Apple starts to prep California Theatre in San Jose ahead of tomorrow's event

Apple starts to prep California Theatre in San Jose ahead of tomorrow's eventApple has started to prepare the California Theatre in San Jose ahead of its special event tomorrow. Apple sent out invites last week for what is widely thought to be the official announcement of the iPad mini. The guys from Techie Buzz managed to capture a few pictures of the graphics which are being used for the event.

Apple starts to prep California Theatre in San Jose ahead of tomorrow's event

The media event is scheduled to start on Tuesday October 23 at 10:00 am PT. The only clue on the invitation are the words, "We've got a little more to show you". It is widely expected that the event will reveal the rumored iPad mini as well as an updated iPad 3 with Lightning cable and international LTE, a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro as well as new iMacs and Mac minis. We may also see the final version of iTunes 11 although it is unclear if it will be released at the same time.

What do you make of the posters used in the decoration of the theatre?

Source: Techie Buzz

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Reader comments

Apple starts to prep California Theatre in San Jose ahead of tomorrow's event


Noone gives a shit if your comment is first. If you haven't got anything constructive to post then GTFO.

Back on topic... There's not much to read into the posters except perhaps the use of different colours. Is the iPad Mini going to be available in a variety of shells much like the new iPod range?

I was wondering the same thing. Looks like colors are going to be available for the new iPad. I like that idea. This product is essentially going to fill Apple's lineup from the shuffle and all the way up. I know Steve didn't like the idea but I do think its a smart idea economically for them. Bring it on!!

anyone think we're missing something with "We've got a little more to show you"

Little = iPad mini
Show = apple tv?!? The invite and those posters have like tv blurred scan lines to me...

Posters kinda look like the phsycadelic iTunes visualizers. Could also represent colors for the mini

go back to the 2010 original iPad event invitations. They had color splash on them. I think the colors on this invitation is a play on that original invitation.

As much as I look forward to the iPad Mini, I hope there is some mention of an update to iOS 6. It is definitely needed.

iOS 6.0.1 would be nice. I don't care if Apple spin is as new features for the iPad Mini or iBooks3 support whatever so long as they fix some of the annoying quirks like dodgy wifi and the weird graphical glitch on the virtual keyboard in the App store some people are having.

Knowing Apple they will follow suit and first give us a black and white model. The psychedelic pictures could mean a change for colors but we won't know till they announce the new products. Might be away of Apple differentiating the mini from the standard iPad.

Well I stand firm in the idea that the colors represent a sequel of sorts to the 2010 original iPad event invitation but you do raise a point that I also think to be true. The differentiation thing makes sense. To me it seems like they will use multiple color options for the iPad mini to relate it more to the playfulness of iPods and less to the serious aspects of the iPad. To preserve the respect of the iPad name.