34.80 Mbps
Upload: 9.36 Mbps
Ping: 49 ms

External IP:
Internal IP:
Latitude: 38.7330
Longitude: -121.2728

A detailed image for this result can be found here:

As a Brit all I got to say is wow! Most of these figures are amazing. Hope you guys are making the most of it. The LTE revolution can't come soon enough here. Do you guys have unlimited data packages available again?

You people must be sitting under the tower because I'm getting between 5-9 mb download & 2-4 mb upload. I'm using my brother's new I-Phone 5, love the hardware but my SGS3 is my phone of choice. The SGS3 in the same location is getting 3 times faster speeds both on the download and upload. After using the I- Phone 5 for the first time and then going back to my SGS3, THE I- Phone 5 feels like a toy.

So the iPhone 5 is Rolex quality and the sg3 is like made by playskool and you think the iPhone is the toy? Do us a favor and point that chunk of SG3 right back to android central and enjoy your 3x faster speeds over there!

Was that really necessary? I think he was reffering to the size more so than the qaulity. Its no secret that iphone is top notch qaulity, as is the sg3,,, To each his own.

Verizon Seattle Area test Sunday morning
36.28 down, 24.71 up, my wifi was 33.97 down and 6.16 up, (Comcast Xfinity). If that stays Comcast could be going away

Chicago IL,
I did several side by side tests with my iPhone 4 using 3G, and my iPhone 5 using LTE. The results were 2.4 Mbps for iPhone 4, and 2.3 Mbps for iPhone 5. I'm pissed and making a video that will be up on Youtube shortly.

Chicago .04 down .04 up TMO Edge. Take that.
Anyway, the LTE speeds look great. Maybe someday for me. At least there is WiFi.

NYC Verizon
3G iPhone 4S 32GB: Ping 87ms, Down 1.83Mbps, Up 0.45Mbps
LTE iPhone 5 32GB: Ping 51ms, Down 30.35Mbps, Up 13.67Mbps

ok, You LTE guys/gals? are killing me!!!!! my (Sprint) SGS2 with 50% bars gets 7.3 mbps down and 1.49 mbps up on 4g wimax and 11.9 up and 7.3 down on my wifi! LOL!!!!!

In Menifee CA. 10.88 down 1.5 up.
But average with 5 tests in different areas within 2 miles came to around 5 down - 1 up. No lte here

Verizon LTE In NJ. Currently Getting 51.74 Mbps Download Speeds & 20.88 Mbps Upload Speeds. With Speeds Like This, Who Needs WiFi Lol.