Apple adds shared reminders to iCloud web app

Apple adds shared reminders to iCloud web appApple is continuing with its expansion of the iCloud web app which now has the added ability to share reminders with others. Last month Apple added Notes and Reminders to the web app but missed out the ability to share reminders; that has now been added and you can share reminders with other iCloud users very easily.

Apple has already provided this functionality to Mountain Lion users on its Mac platform via the built in Reminders app but if you are a Windows user you haven’t been able to do this until now. Strangely enough, the ability to share Reminders is also missing from iOS 6; maybe that will come with the next update.

The ability to set up shared reminders could be a handy feature for many so its inclusion in the iCloud web app is certainly a welcome addition. Could you see yourself using shared Reminders?


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Apple adds shared reminders to iCloud web app


Don't get to excited, it's not like they are improving anything. Apple just reinstated a feature that was removed for some reason when icloud was overhauled and iOS 6 was released.