Make home automation simple with Nexia Home and your iPhone - Enter to win a Starter Bundle!

Nexia Home (formerly Schalge LiNK) has been my go-to system for home automation for quite some time. I first checked it out quite a while ago, and more recently, Georgia got to test the setup for herself. While the Nexia system gave us an indoor camera (both wired and wireless), thermostat, lamp module and door locks -- it was still lacking in the sensor department. All that has changed now however as Nexia has recently released both a door/window sensor and an indoor motion sensor. Both of these really add some great versatility to the whole setup, and with the addition of an outdoor wireless camera, Nexia is staying on top of their game.

No matter if you already have a Nexia system or you're just starting out, adding the new devices to your setup couldn't be simpler. I won't dive into setting up the entire system since we've been down that road already, but we'll check out how adding the new sensors makes the Nexia system even more awesome.

You will obviously need to choose where you want to use your new sensors before you get going. Depending on your system you may have more than one door, window or room that you want to monitor. If you're already using a camera or lamp module inside, you can create scenes that will record video or turn on your lights when the corresponding sensor is triggered. Any time something is triggered, you can also choose to receive an email or SMS. There are a load of combinations and triggers with which to setup your Nexia system. I've wasted hours tweaking my scenes to get them just right, but I still find myself rearranging them constantly.

From UPS drop-off to "up and running" was only about 15 minutes for the new sensors (setting up a new system is a much longer task). For the motion sensor you just need to pop off the outer cover and install the battery. From there, enroll the sensor with your bridge using the provided instructions. Once it's enrolled it will show in your dashboard and it's ready for mounting using the included double sided tape or screws.

The door/window sensor works in the same manner -- tap the button to enroll the sensor, wait for it to be accepted then find a door or window you want to monitor and install both parts of the sensor. Done and done.

For my setup I chose to use the door/window sensor on my patio door and the motion sensor in my foyer. I setup a scene through my Nexia dashboard so that when the motion sensor is triggered my lamp module turns on and my camera records for two minutes. I also get a text message sent to my phone letting me know that my scene was triggered. This is all setup for late-night hours so I don't get constant triggers all day long.

The patio door sensor is just a great way to let me know if my patio door is opened without my knowledge when I'm away. I'm sure it will come in handy when my daughter starts romping around a bit more as well.

Of course all of this can be viewed and controlled from your iPhone with the free Nexia app. The app lets you see the status of your sensors, activate your door lock, view your camera, turn on your lamp modules, setup scenes and much more. The patio door sensor is just a great way to let me know if my patio door is opened without my knowledge when I'm away. I'm sure it will come in handy when my daughter starts romping around a bit more as well.

The new outdoor wireless camera is also a welcome addition to the Nexia line. It's simple to hook up providing you have a good mounting spot outside (or inside depending on your needs). You'll just need to make sure you have somewhere to plug it in and also that it's within range of your home wifi. Too far away and you obviously won't have a working camera. Again, setup for this is as simple as enrolling it with your bridge and getting it mounted.

The camera works great in the daytime and also has a low-light feature for night viewing. There is a built-in motion sensor, however it currently is disabled but is said to be working with a firmware update in the coming weeks.

The door and window sensor is available for $49.99 while the motion sensor will run you $69.99.

Contest: If you're not ready to spring for a Nexia system just yet, you're in luck - we have one to give away. Just leave a comment here and you'll be entered to win a Nexia Home Starter Bundle that includes your choice of lock (deadbolt or lever), lamp module and bridge. You'll also get a new door/window sensor and motion sensor. The contest ends Monday at midnight.  Good luck!

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Make home automation simple with Nexia Home and your iPhone - Enter to win a Starter Bundle!



Nice! I have two young children and have been shopping for a system exactly like this. Sadly I can't afford one. :(

Thanks for another great contest! :)

I'm getting ready to move into a new house and would love to win this instead of buying a dog!!! (I still want to get a dog but would like to enjoy the newness of my house for a few months before having a dog :)

I've been looking into one of these since my wife and I just bought our first house. This would be awesome to win, thanks for the opportunity!

This is very nice. Its just what technology lovers need, and gives an extra piece of mind when out in long trips.

If I win this I'll be sure to try to integrate it with the Lego robot, I think very interesting things can come out of this combination! ^^

I would love to use the Nexia system. I had looked at the Schlage stuff in the past and found it to be amazing.

Are you reviewing the comp unit sent by Nexia to media outlets for free? If so, two comments. First, you are supposed to disclose that. Second, you fail to mention that all of this requires a very expensive monthly membership.

Really? Since when did $8.99 a month become a "very expensive" monthly membership. I've had this system for over a year now and $8.99 is a great price point for the amount of things I can do and monitor remotely when I'm not home.

I do want one of these of the things I've wanted to try out and haven't had the cash...but gifts are always welcome! :D

Would love to win this, since my wife died I don't have anyone at home to help the kids and keep an eye on them while I'm at work. So far I haven't found a way to monitor their safety while I'm gone other then calling them every 1/2hr to make sure everything is good and the doors are locked still.

This would be nice to start my home automation. Been looking for months but couldn't figure out what is the best systems and components on the market.

This sounds really cool. I have started considering adding some home automation. I will have to take a look at this system. Hopefully, I will win and can then try it out.

This would be awesome to have. There's been quite a few break ins around my area so this would help out alot.

I've longed for a system such as this since my days as a young boy. Turning my lights on and off manually has been the bane of my existence. Oh, to finally fulfill a dream such as this!!! The best of wishes to me! ; P

Wow - awesome give away. I'd love to try one out. I can't wait until the home automation stuff really takes off.

I had a house fully automated by centralcasa, but I recently moved out.
Looking for a way to replace that in my new apartment.

I've wanted one of these for a while. As always, can never afford the up-front cost. Here's hoping I don't have to :)

This sounds great, would love to try it out!! Not lucky enough to have the money to buy it so I hope I can win.

That's awesome! I really haven't looked at home automation since I played with XTension and X-10. I'm just finishing up an addition and would love to automate it.

Used to install custom home automation systems and theaters years ago when they were complex, expensive, and required a lot of programming. Not in that field anymore but it's been cool to see these products change and become easier to use with the popularity of smart phones and tablets. Would certainly like to play around with a system at home.

I like imore too much I can not depend one day without visit the site at lease once ,I hope win
Thank you for your contests

I've been looking for something like this for awhile. The X-10 route seems so expensive. It's nice to have a solution at a lower cost.

This would be such a big help in Wisconsin winter weather and getting our newborn in and out of the house.

I have become such a security freak since the birth of my first son. This would be an awesome system to have so that I would stop speeding home when I am away and no one answers the phone. Pick me please!!!!! Lol

Winning this system would be perfect for me and my family! I am a first time homeowner (I guess home-buyer at this point), and I have a tentative move in date of November 20 (new construction). This would be a great addition for home security. I have recently been looking into ADT and other home security options, as we approach that move in date. Please please PLEASE pick me! :)

It would awesome to win this. I have two dogs and sometimes when I'm away I come home to a "surprise". I'd like to be able to catch them in the act to see which one is the trouble maker :)

My apartment was built by cavemen right after the dinosaurs died out. This would be a great way to bring it around! Thanks for the contest!

This is the kind of home automation I am currently missing. Consider me entered, and thanks for the amazing giveaway chances!

I've always wanted to do a home automation / security project. This may be just what I should try out.

I would love to give this a try. I am definitely interested in installing this system once I buy a house, but it'd be great to give a warm-up run in my current apartment. I'll write a full-on review to rival your iPhone 5 review if that helps my chances :)

Would be awesome to have something like this at home and not have to worry about so many things.

This is an absolutely phenomenal use of technology. Combined with energywise and green network technologies this makes the future now. I would love to try and build an integrated system with this!