Element Case SECTOR is coming to iPhone 5... but you can win one right now for iPhone 4/iPhone 4S!

Element Case SECTOR is coming to iPhone 5... but you can win one right now for iPhone 4/iPhone 4S!

Element Case is bringing their ultra-premium SECTOR case to the iPhone 5 and it will not disappoint -- It's their most advanced design to date and now attaches with only a single screw. It still uses aerospace-grade aluminum, but now has some "secret" polycarbonates in the package as well. (We didn't ask, they didn't tell.) They also say they've fully RF tested it for full LTE 4G compatibility. Of course, we'll have a full review of it when it's available.

But while we wait, you have a chance to win! That's right, If you're still rocking an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, Element Case wants to give you a chance to win a smoking hot SECTOR case of your very own. The SECTOR 4 from Element Case features stainless steel screw assembly, T6061 aluminum body, oversized accessory ports, and is designed to wrap around your device to provide the utmost protection. The single screw assembly makes it easy to install and remove the case from your device in one move, though why you'd want to remove this work of art is beyond me. The backplate is covered in Ultrasuede, providing not only a soft surface, but also a wonderful contrasting texture.

Just drop a comment below and we will choose one of you to receive your very own SECTOR 4, completely free! The winner will be chosen Monday night, one entry per person please. Good luck!

Remember, you're entering to win a SECTOR 4 for the iPhone 4S/iPhone 4, the SECTOR 5 for the iPhone 5 is coming later!

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Reader comments

Element Case SECTOR is coming to iPhone 5... but you can win one right now for iPhone 4/iPhone 4S!



Would be great to have a sturdy case to protect my iPhone 4 for another year of use thereby saving me all the upgrade costs - please make it mine

Ohhhh I dearly hope I win!! I'm a clumsy clumsy girl who needs a cool, protective case! I've shattered my phone too many times.

Pick me!! Pick me!! It would be for my wife's phone, she has had a hard couple of weeks at work and this would be a great gift. Can't wait for the iPhone 5 case to come out, I need it!!

I would love one of these, my son started grabbing my phone recently and throwing it, this would definetely come in handy.

Very cool looking case. I'm flying without one right now, but this one looks like it actually makes the iPhone look even better.

My lovely wife would love this case for the 4s she just bought a month and a half ago. Happy anniversary baby!

Please! Please! Please! Please! My OtterBox just died lol thanks to my dog!! iPhone is fine!! Thank God!!! But please I really need a good case just so my phone will last till my upgrade in January!! Thanks for having the best website ever!!!

I rarely win anything... I've had a 3Gs, 4, & used my upgrade to get the 4s which leaves me hanging with the 4s until May. This case would be killer and soothe the pain.... :)

Awesome case! Would someone like me from Malaysia win this? :)anyway great write up guys. Keep up the good work. More viewers everyday. Cheers

Sexy graphite finish that complements the black IPhone 5 elegantly. I've owned several Vapor Pro cases and they look great, protect well, and never interfere with the antennas. While I would love to win one, I will still buy one if someone else is lucky enough to win it instead of me.

Great opportunity to be able to win a case that can withstand just about everything. It will be able to stand up to city life and the country lifestyle. Whether I win it or not, this case is a must for me in the near future regardless.

always looking for a more durable case and when I found a sector for my 3gs I loved it. Now I have a 4s I can't find any in Australia.... this sucks.... only knock offs on eBay. Would love it and sure I could show it off to the Aussies

I gave my wife my 4S when I got the 5 and my old case is kinda worn, and says it's ugly, so I need to get her a new one.

I missed the opportunity to back up their project on kickstarter, this case is beautiful and the best I have seen so far. I would love to win this case. Please allow me to have this honor.

I'm in London, does that mean I can't win ?? It looks amazing, I'd love it!! My upgrade to 5 isn't until December 2013 :( but 4s is great anyway, so i'll. survive :)

i already got in on the pre-order for the Sector 5, but a free one for my 4S would be awesome for the next owner.

Element cases are best in class and quality, they have high prices but worth of what they are. i wish had one :(

Never heard of it before this post, but this is definitely the coolest case I've seen to date. Here's to hoping I win!

This case looks to be much better then the OtterBox I had before. OtterBox was too thick to be practical on a daily basis.

I would love to have this. I need something this tough to make sure my 4s makes it through this next year.

Long time customer here, sitting on 4 Element Cases! Best iPhone cases out there. Point Blank!

Also have the Sector 5 on pre-order with an estimated ship date of 10/18th!

Yeeeeahhh...! I need One pelase. Element case is the best case ever.....!!!!!! I love element cases..!!!! Pick here.....!!!! Here..! Here..! Here..! :)

I am a high school band director, and we march at all the halftimes of the football games. Therefore I spend a lot of time outdoors on a practice field, and I need a great case with all the protection I can get.

All that was to say "PICK ME!"

If I win this, I might be tempted to go back to using my iPhone 4S. Or not. I'd give the case to my wife and find some excuses to hold her iPhone.

This case is metal right? How does it fair in drop tests? I've been using a trident case for a while and it has performed amazingly. Unfortunately it looks horrible from the wear and tear, but it's because of this that it hasn't been stolen yet! Does this case have the uglifying security enhancements that my current case is bundled with? Regardless, this is a nice case and I'd love to give it a go! I'm curious about how modularized the case is.

i didnt get the iphone 5 but i would sure love to get this from the wonderfull people of imore. please bless me with this awesome case...

This case is sweet looking! I really really REALLY hope you choose me ;) If not, the winner is one lucky dog! Have a great day everyone :)

looks like the perfect case for my wife, whose naked 4s always seems to just jump out of her hands. maybe she would keep something like this on and if not mine always likes hand me downs..

Love my iPhone4, see no need to upgrade...a fresh case like this would really set off my phone! This case is sweet!