iPod touch 5 unboxing and hardware tour

Apple's new iPod touch 5 makes the already nearly 2-dimensional iPhone 5 look thick by comparison, but we knew that already. Now that they've finally hit stores in all their multi-colored, looped up glory, we can finally get a good look at everything else.

In addition to Darth Vader black and Storm Trooper White, I picked up an Imperial Guard red and Leanna got a Max Rebo blue. (I'm still waiting on my Yoda green nano!) They all look great, at least fresh out of the package. The loop is the only slight let down. It's leathery, which is nice, but thin and, at least to my eyes, not very Apple-like. Something like the old iPod lanyard might have been a better choice.

We'll be back soon with a full review, but in the meantime, here's the unboxing and the hardware tour.

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iPod touch 5 unboxing and hardware tour


The iPod Touch 5's are fantastic. I got mine last weekend at the Apple Store. There were, however, at the time no cases or other accessories for them. I've been hanging on to mine for dear life for a week now. I hope the cases come out very soon. It is much faster than the Touch 4. The cameras are actually far better than previously. They are extremely light and thin. They are not, however, cheap feeling as some others have stated. I like the fact that Apple finally added the flash to the back. I don't do a lot of indoor photography, but it makes the few that I do take look much more appealing. All in, I'd give the iPod Touch 5 - 4.5/5. I'd have given it 5/5 if they'd increased the memory capacity.

So I saw these photos a few days ago and rushed out to the Apple store to take a look at the sweet RED iPod Touch... woahah! that RED is not red - it's a muted pukey pink! I wish Apple had the same color eye as you photographer! Speaking of, I know Ives is considered a demi-god in the design work but his color palette is weak. Would it kill him to use Cobalt blue, indigo, or ruby red sometime?! Until then I'll keep my iPod Touch 2G in black.

The item shown here is (product) Red

They also have Puky pink

Some one at the apple store should have known the difference