Win a free iPad mini from iMore!

Apple has announced the iPad mini and we know you want to get your hands on one immediately if not sooner -- who doesn't? -- so iMore wants to make it as easy as possible for you...

By giving away a free iPad mini to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

And if you haven't already, make sure you also enter to:

As for the rules: We'll adjust the details (name and model) once Apple's made the announcement. One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the tablet, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 5875 comments. Add yours.

lmbrrt says:

I would love a black one please!

ericsmcdonald says:

Yes please! I'd love a black/slate 64g that has Verizon LTE!!!! Please .......... :)

dvdmovieking says:

I like the look of the iPad mini better than the standard iPad. The slate back on the black model has a nice look.

idlezork says:

if i win this ipad mini can i sell it on craigslist?

mikelisse says:

My original iPad is now obsolete! :( I sure could use one of these to take advantage of iOS6 :).

pjbaird says:

I was really anticipating the iPad mini announcement since I loved the size and convenience of my Kindle Fire. But the $329 starting price gives me reason to reconsider. For $170 more I can buy the iPad 4th gen and that doesn't seem equitable.

mcswan says:

Well, I've entered almost every other contest here, one more can't hurt!

xanadukeeper says:

heeeeeeeeeeeeey guuuuuuuuuys

NPR_Aficionado says:

Please, please, please pick me!!

Thanks for the great contest iMore. We all love you!

sqadan says:

Please!!! I need to get one for my wife's Birthday!!

Markaroni says:

WOWZER,So 6 mos. later the big cahuna announces a revised iPad 4,that will make the previous version sloooooooow!I want a classy mini.

AndresE says:

Count me in! If I am going to get my hands on one, winning is the only option for me right now. Fingers crossed!!!

arqjosemendoza says:

My "New" New-iPad its now an "OLD iPad", im feeling sad... But a new iPad Mini could kinda make me happier!

amastop02 says:

You know you want me winning this contest! #justsayin

DC10450 says:

Yes please, I will gladly accept one!

SkinEgg says:

That's a great contest. Good job iMore

jbzapataz says:

Apple did awesome making the ipad mini!

HawaiianLion says:

iPad mini looks amazing, read the blog every day via the iOS app, sure would love to read next week that you lovelies had picked moi as the winner. Aloha

grantalias says:

While less expensive it's still to rich for my blood. This contest would be the only way I could afford one.

shahidw says:

I'd love to have one. Hope I win.

Cheers iMore!!

garydr says:

iPad mini?? I'd love one. Plus, Montréal is one of my favourite cities!! You can't beat a Montréal bagel.

csullivan1980 says:

This would be the perfect gift for my niece who cannot get her hands off of my iPhone 5 :) It would make her day!

coolpanino says:

I am really considering buying one, as I have a 2nd generation ipad, and a smaller version of that would be perfect for me. Plus, the screen will look better in comparison, as it is the same resolution, but with a higher ppi.

ibcook says:

I would really like one to help me transition to digital sketching.

thebeast3203 says:

You guys make this too good to turn down!!

musikaaa says:

I'd love one! Thanks iMore!

davjaxn says:

Another AMAZING giveaway. Of course, it would be even more amazing if I won!

sushiance says:

Who would choose an ipod touch rather than an ipad mini?

dasupaman23 says:

I would love to win the Black iPad Mini!!!!

dodgeryel says:

I would love the ipad mini it looks awesome

motanu200 says:

i hope to win. fingers cross

Bluecanary says:

My comment has been left below! iPad mini!

achitay says:

I want de Black pleas ;)

wencyv says:

cant wait for the ipad mini and i wish this time it would be me. thanks in advance

twbettis says:

Yes please! I'll go with white, if there's a choice :D

Bengalfan1 says:

I would love to win this. Another great contest iMore.

coffee4mc says:

I love it, but I was hoping for a way lower price. I can't afford it, so perhaps I'll be fortunate enough to win one.

wrxnfx says:

Family needs an iPad Mini so kids don't fight over iPad 2. This is more necessary than an iPhone 5 and the new iTouch as giveaways.

RoboCop85 says:

Just joined the imore club I want this iPad mini

madmackie2 says:

Looks like a good size for traveling on the plane....

freyourself says:

i love iMore! i would definitely like to have an iPad mini!

scatteredthings says:

I would love one! Thank you :)

Friday Mark says:

Would love a new iPad mini to replace my now out dated iPad 1:(

DynaGix says:

I was pleased with the new products that were announced today.

jwindsor says:

Thanks for sponsoring this!

scooter#IM says:

I never win anything. Perhaps my luck will change with this iPad Mini.

Or perhaps not.

Unfrozen says:

The $500+ iPad outsells every other tablet combined from bargain bin 7" to 14" monsters. I would say that this isn't aimed at competing with that 18% of the tablet market that is bargain bin tablets. It's aimed at consumers that want an iPad that's more portable, those that want an entry level iPad or are gifting one and for the businesses and schools to outfit their people with iPads at a reduced cost in bulk.

poofie says:

Mini iPad you complete me.

khobia2 says:

Yep. Would love to win an iPad mini. Will give it to my wife. Yay!!!

btitus says:

Can a brotha finally win one your contests please?!

Clavos10 says:

Mini iPad? Here is a mini coment: Sounds fun!

russcw71 says:

I want one too!!!!! Big iPad for at home, mini iPad for out and about!!!!! Brilliant!!!

wateron says:

I'll try again, maybe someday I'll be a winner!

radrob2 says:

I can not wait to see a real one! Would be great to win the freebie!!

3.juan4 says:

Free? Why I never knew her!?

Tetseya says:

Can't wait to see it in person. Thx iMore

Book Writer says:

Yay! New iPad Mini. I would like to see how this stands up in the future. I would like one, any color would do.
Book Writer

-Dice- says:

I would love to get one!

rrentrop says:

This is my comment. I wish I had more to say, but I simply want to win an iPad Mini. Thank you.

Mrboneal says:

Good things come in small packages.

Dark_Blu says:

I'll take a white iPad mini, thanks. I'll send my iPad2 to my 13 year old and once iMore starts selling cases for the iPad mini, I'll get a leather folio.

iAgis says:

I want it! thank you imore for another great opportunity!

delanscott says:

Please and thank will make a nice gift for my wife

odidy92 says:

Thanks for the opportunity!

nowhereslow says:

My mom would love one of these!!! Me please!!!

ericvn says:

Would love a mini to go with my now old IPad.

iMonty says:

This iPad Mini would be a great Xmas gift for my family...

Scooter2 says:

Looks cool, but I would have to play with one before I got one.

Ddockery says:

Would be interesting to compare the mini to the full size - not sure I need one in between.

dlewis5 says:

This is what I have been waiting for!!!

vivajay74 says:

I don't ask for much in life except for the chance to win an iPad Mini!!! Pretty please with sugar on top :)

ChrisxJacobsen says:

This would be a perfect device for my Wife. Her small hands would fit perfectly with it, and she loves playing games and reading books on mine. Please iMore, give my wife this device so I can get my iPad back!!!

alex954 says:

I do not have any i devices, and would love to get one for free!

asfrank16 says:

I would love to win an iPad Mini. Thank you for the opportunity!

ahunnicutt80 says:

I NEED the new iPad Mini. I don't even have a regular iPad!!

Ayush_WP says:

One with cellular would be so awesome :D

brysonray says:

i would absolutely love to win this new ipad mini!!! I'm preparing my speech now

bveno33 says:

Probably the only way I would get one. The $329 starting price with lack of retina will probably keep me from buying one myself.

Jeromegotevo4g says:

Oh what the Hell-icoptor.....I didn't win the iPhone 5, so I bought it. Maybe I can snag this IPad Mini.

True Choice says:

Please don't make me beg. Ok maybe just a little begging. "Please please please pick me"

spalten says:

I would love to win this as an update to my ipad 1.... thanks for the great contest!

6dean9 says:

A fantastic product that both my girls will want for Christmas. Disappointed though that $329 US seems to translate to £269 UK despite the fact that in reality it should be £206 !! Would be nice to win one though.

ali imran says:

I gotta have an iPad mini!!!

Perryn27 says:

My gadget senses are tingling... #techjunkie

tansaucj says:

Good things do come in little packages!!!

Jack of Bears says:

The changes to size and weight seem more compelling than I'd expected. Can't wait to get my hands on one of these!

d_downs says:


smwinn7 says:

wow you guys are just giving everything away..................I like it

Freaktoid says:

I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really need one of these in my life

captain_dl#AC says:

I would love to win an iPad Mini to see how it compares to my Nexus7. :-)

Abhi4321 says:

White iPad mini. I really appreciate this imore

jimmy954 says:

Already have an IPad, would love to win the mini for a gift!

andy1221 says:

ive never won anything in my life so this would be a great start

vkondelka says:

It looks pretty good ;-)

Sancho90 says:

Give me some of that iPad Mini goodness!

mikebaez1 says:

I just viewed the Apple Key Note. I love Apple's new iPad Mini. Definitely have to get one.

fordgirl14 says:

I would love to win one for my daughter for Christmas! Thanks for another great contest!!

phxshadow1 says:

would love to have one!!! Apple all the way!!

Waynegfx says:

If I win this mini iPad, it might ease the pain of getting the 3rd gen. IPad two months ago. I now have an outdated "New iPad" that sucks big time

2hot says:

Me Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.

franklrb81 says:

I am really happy with what Apple announced, even if iMore had us all covered on what we should've expected. Great stuff!

nawadley says:

I think this would be great - a 10 inch tablet is a bit to large for me, but this looks like a perfect size! Thanks for the opportunity!

DenchStephen says:

I would really want one please thanks says:

Apple should allow us people that bought the "new" iPad 3 not to long ago to get a discound with the "new new" iPad :)

Joque222 says:

This one is looks way better than the original ipad! Disliking the big bezel on the original one :)

hector_0304 says:

Looks awesome.. atlast some commendable competetion to Nexus 7.. But come on .. $329.. really...

JansonTeo says:

Would love to get my hands on the new iPad mini! Awesome to be able to hold it in one hand. Thumbs up for the anodized backing (Y)

tsky74 says:

Add my entry. I'd love a chance to win an iPad mini. Thanks iMore!

Obstreperouss99 says:

Pick Me for the iPad Mini!!!!!!!

tmeyn says:

Yes please. Thank you

kevum says:

Personally, i loved the iPad but it was always to big for me, this fits me perfectly. Looking forward to getting one!

ItaloBeko says:

I want an Ipad Mini! :) It's pretty cool this one! I want the white model.

rnbgrilla says:

ipad mini please any color thanks alot imore i luv u guys

Tytanious says:

My 1st gen iPad is super thick,
It doesn't run iOS 6,
Because it is so small and skinny,
Please, please, please, pick me to win the iPad mini!

MAGNUS says:

Always first with the best giveaways...

I would LOVE an iPad Mini. Please and thank you!

tengence says:

Hello I just love this site. I am an iOS developer and will be hopefully getting a new iPad mini to work with. Have a good day and thanks to your team for making so many devices available for us in your contests.

CrzyP says:

I'll take one for the wife! Please pick me. I want to spoil her this holiday. :)

secondman says:

I'll take a white/silver one!

wunhangios says:

Wow... so many contests of late!

aspeo says:

This sure looks interesting!

Janet. says:

Thank you for the contest Imore!! Would love a iPad mini for my son please. =^•^=

Drummertist says:

...AND THE WINNER IS...probably not me. I guess we'll see.

mrsoulmark says:

Looks like a great new iPad mini. I had the 1st Gen and gave it away as it was too heavy for an e-reader and getting slow on iOS5. Looking forward to this mini experience!

zaaach says:

An iPad Mini would be pretty cool :-)

Reach444 says:

Will be good to do a self comparison of the mini and the iPad.

NoleScream says:

I'm impressed with the mini, but even more impressed with the iMacs. Holy cow!

dowdyrich says:

Time to enter my name amongst the masses. It's a long shot, but it is a shot!

Holden7 says:

I want an ipad, please.

tomwurster says:

The new iPad Mini looks great. Would love to have one.

NotHomer says:

This would be the perfect gift for the girlfriend who is trying to become a tech geek. Count me in.

Cyrano says:

trying to convince the boss eg wife that I need to add the ipad mini my work bag. Winning would make that arguement easier!

Clubcarib says:

Oh yea, gonna get me one!

LookOutDJ says:

I would like a new iPad mini, very much.

NiteRida says:

My son wants an iPad mini for X-mas....can I get some help??

bren9200 says:

I Want The New Ipad PLEASE !!!!!!

quad100 says:

I do like it's size and i just don't see why i would want to get one with cell since i already got the iphone 5 so why get one with a cell? I mean just wifi is more then enough since these days it's so easy to find free wifi anywhere in a big city. So I guess for me i would be more then happy with just the wifi version.

wildfirex says:

Do want iPad mini! It would be great to drop apps on it for my kid to learn on...

chrishull says:

I'd love an iPad Mini to give to the Mini Me and keep my iPad out of his hands. :-)

jamescote says:

My wife would love this for around the house.

wickdisco says:

I'd love to win an iPad mini!

Spiros15 says:

Want one! It looks PERFECT !!!

RealNeal says:

Put my name in the hat! And thanks iMore, for another great give-away!

ipiyale says:

I'd love a new black iPad Mini!!

It's so funny to see how Apple can just steal the show away from everyone. The iPad Mini looks great! And with the reduced price, I have no doubt that everyone's going to be getting it for Christmas this year instead of an Android Tablet.

Thanks iMore for these great contests!

- Izzy (An enthusiastic new iMore fan since the iPhone 5 hype)

MrCid says:

Oooooh Yes Please!!!!

CooperS84 says:

*waves* I'd like an iPad mini and not have to pay for it! thanks! :)

djncanada1 says:

I would love to win this device

ThePinkChameleon says:

count me in - i'd LOVE the white one :)

johnnyZ003 says:

May I please win the new iPad mini?

Geoff says:

I'd love an iPad Mini! :)

ajonesma says:

I'd love to win an iPad Mini!

Abdpty says:

I want the mini ipad Now! and white please :)

Suavechef says:

If I win or not I am still going to get one so good luck to me!

crucial8 says:

Anyone else curious to know why they are offering the iPad 2, 4th Gen iPad and iPad Mini only? What happened to the 3rd Gen iPad?

nthn says:

This really is the perfect sized iPad imo. I had the full sized but this would work better for me. Thanks!

ZonicTH says:

I never win anything D:

oliverlock says:

I'm feeling it this time!

beach_J says:

You guys at imore are great! thanks for thinking of us. I think this form factor size is gonna be great. Can't wait to see if I win!
Thanks again.

Oddmouse says:

Please pick me says the little mouse

akif88alive says:

i want white ipad mini base model wifi. Please.

SpasticPat says:

black iPad mini please! iMore rocks!

nashlib says:

Hey. I would be great to get an ipad mini... out here in the middle east it will take all eternity and beyond to get these things in the right price - usually the price is blown beyond the reach of us expatriates !!!

cstewmax says:

I would love one! Could use it for both work and home!

St. Nick says:

Have to agree with other posts priced a little high to compete in this market. Sure Apple commands premium pricing but off the mark here.

cal919 says:

I think this is a great move. Like the Iphone the new Ipad mini will be an excellen introductory device to Apple for the masses.

Michaelmoves says:

So sad that my "new iPad" from 6 months ago is now dated. Winning a new iPad mini would make me feel so much better.

m_jameson1 says:

Sure would Love a new iPad Mini from the awesome iMore team!

SatchelBuck says:

it's more expensive than i had expected. at least based on it's competitors.

sprocket2107 says:

I would love an iPad Mini!

jasondusko says:

I never win anything but here's to trying once again!

iMore you guys rock!

PhilUp says:

I'd love a new iPad mini

Andyjhay55 says:

Hello. Over here. I would love one.

JamesC1119 says:

would love an ipad mini! great giveaways!