iPhone 5 Flash Dock puts a little light in the Lightning cable

Apple decided not to make a dock for the iPhone 5, leaving that potential market wide open to third party accessory makers. iPhone5mod is hoping to fill that particular void with the Flash Lightning Dock for iPhone 5. Not only does it include an Apple-like white dock, but an optional Lightning cable that actually glows.

The iPhone 5 Flash Lightning Dock comes in 2 parts. A classic dock for iPhone 5 and an illuminated Lightning Cable. Charge and sync your iPhone 5 with the iPhone 5 Dock. Your iPhone sits upright in the dock as it syncs or charges, so it’s perfect for a desk or countertop. It comes included with a specially made Lightning Cable that has an intelligent power managements system built in. You can actually see the flow of current going into your iPhone 5.

You can check out the video above, and if you like what you see, head on over to the website below for ordering info.

Source: iPhone5mod

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Reader comments

iPhone 5 Flash Dock puts a little light in the Lightning cable


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It looks really, really cool but I could see that being a distraction in your peripheral vision. I still want one, though! :-D

Yes, but I want to put it in the dock and use my headphones at the same time.

What we need is a dock that has a removable headphone plug at the bottom and an in jack at the base. If we want to use the headphones, we plug the headphone into the dock and plug the headphones into the dock. If we don't want to use the headphones, then we remove the headphone plug at the bottom. Hold on while I go patent that.

if a pin is inserted into the headphone jack it will stop all sound coming out of the speakers. For a dock to work that way you want, you will need a lever to raise and lower the headphone jack when not in use.

OK, make it a little DIY project. Buy this and drill some small holes for 3.5mm connections one at the base to connect to the iPhone headphone jack and one on the back or front of the dock to plug in ur headphones

Nice! I would still prefer a pure charging dock which uses a microUSB to provide electricity to the dock and then a lightning connector built-in to sit the iPhone on. This still requires you to get your own lightning cable or pay for an extra one.

Evidence that this is in high demand? The site is no longer responding.....

Cable price dictates my interest level. Unfortunately, the site appears down so I will move my interest to the next "iPhone 5 related bauble". :)

The lighting dock you guys posted a couple weeks ago looks better than this one. At least I hope so cuz I ordered one! Lol

you can buy the cable only, this looks cheezy the way the connection is on the dock.... and the cable looks cheezy. thelightningdock.com is a badass dock ive found.... im going to buy that one i think.