Texas University: An iPhone for Every Freshman


Apple and education, an historically great market that goes great with Macs. Well now, if Abilene Christian University (ACU) is any precursor, Mobile OS X is about to follow in it's big desktop brother's shoes.

According to Phil Schubert, ACU executive vice president, "an Apple iPhone or iPod touch will become a central part of Abilene Christian University's innovative learning experience this fall when all freshmen are provided one of these converged media devices."

ACU will be providing not only the devices, but cutting-edge webapps "that ensure these tools will become critical to the students' learning experience."

Whether this is a one-off, or the beginning of a trend, and if there's any synergy with Apple's ongoing iTunes University program (where university material is provided free of charge via Apple's iTunes media store) remains to be seen. (But we certainly hope so!)


p>UPDATE: Not to be outdone, Oklahoma Christian University has seen ACU's free iPhone or iPod Touch, and raised a free MacBook for new students (and faculty), or trade-in for PC toting older students. (Via Engadget)

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Texas University: An iPhone for Every Freshman


I sure hope not too many of this website reader's tax dollars are going to attracting freshmen with shiny toys. What's next - free Pimp my Ride?

Aw, crabby ;-)
iPhone is a shiny toy, but the opportunities to use that web browser for educational purposes are pretty vast.