Win a free iPad mini from iMore!

Apple has announced the iPad mini and we know you want to get your hands on one immediately if not sooner -- who doesn't? -- so iMore wants to make it as easy as possible for you...

By giving away a free iPad mini to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

And if you haven't already, make sure you also enter to:

As for the rules: We'll adjust the details (name and model) once Apple's made the announcement. One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the tablet, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 5875 comments. Add yours.

cmarkell says:

Rumors say the low end version of the iPad mini will be $329. Isn't that a bit high when considering the competion for similar products? What are you thoughts?

AaryanF says:

NOOOO! The 8GB/WiFi-only model will be tagged around $249 and 64GB around $649...More details about 16 different versions are here

F.mendoza says:

But this isn't a "similar product" ...this is an iPad!

The build quality and ecosystem alone is worth the small premium. I think people will be willing to shell out the extra 130 bucks, just like the iPod line, do you want a $160 Sansa MP3 player(just an example, I don't know how much they cost, but you get the gist), or a $299 iPod? I think it'll do just fine.(excellent, even)

orlandohramos says:

I'll love to have a more portable ipad, that way i can carry it everywhere

Mashud says:

Ipad is the best tablet i have ever used and ipad mini is another good step as it will be more portable.Em waiting 4 this.

Archie Mcguire says:

Could you please let me win please, Iv'e looked all over the internet but there all to expensive and I cant afford it!
So please let me win.
Thank you.

heyjerz says:

$329 is just ugly: $329, $399, $499 starting price line up. $299, $399, $499 would have been much prettier.

Plus, still leaves room for Android tablets.

I'm sure they'll still sell like gangbusters, but it won't wipe out the low end Android market.

Travelin'Rich says:

I partially agree - The price points are in fact ugly to compete in the 7" tablet market. I can't image these will sell like gangbusters except to people who have to have everything Apple. Before I get slammed, I own an iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPad (original) and iPod (4th gen). I'm not interested in the iPad Mini. If I don't want to lug around a notebook computer I'll take my netbook. If I don't need the netbook I'll take my iPad. If for some reason the iPad is too big I'll take my 7" Lenovo tablet. The iPad Mini seems to be in it's own size class. A class I don't see being useful. Possibly just me though.

FlopTech says:

Why? Because of the 35% bigger screen.
And 10 hour battery life.
You know, because droid users love specs.

ShadowReaperX33 says:

I am privileged to be given the opportunity to win such a marvelous device by iMore. I'd like to thank them and wish you all the best of luck. Rock on!

SDTRMG says:

Glad to try and win a idevice, love my iPod

saulleibow says:

I would never second guess Apple...but I really believe they missed an incredible opportunity of REAL tablet dominance by pricing the Mini so high. At this price I think people will choose between the iPad or the Mini. At $199-$249 I could see iPad owners adding the Mini to their stable as a dedicated reader and the possibility of some buyers actually buying both this Holiday season. As usual time will tell

cmarkell says:

I think Apple missed the opportunity not only to dominate the market, but to wipe the floor with their competition. A starting price of $329 is too high. $249 would have been the sweet spot.

anniyan428 says:

I have been looking for a smaller, but still effective iPad for school, reading papers, etc. I would love to win the iPad mini!

shagrath5 says:

It doesn't seem like Apple have any serious competition in mobile market, both in terms of quality/ease of use and smart marketing. That's why price shouldn't really be an issue.

FRoStYisGoD says:

would love to win one!!! that be amazing!

fdduran says:

I'd be certainly willing to get one for free.

Ozy says:

O, wouldn't it be lovely.

darktanone says:

I think it's more like the competition is prized too low. Amazon selling its tablets at or below cost and Google selling theirs at cost would make the iPad mini price seem high, but I think it's priced competitively to make a profit. After all, that's what companies in the hardware business do. Wait for next year when the new model is introduced and Apple drops the price on this model to, let's say, $239. How long can the competition continue their current pricing with Apple nipping at their heels?

DanielSw88 says:

No, it's NOT high, as it ISN'T competing with 7" tablets. It's essentially an 8" iPad with the same number of pixels as an iPad 2. This means, as Apple says, that it delivers the full iPad user experience. So, since it's an iPad, then it's a LESS expensive iPad.

JMike50 says:

hmm...don't think it's too high given that it starts with 16gb, same processor and RAM as the iPad 3 and it is an Apple product. The only drawback I see is no retina display but then again on a display this small I don't know if it would matter.

GoGo1010 says:

I thought so too given that the other manufacturers are looking to bring the p
rice down. Apple does not seem to feel the need to compete in the entry level area.

jharo says:

I gotta have an iPad mini!!!

antheauxny says:

I love that you guys give so much away! *prays I win it* a white one please! ;)

F.mendoza says:

White's nice, But hopefully it'll come in other colors!

derekjdech says:

The white one looks AMAZING! I would love to win this!

Jonezed7 says:

Would love to give it to my girlfriend who's in nursing school! It would be perfect.

melvster says:

thanks for another generous contest - i'd love an ipad mini!

JDanat84 says:

My girlfriend says I can't buy one because I only have 2 hands and I can't hold all my apple products as is... Maybe, just maybe if I won one, I wouldn't have to buy one and we'll all be happy!

I know I would.

Me Please!

linuxdaemon says:

I have always thought the 7"(ish) form factor is the right size for a tablet. I have used Android devices and the Playbook, so I am looking forward to seeing Apple's entry to this space.

tail24 says:

I cant wait to get my hands on one... new custom dash with ipad mini mounted as my cars entertainment system!!!

wolfman-fu says:

I would love to have one.

STORM178 says:

Apple continues to dominate the mobile industry. - go sit down Samsung!

brward15 says:

Since I have recently just purchased the iPhone 5 & have an iPad 2, I think the only way I will be able to get one of these anytime soon is by winning one, so that would be alright by me.

DenRosen says:

Looking forward to getting my hands on an iPad Mini! Hoping the price lands in the $200-$300 range.

tonywa77 says:

Wow.... I would love to have one in hand. Thanks

zee921 says:

This would be a great 1st win!

damenace says:

Pick me pick me!! Over here!!

myeh99 says:

It would be a nice gift for the wife, please let me win!

nicoproductions says:

A black one would be great! *o*

leobentes says:

There should be other colors like the iPods.

GayOsiris says:

I really want one, so thanks for this contest iMore.

mikem#AC says:

Free iPad!! Sign me up....

ozmacr says:

This would be perfect for my little girl. Then I wouldn't have to share my iPad with her.

togardergrosse says:

Ok, so I leave this comment here and then? :D
Wait for iPad Mini to come? :D LOL

smejkycz says:

I love Imore and apple,send to Czech Republic .-)

jaBBu says:

Would really like to win one of these babies....

compuser says:

I'll take one...thank you.

theshanextm says:

I want an iPad mini more than anything else (right now at least)

FLskydiver says:

FLskydiver will also raise his hand. Blue skies...

nijoma81 says:

Love to get one! I am interested in the iPad mini price point, I'm hoping its comparable to say the Kindle Fire.

johnmarki says:

An iPad Mini sure would look nice under that Christmas Tree!

jjalmqui says:

I just heard my iPad say, "I will call him ... mini-me"

Aceeman says:

An iPad mini seems like the perfect device for me to take to my college classes.

IZELone says:

I want one please!!!! Early x-mas present for me iMore :-)

l.i bruce fan says:

How much you want to bet that if I get an iPad mini my 8 year old son claims my not so "new" iPad? Let me win the mini iPad and I'll let you all know...

Hari Sankar S says:

three apples have changed the world.
One that seduced Eve,
Second that inspired newton,
And the third was in the hands of Steve Jobs.

Thank you Steve Jobs for all you have done

courtney johnston says:

Please of Please pick me!!! poor college student would love one!!!

phantomtech says:

I would love one of these! Thanks!

OilTitan says:

Can't wait!! Gotta have another iOS device!!

michaelchancp says:

Would love to get my hands on the new iPad mini!
Thank you iMore!

RWWackostu says:

This would be a great companion for my first iphone delivering today!!!!!!

giang09 says:

Loving all the opportunities and generosity of iMore! Can't wait until they announce the winner.

miabs1 says:

I would love to win an iPad Mini....still have my 1st gen iPad --- but its getting really slow...and no more updates available!

ereyes323 says:

Spinning the slot machine :)

maxmech02 says:

WOW!! i could use one of these mini's... :)

JRICAN says:

Would love to be the winner

CalebMaui says:

I hope that if i dont win, the iPad mini is less than $329!

abc1111 says:

I would love love love one.

gvarga216 says:

My daughter would greatly appreciate the iPad mini as a gift please I have never won anything. Thank you

manutd7 says:

My mini me needs and iPad mini

Corsair4 says:

Well if I win one I will give it to my wife.

hkennedy says:

Please enter Me For The Ipad Mini , Your Favorite Web Site Fan from Philadelphia Pa ..

7Anthony says:

I love imore, thanks for the great content.

graphiccraze4 says:

I am excited for the Apple event today! winning a iPad Mini would be awesome! Pick me please! Giveaway prizes are the best! Thanks iMore.

justinplett says:

Man I love the iMore site. Free stuff is fun. I would love an iPad mini.

mcphersc says:

I'm feeling lucky this time around :)

malloc_01 says:

I would love to win an iPad Mini.

Derek_B says:

Please enter me in the contest. Thank you.

baloghjz says:

Please consider me for the position of lucky winner!!

valdan says:

I'd watch Iron Man 3 on an iPad mini! Or at least read about it!

therandomone says:

I'm loving all of your contests! Hopefully I can win one of them!

lezleeann says:

I am hoping for color options like the new ipods!

jdivers03 says:

Would love to win one for the wife!

v1nn1e says:

Rene, I'm not above begging you guys to pick me! haha. :)

drewsonian says:

Looking forward to the announcement! Enter me to win!

Tevlon says:

would be wonderful to get my hands on one of these! :D

jcb18 says:

Don't have an iPad yet and a free 99 iPad Mini would be awesome!

JonnyUK says:

Good luck everyone! hope i can win because its the only way ill be getting one! :P

kjjostes says:

Would love this!! THANKS iMore, you're AWESOME!!!

MattDaddy26 says:

please hook a brotha up!!!

jdubman says:

Would love to win the iPad mini. Please save me from standing in long line ups!! Thanks in advance

Freiteez says:

Can't wait to see what it has to offer

AVHemi5256 says:

This would be a nice present for my wife!

DENN1S says:

My eyes would really enjoy reading a bigger screen at night, the iPhone is great, but small, and the big Ipad seems too big. Hope I win!

am0rty says:

If I win an ipad mini then I would always travel at :)

pauley79 says:

I would love to win this... In fact it would be nice to win something in my life

4ndzt says:

I don't know what to expect from Apple to call or name it. But, i'm sure i will love it! haha. When iMore make free giveaway like this, hell yeah i'm going to enter. #win

Zzlovers says:

I would love to win the iPad Mini ~ It would be nice :D

Thx ^^)

excaliburca says:

Always game to try a new product, especially when there's a good possibility that it'll be free. :)

godfada says:

OMG!!! please please! I really really want one! Please i wanna win!

zhulm says:

Mmmm.... I'd love one :-)

taudilee says:

a new guy is switching to iphone5 and iMore. cheers!

Juan Peso says:

I want to reeeviiiiieeeeewww it!

jhpphantom says:

I would love to have one. Been waiting for this for awhile!

pebbles856 says:

the iPad Mini would be great for my Dad.

jademan38 says:

I would love an Apple Pad 7.0 :).

Geoffd420 says:

Thanks for all the love iMore!

jarniella#IM says:

i'm excited. can't wait to see it. hope it comes in RED!!

Matador says:

my daughters birthday is coming up on the 28th....she would really love this!!! Keeps steeling our iPads!

Santiagodr says:

Thank Imore you guys are the best in what you do. Please pick me thank you for all you do.

smpie says:

Awesome giveAway..
As a new member i discovered iMore true the appStore hitting the related button on an other app.
Great site and great app..
Some times it's a pity that i can't always get everything here in Europe..
That's why i like this giveAway...Hope to win...
And good luck to all of us..

Peace ;-)

jbudke says:

Thank you in advance for giving me the iPad mini.

walker023 says:

Hope this gets announced today!

jbaez3018 says:

I've always wanted an iPad , this is my chance!! :) Thanks iMore

karimkanj says:

i hope i'm that lucky winner :D i would love to have the ipad mini please pick me !!

fournwoof says:

iPad Mini is delicious. I would love one!

theleescott says:

allright, let's see if somebody from a corn field in illinois can get a win here! by the way, love your show every week rene! ipad mini! yeehaw.............

ABCampbell7 says:

iPad Mini!? Fits nice in hand, great for books!!!!!???? I would love to win and give it to my sister for school please!!! :)

KCMike says:

Count me in please! :)

dfine1966 says:

I am glad this is a Treat, not a Trick. This is just like coming home when I was a kid on Halloween in looking through the pillow case for all the candy. Thanks iMore.

DaHui623 says:

I see the 7-8" form factor as a media consumption device, not quite as productive as the full sized iPad. So the enormity of the iOS ecosystem and tablet specific apps would make the iPad mini the best small tablet on the market. Count me in!

mmartins94 says:

Time to win myself an iPad mini!

voldak says:

I'm hoping to get an iPad Mini if the price is right. I'd like to get a tablet. Hopefully this will priced competitively.

Tanmay007 says:

Good things are never free! But cant hurt trying ;)

Jamess9046 says:

Can't wait to see if they're colourful, I'm guessing so given apple's emphasis of colour in the event images.

jsknee says:

I love iMore's contests / giveaways! Thanks!

SuperBad007 says:

ipad mini sounds good for education purpose and reading books.......hoping for getting a one from imore!!!!!

Burr510 says:

Ok, here is my comment. When are you sending my my iPad Mini? ...I'm joking :)
Good luck everyone!

emjayess says:

Would love to give an iPad mini to my son who just started college! Thanks!

npblanch says:

I would love to have an iPad mini! Thanks!

JamesTheLess says:

Great site, Rene...been loving it and the podcasts. First heard about you on MacBreak Weekly.

Anyway, here I am putting my hand up for an iPod Mini!

saraloz1 says:

iPad mini, IPad Mini, iPad mini!!

jdink03 says:

iPad Mini would be grand

gheitzner says:

I would like to win one please!!!!!!!!!!!!

FrankN89 says:

Please, mine, please! My precious!

kepano915 says:

This would be nice to have.

verdante5 says:

iPad Mini is my dreaam device!! iPad is too big (yet expensive) I need something that lighter than iPad but bigger than my iPhone 4S.. iPad Mini pleeeaaaasseeeeeeeee :D

iKcp says:

I went Mac/Apple 5 years ago. Never looking back.
Preparing to buy the new iPhone 5, I found iMore to be extremely helpful. Now that I have the new iPhone, I found a new case and many other accessories, right here on iMore.
Thanks iMore.

ajhall62 says:

Sure. I am ready to win one

Ziltoid says:

Count me in for one of these bad boys! Thanks, iMore!

Premium1 says:

Would love to win one of these.

k_kjong says:

another contest! iMore rocks! Hopefully I'll win this one. :)

dbabbel says:

there are mini reasons i want one

Hateboy says:

Thanks for being so awesome!

IrishLawd says:

Can't wait to read all about this in the Daily's tomorrow morning - I'm sure they'll tear it to pieces and call me a sheep as usual...really hope Apple can price it well in the UK and blow everyone away.

el_capitan10 says:

I've got this one in the bag!

jobu3434 says:

I'm excited for the event and would love to be a lucky winner

pivale says:

i really really really want one :)
i would look epic going to work with one in my hand!

Mnemonical says:

iPad mini come to me plz ;-)

vates says:

imore + chance to win a "ipad mini"...priceless!! love the site!!!

Ben0rr10 says:

Ill take one, hopefully in black.

mossdesoymilk says:

So excited for the iPad mini! I can't watch it live today so I'll e counting on you guys to fill me in when I get off work! Lol

JeremieJones12 says:

Dr. Evil voice "Breathtaking, I shall call it iPad Mini."

hggs says:

Awesome! Count me in! (Black iPad Mini if possible).

bobinc says:

I think the mini is a great move. Could help tap into the on the go readers a lot because of the easier to manage size. Hopefully the storage and price point fall in line.

geromesky says:

I would love to win this new ipad mini :)

m100 says:

Finally Apple releases a product that those of us with teeny tiny hands can take full advantage of!

dalbertson says:

Winning an iPad mini (or whatever the name turns out to be) would be amazing! Thanks iMore!

fedemancebo says:

I'd love to win the new iPad mini!!!!!

jlake02 says:

Count me in! iMore contests rule! :D

mat8823 says:

I would love to win Imore is the best.

IqWaN says:

i hope i can win this...

Haruhiko says:

I love iMore! :-) you guys are one of the best Apple blogs.

HuKaShI says:

And the winner is ........ me!

tbaptista says:

Would love to win... I want to be a winner not a loser! lol

Mark511 says:

I don't have an iPad but I would like one to have one!

ghern15 says:

I would love that iPad mini

gmanist1000 says:

Would love the opportunity! Thanks!

Ducimus says:

I must win this one. Je dois absolument gagner cette fois-ci....

iNitvizn says:

In for free iPad mini - thanks iMore!

jman0829 says:

I want it! I've been dreaming about this ipad forna while lol please! I want it in black.

Andrey says:

iMore always with the big hands and big gifts. Gl to all and this is my entry as a hopeful winner of the new iPad mini.

Cheers for the opportunity :)

stevethomp says:

Great offer, although I have been looking forward to lining up for it :P

black_84 says:

Would love to have an iPad mini so I can get my iPad back from my kids!

shack1108 says:

I'd love one! Thanks iMore! (and if there's a choice of color, black please!)

bholzgen says:

Who wouldn't love an iPad mini?!?!?! Pick me!

railstop says:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!! :)

Prop_r says:

I'll take a free iPad mini. Nice piece of tech right there!

h0ts4uce says:

Finally an iPad that might be in my budget!

samerised says:

I'll love to have an iPad mini! It will be so good for reading and carrying around.

iPhone4Jay says:

Yay I would love this. Plan in installing in the dash of my BMW to replace my factory radio.

mrrobinson says:

Thanks for the contest, iMore.

Harnoor Singh says:

please i want a ipad mini th
anks for the contest iMore

franc0la says:

iPad mini... You're my only HOPE!