Apple airs new iPod ad, Bounce

Apple has aired a new iPod ad to coincide with the release of the new iPods called Bounce -- and boy is this a fun ad! It starts out with a new blue iPod touch and a finger that hits play for the song Yeah Yeah by Willy Moon. The iPod then starts bouncing to the beat, changing colors, and eventually splitting into iPod nanos who then split into iPod shuffles. All the colors are represented and it's like one big iPod dance party. Super fun!

What do you think of Apple's new ad?

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Leanna Lofte

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Apple airs new iPod ad, Bounce


Over and under on how long it takes the whine brigade to file suit that you can't bounce your iPod like that, the screen would break and the anodized aluminum would chip. I say a week.

now *this* is the kind of commercial from Apple that i'd love to see a making of... you'd assume that it's all 3D but i have my suspicions that Apple likes to do things differently... cleverly!

I don't know. Seeing those devices fall on their faces makes me cringe, even if it is supposed to be fun CG. And I wouldn't say this is "new", per se, since they were all too happy to dim the lights and show it off at the iPhone 5 special event over a month ago (I cringed then, too)!

I've loved the new iPod's since they were announced. This ad makes me want one more. Unfortunately I have no NEED for one, I have a iP5, a nano 5th gen and a 3rd gen iPad.

My new Nano is scheduled to be here Monday. I can't wait for it to get here, and this ad makes me want it even more. Haha. I haven't been this excited about getting an iPod in a long time.