How to set a song as your alarm tone in iOS 6

How to set a song as your alarm tone in iOS 6

One of iOS 6's hidden gems is the ability to use a song from your music library as an alarm to wake you up. Before iOS 6 was released, you could only use ringtones or one of the default alarm tones as your wakeup call, which was less than thrilling, but now you can set anything in the Music app to jolt you up out of bed. Progress!

  1. Launch the Clock app on the home screenHow to set a song as your alarm tone in iOS 6
  2. Tap the Alarms tabHow to set a song as your alarm tone in iOS 6
  3. Tap the + sign to create a new alarm
  4. Select the time for your alarmHow to set a song as your alarm tone in iOS 6
  5. Tap on SoundHow to set a song as your alarm tone in iOS 6
  6. Tap on Pick a song and all of your songs on your iPhone will be available to choose fromHow to set a song as your alarm tone in iOS 6
  7. Tap on your selected tune
  8. It will start to play so hit Back to stop it
  9. Tap on Save How to set a song as your alarm tone in iOS 6

That’s it, you’re are all set! When your alarm goes off in the morning it will no longer play that awful tone but now it will play your selected song instead.

So the question is, now that you can set a song as an alarm, which song will you use?


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There are 16 comments. Add yours.

Maru_The_Cat says:

Can you use a song for a ringtone in iOS6?

jlake02 says:

Check the app "Ringtones"

Some hilarious stuff in there. Not 100% sure about using your own songs from the phone.

Maru_The_Cat says:

I want to use Gangnam Style as my ringtone lol

Nuclearmayhem says:

Yes, you can use your own song as a ring tone. Take any song that is an itunes style .m4a, rename it as a .m4r and when you click on that iTunes will add it as a ringtone. Based on what I've read you probably shouldn't make it more than 30 seconds but not sure if it really matters.

KCMike says:

Haha, that's funny! This is Apple we are talking about here. This (& a few other reasons) are why I'm all about the jailbreak.

cctpitts01 says:

This is a Welcomed feature for the iphone i always wanted to do this.

ssarmazi says:

My respect for you just went through the roof. Iron Maiden and Motorhead? Now you're talking! And waking up to Aces High is definitely cool - but only the live version with the Churchill speech ;)

Sh3ng says:

BTW How do you delete the songs after adding it ???

Roarshaq says:

No need to delete. Just follow the steps again and choose another song or a ringtone. Or turn off the alarm.

FlopTech says:

"Wake Up," Rage Against the Machine, 1992.

C4U2NV says:

ok that all sounds good but !!
the phone still needs to be on in order for the alarm to work.....
even with the do not disturb feature the alarm will not sound>>

sgtmorph says:

I just tested your statement about using the alarm while DND is enabled and you are WRONG!!!!
I set my alarm for 2 minutes ahead and turned ON the "do not disturb" feature. Alarm still played......just sayin...

Blair Bonato says:

Im using the opening theme from the lion king as my alarm!

biggie smalls says:

B.I.G Notorious----kick in the door