Apple adds a section to the App Store for alternative map apps

Only hours following Apple CEO Tim Cook's open letter to customers regarding Maps on iOS 6, Apple has added a featured box in the App store for users to "find apps for your iPhone" that takes you to a section devoted to maps apps.

This is a very impressive and humble move by Apple. Apple is typically a rather arrogant company, so Tim Cook's letter and this new section of the App Store show a side of Apple that is willing to admit fault and do what's needed to improve their users' experience.

Apple has featured the following 13 map apps:

Source: MacRumors

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Reader comments

Apple adds a section to the App Store for alternative map apps


Interesting that TomTom isn't on that list. I've always found the TomTom app reliable and ironically you can use Google to search for POIs in TomTom.

No way is this an accident. TomTom are one of the sources of map data Apple licensed for their new Maps app. The one they just had to publicly apologise for. Apple are pissed at TomTom and this is their response. I think Apple blame TomTom for supplying them with faulty map data.

I bought Tom Tom western europe with my 4s a year ago, it was very pricy, but I have been very happy with it.

I did try apple maps earlier this week and it wouldn't repeat a previously given direction, gave some bizarre alternative routes, reduced me to laughing as it pronounced the German street names (e.g. striss for Strasse) and the most bizarre syntax for an English sentence structure... I gave up on the current version after trying a couple of routes and used my tomtom instead.

What I don't get is that a company of apples size should have a considerable benchmarking operation and from that they should know the features and functionality they have to offer out of the gate to enhance, not degrade, the customer experience and utility.

With their money, they could have just bought tomtom and added flyover... Mission accomplished!

There's a whole section in the AppStore for map apps... it's called "Navigation" - a whole lot to pick from there beyond those cherry picked apps for a "Feature" on the AppStore.

thanks to imore, I can picture myself with an iphone any sooner without a five-month saving plan. And folks, have you read all those details on the iproducts there? Trust me, its too good to be true!

Hey, the iPhone has NEVER been a perfect smartphone, but, it has ALWAYS been the coolest smartphone, and still is. Google Maps didn't start out perfect. It started out pretty much the same way iPhone's Maps started out and Google over time worked out the bugs, tweaked it, added enhancements, and it eventually became the mapping system that it is today. Given time iPhone's Maps will also become an excellent mapping system. Right now I'm looking into this app called 'Mapipo 6 - G Maps, Street View, and Navigation.

But google maps looked and worked awesome on the very first iPhone.
And apple tried to fix something that wasn't broken. They should've taken their time to get rid of all the bugs and release a final version that would blow the competition away. That's how Apple worked (mostly) when Jobs was alive.

Bing and MapQuest not available in Canada ie: not available on the Canadian App store. What the heck!?! I'll try to download them when online in the U.S. next week.