Win a free iPad mini from iMore!

Apple has announced the iPad mini and we know you want to get your hands on one immediately if not sooner -- who doesn't? -- so iMore wants to make it as easy as possible for you...

By giving away a free iPad mini to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

And if you haven't already, make sure you also enter to:

As for the rules: We'll adjust the details (name and model) once Apple's made the announcement. One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the tablet, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 5875 comments. Add yours.

lee.michael.f92 says:

This is needed by me! lol Please and thank you IMORE.

pink2 says:

OMG, If I could win one of these I'd be so happy!!

JeevesVic says:

Totally would help me with school! My laptop is about to die :(

jenny4lind says:

after the keynote... must have!!

jeffvanluijk says:

Really nice for the price :)

davetheswabian says:

that would be a handy little thing to have

stuntmonkey says:

Good luck to everybody! More luck for me!

awatkins1983 says:

Pick me! and hopefully my boys (ages 7 & 3 ) will keep their paws off Dads.

larryganz says:

I was ready to write off the iPad mini, but with LTE available it's a real iPad. And a 32Gb LTE mini is only $30 more than a 16GB full size iPad 2 with 3G, and $80 less than a new 16GB iPad Retina with LTE. I'll take 32GB and a smaller form factor over 16GB any day.

italiano23 says:

I am ready count me in!!!

acmorris says:

Looking a great Christmas present, hopefully I can put this under my Christmas tree. A gift from imore to my family! Would make for a nice Christmas for holiday season!

tbro4033 says:

Still a tablet virgin. Help me out, iMore! Thanks

CamKrohn says:

Would love an iPad mini unreal thin!

mskree says:

I would love the Ipad mini!

prophoto1 says:

omg i really need this ipad mini!!! it was what i was waiting for! the size for my needs is perfect for my daily routine! please pick me!

Fokas914 says:

iPad mini looks amazing!!

AndroidArmageddon says:

This will be great because its even more portable and the real thing not a knock off!

Dev from tipb says:

You probably thought the giveaway would be worth about $70-$100 less when this was posted :)

Midwest79 says:

I would love to win an iPad mini!

clangeddin says:

I would love one of these! I'm 0-2875 this year on contests.

smthkat789 says:

This a great day, all these new gadgets are awesome.
Can't wait to get all new apple gear.

tomklyn says:

oh yeah maybe i will win something this time

310mike says:

Android sucks! I want this mini PLEASE!

johndforney says:

The iPad Mini would make a great Christmas present for my 9 year old daughter.

meetshah1991 says:

This would be once in a lifetime thing if I win this :D
Never have won anything like this !!

paultseng1 says:

i would like to get 1 to try it and a little pricy.

ja283ja says:

I want an iPad mini ASAP. Roger rabbit pleaseeeeeee

harryflyer says:

It would be great to win an Ipad Mini!

andyjcrowder says:

Count me in! I'd gladly win :)

wdfly says:

I had to post on my phone because my desktop gives me an error message.

Dozer78 says:

It has everything imore told us it would have but i'm not happy with the price so I would love to win one thanks.

RoboGhost says:

Thank you for the opportunity.

GaiusPrimus says:

Maybe i'll win this time.... maybe 18th time is the charm for anything at all....

dpolletta says:

One mini iPad to go, Please!

Moose1331 says:

Here's my comment! Thanks :)

tmimi says:

Already dreamin' about getting a hold to the iPad Mini! I think it's an awesome addition to the apple family. Definitely would luv to win the iPad mini :)

DaPhoneking says:

Please oh please pick me. :D

Droid_Elmo says:

I would love the mini. Perfect size. Please pick me.

dwcope says:

can't wait to get my hands on one of these

Altinakis George says:

Hi there iMore!

Wishing all the luck to everyone for the iPad mini prize! ;-)

afus1979 says:

Who has Brown hair and blue eyes... This guy, and he would love the Ipad Mini!!

soleobjective says:

how are winners selected? Anyway, hope its me this time!! :)

hankychief says:

The iPad mini looks so much better than the Nexus 7. Not even close.

lucasintag says:

Thanks for the opportunity to win a mini Ipad! I will be crossing my fingers!

NYSportzNut says:

The drool factor for the iPad mini is off the charts - I'd love to win one!!!!

NorBoii says:

An iPad Mini would be the perfect gift for my dad, because his old PC is having lockups and sudden reboots.

lmcfarland says:

I love my 32 GB iPad 2 WiFi only - but it's looking like upgrade time! Hello 32 or 64 GB iPad Mini with 4G access!!
Where's our new iTunes? I was told there'd be new iTunes. :?

Patzym says:

I always read this blog. Im from Dominican Republic and would love to win this iPad mini :)

MayhemMaybe says:

Mini Cooper, mini me, mini iPad.

donalgio says:

Please please pick me. I would LOVE to win this iPad mini. I'm your biggest fan. :D Thanks in advance.

NullifiedOne says:

i could really use one of these, unfortunately i still do not have the money for one.

JohnBR369 says:

I won't stop asking until I get one of these!

MrLogan says:

Me, please! Would be great to use for textbooks.

frozencloud says:

Give me one already...I'm not in the greatest mood

Ekuar says:

Let me try again ;) would love to add an iPad mini to my apple family. Also would be a nice Christmas present for my girlfriend;).

parabel says:

Black mini please - thanks! :)

devoted101 says:

Sunshine, lollipops and an iPad mini? If only...

Crown510 says:

I'm convinced apple is better than ANDROID ANY DAY! Please let me have one :)

willfcc says:

AT&T, white 64gb please!

muzikmyke says:

I love iMore and would love to Win an iPad Mini!!! I still have a 1st gen iPad that my 3yr old son is waiting to get his hands all over once daddy has his iPad Mini lol. Crossing my fingers! Thanks guys!

Chris_c81 says:

Good luck everyone! Crossing fingers and toes xD

w0werine says:

I would loooove a 16GB Black WiFi only model. iPad mini ftw! :)

CG68 says:

I would love to win a mini-me iPad!

Stiebs says:

As a college student, I'd love an iPad mini! Thanks iMore!

cgalloni#IM says:

I hope I win this Ipad. I love it

Jontrg says:

Sorry Apple i really feel you dropped the ball and are letting Samsung in. The price point of $329 is too high and a new iPad fourth generation already way too soon so whats left for March. Won't be buying either one I just bought a iPad 3rd generation in March and I don't feel any need to upgrade cause a front facing camera is just not that big of deal. The new iPad 3rd generation processor is fast enough.

db301 says:

I would love to have an iPad mini and I would love it even more winning it from!!!

adamwrobinson says:

Even though I just complained about the price on doesn't mean i don't want one! Thanks iMore!

StephenDavis says:

I wouldn't think I would really wont a iPad mini, but after watching the keynote and the advertisements, I saw how portable and the great quality of this new device. So I instantly came to iMore and there it was a iPad mini giveaway. Please pick me, it would be really fun.
Sincerely Stephen

skeets000 says:

Awesome, this would be a Christmas gift for my parents.

LyndaP says:

An iPad Mini might break my husband of the need for paper books, allowing me to share my book library with him. Sure would love that!

nikkisharif says:

Thanks're AWESOME!! Now actually winning would be even better ;)

schnebs1 says:

I would really like one of these - thanks iMore!!

henrymagnusrex says:

I'm excited, because this is the contest I'm finally going to win. I can feel it.

Beautiful device the iPad mini is.

PurpleBerryB says:

MisterDelFuego would love to win and iPad mini!

screamlordbyron says:

I'm not sure about the $329 price tag, but the Mini looks pretty sweet. Sign me up for a free one! ;-)

bbsadaj says:

I love contests. Thanks imore

Delrahim69 says:

I think it will be cool but don't think I would buy it. I have the new iPad and its perfect for me, not so say I don't want one. I just wouldn't put out the cash for a secondary device. Either way thanks iMore and I hope I win!

raffitou says:

Hope to win "Win a free iPad mini from iMore!"

BigMac774 says:

I hope they make a red Smart Cover that would look awsome on a black mini

Blackfeet says:

I'm in. Might save me from having to buy one. Of course, It might save me from buying TWO (1 for me, and one for the Mrs.).

scottfrobb says:

The new form factor would be a welcome addition to my media i.e. Comic book reading, workflow

misnad says:

I'd love to win an iPad mini for my mom. Thank you for the opportunity.

dtrm7891 says:

I would really love to win the ipad mini!!

levi10288 says:

Beautiful device...Need 1!

cyed666 says:

Awesome! I'd like one!

devereauxx says:

looks to be the best small sized tablet out there but only one way to know for sure.

cubanhoya says:

I definitely could possibly like winning this.

disciple27 says:

Please let me win the iPad mini.

Sweet-tea says:

Love the site. My first tech read of the day on a daily basis....

tdhoss says:

This iPad Mini is just the right size for safe portability in a healthcare setting. It will fit inside a lab coat pocket perfectly.

Tony2ieu says:

ipad mini would be sweet! =)

simplylaurakb says:

I'd love to win an iPad Mini! I just can't justify buying one...sigh...

weaponx_mcmlxxxi says:

Come on IMORE!!!!! I need one since I'm starting school once I get out of the military this month. Pick me!!!!!

Bjones718 says:

I hope I win this time... (Crossing fingers, but not really crossing fingers)

SagarK says:

jus purchased new ipad n already regretting it cuz of REFRESH

tadnishida says:

A mini would rock the gym

Gators625 says:

I work in education and this thing would be a huge benefit to my work! I would love one, guys!

Uri Kelman says:

Putting in my entry for the iPad mini. If I win, my wife will be very happy. iMore, please make my wife happy. :)

furiousyellow says:

This is the iPad I should have waited for.

pyramid38 says:

The mini has arrived. Looks very cool. I hope I win. Thank you iMore for another excellent giveaway.

tx76mike says:

Want a black WiFi+Cellular :-)

iEd says:

Poppa needs a new iPad mini

Elmstreetwest says:

What a great product we have to look forward to.

phreddyl says:

This would be a nice addition to my ios line up- thanks in advance!

iYasin says:

iPad mini, 16GB wifi, blaaaack!! this is what i want please

ifellasleep says:

my right pocket thanks you in advance

be12nard says:

I am the biggest fans for iMore website. Excellent and keep up the good work here.

mariestp says:

Hi, this iPad mini might be a bit or a nightmare for competitors. Well I am sold Apple for the quality of their products.

halasz55 says:

like the look, and aspect(ipad mini), not happy with price point over $299.00

AppleLover says:

I would love the new ipad mini. I hav never won a competition and this would be great. And black please. Thanks imore ur the best

sharechair says:

Are you really going to read all these?
I would love this iPad Mini for ME.
I am 62 years old and 6 months ago I started my own tech blog for OLDER people. It is casual and easy, and I strive to keep things conversational and simple to help new users with their devices. I would love an iPad Mini so that I could talk intelligently and with first-hand knowledge about this great new Apple goodie.
My "everyday" tech blog for older people can be seen here:
I believe that technology ENHANCES life for aging folks, and my goal is to encourage and empower them to pick up these gadgets and try. An iPad mini would be an awesome addition to my effort!!!
Thank you for your consideration!

M_Stephens says:

This is why iMore is the greatest website on planet Earth!

IcantCanything says:

A free iPad mini.. Yeah I'll take one maybe white maybe black I really don't care because its free right! Plus I read all the way to the end and ill buy all the accessories that I'll need. ;)

quigs1 says:

Nice to have another option...

ipravyn says:

please count me also.... :)

wes2nice says:

I would love to win this, so I will be able to use it in Church for Worship while I'm playing my guitar.

mishie says:

please enter me, thanks

bamf-hacker says:

Since I am not going to buy one at the introduced pricing, I figure I should enter and try and win one. I still want it, I just think the price point is too high.

Straaa says:

Awesome contest! Hope I will win. ^_^

johndhynes says:

Just what I need for school!

bizzob223#IM says:

I Love iMore and I Love iPads


I would love an ipad mini!

riz1211 says:

I really want to get it!

BrockS. says:

Do want.

As a side note, I remember logging in earlier to comment from another system but not sure I actually did since I got pulled away with work stuff so...if I have a previous comment already I'm sorry. Not trying to cheat, just trying to make sure I got an entry in

agoravai says:

$329 is too pricey for an iPad 2 re-edition.

CamLyng says:

I would love to win an ipad mini. Mini ipad for mini me :)

scabbard says:

Only way I will be able to get one is to win one

lfc_fcbarcelona says:

Thanks for the opportunity !!! :)

Degree says:

Since I have an iPad 3, a mini would be great for my grandson. I think he would carry it around college just fine.

fivegear says:

I would love to have one!! Thanks imore :-)

seebrock says:

One of these would be great for me to carry to school with me.

stanleylam528 says:

have iPad2, iPhone5. No more buying unless free

paelzersebbi says:

I'm maybe lucky this time! I like your giveaways!!!

yakimaray says:

Great giveaway iMore! I really hope I win! I've had the past 2 iPad models, haven't got new iPad yet. But I think the mini is perfect for my needs. The new iPad is great with retina and big screen but I think the mini would be a better fit.

Thank iMore for the awesome giveaways. I'm entered to win the iPhone, touch and nano.

reyrey127 says:

Interesting.... I really really wish the iPad mini was cheaper... Guess not :(

Adrian Liu says:

I would love to have a white iPad mini.
Many thanks to iMore for these giveaways!

trotts15 says:

I wonder how successful the mini will be

Nikyd says:

Thanks iMore!!! I want an iPad Mini! Great offer! Winner!!!

Jay802 says:

CROSSING FINGERS... please please please

maxrogr says:

Wow, an even lighter ipad to carry around, sometimes i wish the ipad was lighter. now it is.. I want one.

miikeyroks#CB says:

So excited for the mini! Taking pictures at Disneyland will look less funny now!

vincechiu says:

Hope I'm the lucky one...

sbronko31 says:

Yes, please! Would be great replacement for this Playbook!

TheBowser17 says:

I'd love to win one!

Thanks for the contest!!

parikhtarak says:

Thats great.. .amazing.. imore is giving ipad mini.. or ipad 4?? I will be happy to get any one of them :)

XenIneX says:

I have a comment. Right here. Just for you.

torresjohn says:

I would love a new iPad for college. Would help me a lot.

Gigi100557 says:

I like the fact that iMore has these simply contests to win new idevices. I would like to win one! Thanks iMore team!

xshieh says:

I would love to win a new ipad mini! Thanks!

siddfinch says:

Don't have an iPad yet, so thanks for the opportunity!

JasonR02 says:

I've always wanted an iPad, but even the mini is just out of my budget right now. You would have a very happy and grateful winner if you pick me.

Click says:

Another great give away. Would love to win this. Thanks as always iMore.

hudsond5 says:

I definitely need to enter the contest!

onedunya says:

I would love to have an iPad mini for when I do not want to carry my iPad 3 around. Apple just keeps coming up with drool worthy hardware!

slalomskie says:

If I win one I will own one, but I will not buy one, not at that price.

seanb61 says:

iPad mini makes me want to downsize.

ray-kay says:

LEGEN, wait for it, DARY! :D

RomBot says:

Thanks for all the contests!

birdman325 says:

Mini Mini, would love to win a Mini

v6mikey says:

Looks awesome. I definitely want one!

Mark99Wright says:

Looking forward to getting a new iMac in December.
An iPad mini for free would be a bonus.

MelaBee says:

I hope to be the lucky winner 1 day. Until then, I'll just keep trying...

soysauce44 says:

I'd love to win one for my mom!

boochrisboo says:

I will take one.. Thank you

marco.jose says:

Could I have one, please?

actionj99 says:

This will make a great xmas gift.

Highrisedrifter says:

I would also be very pleased to receive a free one courtesy of iMore! Fangyow!

drkknyt98 says:

So many contests, so little time, but the right time. This one is by far the best of the product giveaway! I'd pick me if I were you. In the name of mobility and USA.

artjz24 says:

Keeping my fingers crossed!

olajosgatya says:

I love the iPad mini. Its just the right size.

idthompson says:

I have to be in it, to win it.......

JimmyNg says:

Didn't update to new iPad so would luuv to have this one.

Matteman says:

I want one, give it to me..

kevwillmore says:

Officially making the switch from Android.

jfs101 says:

You had me at free stuff! Thanks for the chance to win this.

98tiburonfx says:

Pick me my wife would love it.

thunter007 says:

I would love a new iPad mini.

clifffc says:

I won't buy it, but I will use it if I win one. :)