Announcing the winner of iMore's iPhone 5 second chance giveaway!

iPhone 5 is sexy!

Here it is. The moment you've all been waiting for. We're announcing the winner of the FREE iPhone 5 from iMore.

Find out who won... after the break!


Congratulations miabs1! We'll be in touch via email to get your information for the prize! To everyone else, thanks for entering! There is always a giveaway happening on iMore and more chances to win great free stuff! Come back often and enter everything!

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Michelle Haag

A nerdy little birdy and the Doctor's next companion. While I'm waiting, I do the dirty work for Mobile Nations.

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There are 44 comments. Add yours.

Audizine says:

Congratulations!! And thanks for the giveaway imore!

parpart33 says:

Lucky iPhone enthusiast there. Any chance there's one more iPhone giveaway upcoming?

jwsnj3rd says:

Yeah I think they should give away 5 iPhone5's lol

popescuvictor1 says:

they should give away 6 iphones since it's the 6th :p

and congratz to the winner

sau124 says:

Congrats to fellow imore-ite... Thanks imore for the giveaway...

trickedoutdavid says:

how about the dream iphone design contest... it closed a while ago but winners were never anounced...

Michelle Haag says:

Lots of entries to go through, should be posted soon. :)

trickedoutdavid says:

kk.. sounds good... cant wait for results...
ps. i think that there should be seperate winners from the writing side and from the rendering side as people who rendered will probably be considered more creative that the writers...
pss. i rendered.. but i think people who wrote deserve a chance too...

GlennRuss says:

Enjoy, now to quote Ashley "any iPhone 6 rumors?"

winston66 says:

Can't believe that I wasn't picked:(
Just kidding, and congrats miabs1

Talker says:

congrats! next time will be mine 3:)

IcantCanything says:

Congrats to miabs1 on winning a new iPhone 5. 3rd chance?

JohnBR369 says:

What if miabs...uh...disappears or sth? XD Congratz, miabs o/

Ginbill says:

Congratulations, miabs1!

hewsdaddy says:

you spelled my name wrong....

teepeeayy says:

0 for 2? Geez. I never win anything. Congrats. To the winner though. says:

Congrats to miabs1! Enjoy your win in good humor and health.

Msantosmfc says:

Congrats miabs1, enjoy it all!

jpanic2 says:

Does anyone know what MIABS1's response was?? please comment on my post please so I can get notified via email... Thank you!

nikkisharif says:

Congrats...hope you enjoy your iP5 as much as I do!!

mohammed shaheedsha says:

Congratulations miabs1.
Hey imore, did you stopped the giveaway of iphone5?
I'm very sad.because I used to think about winning iphone 5 from imore. I have no luck to get iphone5.

MaximilianR says:

Wow. I was never lucky in my entire LIFE and I wasn't been lucky now for the millionth time and will probably never be. I want to say congrats but I can't.

Vorpal279 says:

It's like playing Powerball.

chickinpic says:

congrats miabs1, enjoy it!

Vanti says:

congrtulations miabs1 enjoy your new iphone 5 and treat it with care :)

Ayman Serhani says:

hey imore i cant stop talking about the iPhone 5!!! i just bought one yesterday and then when i was at a bar sadly someone stole it from me when i was on the phone I'm still contacting the police but since i don't have insurance i can't afford to buy a new one plz i more giving me this would be the best thing ever please with all your heart consider me

Iphone5lover says:

great job miabs1 hope i win something sometime

ever6 says:

CONGRATS dude/girl :)

baongu says:

Congratulations miabs1.
Looking forward for the 3rd iPhone giveaway contest :P

syed shah says:

Congractulations. Miabs1. i wanna win the 3rd iphone giveaway contest. plz choose me, i had a funny scene yesterday in my dream, i saw that i won an iphone 5 and i'm the happiest person in the world