Pad & Quill prepares taller Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5

Pad & Quill prepares taller Little Black Book for iPhone 5

Good things come in small packages, like the Pad & Quill book cases. But with the new 16:9, 4-inch iPhone 5, they'll also need to come in slightly taller packages. And that's just what's coming our way with the Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5. According to Mr. Pad & Quill:

Seriously, These are the thinnest handmade iPhone cases we have ever made. Very practical, rugged, genuine stitched leather with furniture finished wood - They are gorgeous.

They certainly look it. They're also available for pre-order now via the link below.

Source: Pad & Quill

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Pad & Quill prepares taller Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5


My wife had the bookbook for her iPhone 4 and is getting this for her 5. The way the bookbook holds the phone caused all kinds of issues with the proximity sensor. Don't know if they fixed that for the iPhone 5 version.

Anybody out there use both before? I'm a huge book book fan, and just not sure which... as I've never even held a pad and quill product!