Win a free iPad mini from iMore!

Apple has announced the iPad mini and we know you want to get your hands on one immediately if not sooner -- who doesn't? -- so iMore wants to make it as easy as possible for you...

By giving away a free iPad mini to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

And if you haven't already, make sure you also enter to:

As for the rules: We'll adjust the details (name and model) once Apple's made the announcement. One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the tablet, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 5875 comments. Add yours.

moose6260 says:

I would love to have a new ipad mini.

rockosauras says:

Looking forward to a pretty kickin baby iPad. Thanks iMore. Would love to rock this.

Clegg05 says:

I would be eternally grateful if you pick me iMore!

tazish says:

My wifes Ipad just died, this will save me. please please please.

GodOfThunder22 says:

Just saw the ipad mini presentation and a few hands on videos and I think it is the perfect size for a traveller as I find the iPad 3 rd gen too heavy to hold. Only thing the ipad mini is missing for it to be perfect is a retina display resolution. That being said since I am a student and prefer to carry ebooks in my ipad versus actual textbooks I would love to win an ipad mini. Love iMore for these awesome giveaways(although I have not won any ....yet ..fingers crossed.)

ssandler77 says:

I would like an Ipad Mini, Please.

Deucedeux says:

Wow. A mini would be an awesome tool for travel and school. Thanks for the giveaway.

aniko says:

Wow. Would love to have one of these! Thanks for the opportunity, and for keeping us updated!

gsearles says:

I would really like one for my son who has learning disabilities.

philloveblackberry says:

This iPad mini is amazing ! I would love to get my hands on one !

tarheeljohn says:

I'll take a Mini Ipad. It looks nice.

AnAppleADay says:

Yay - pick me pick me pick me. Please!!? I haven't one a thing yet :/

Erievon says:

I've owned a bb playbook since launch, I'm definitely ready for something new!!

iDavey says:

I would surely love this. So then I can give away my 3rd Gen iPad. :)

pidgeotto says:

I'm 18 and going traveling by myself for a few months in the new year and would love an ipad mini to take photos, skype family and keep in touch with friends over facebook and twitter.
Good luck everyone though

JJ_3G says:

I would love an iPad mini. Thanks iMore.

gadgetgirl says:

yes please would be soooo cooool for University!!!!

smittyofdhs says:

Sign me up for the giveaway.

evorc says:

The ipad mini is awesome! I would love one.

Ryel414 says:

Me, me, me please, White iPad Mini

Jetomatic says:

Nice! An iPad mini would be awesome! :)

jeet86 says:

I would love to have one

jjca says:

yessssss... please pro favor...

crebulus says:

Sure, I'll take it! Thanks.

jal1976 says:

Pick me, pick me!!! I want one!!!!!! Thanks.

playbook_007 says:

Please can I win it! Please:)

cj2b2bs says:

I am new to this site, glad I found it, I am so exicited that Apple has introuduced the 7", this fits in my hand and purse much better. (not cheating, but I don't see my previous comment) still learning my way around this site. I would love to win the ipad mini.... jus 4 me!!!

baneonrt says:

Enter enough contests and you still aren't likely to win. But then again don't enter and you're guaranteed not to.

nverma says:

I want it. Gimmee Gimmee!

nedu09 says:

I would love one! Thanks!!

acegi1983 says:

I would love to try out the mini

ajm91484 says:

It would be awesome if I were to be so lucky

jayack says:

Hope I win the new ipad mini could come in handy and I cant afford all these cool devices

ricbon says:

didn't win the iphone 5 , hopefully this time is a charm

Akshay sachdeva#IM says:

I Think Apple has made a good release of ipad mini for those who could not afford the bigger version of it and for those unable to carry such a big piece of the previous ipad. its size seems to be decent and truely saying it would be the best smart tab. 3 ceers for Apple Inc. .So i would also like to have one. 3 ceers for Apple Inc.

dimicioly says:

Sign me up! I'm alot more excited about the updated iMac though!

jreed06 says:

I would love an ipad mini!!!

evilsofa says:

This would make a great gift to give my Mom!

ChrisSkow says:

I'm entered! Lets do this

HFACE119 says:

I'd like to get my mother one of these for Christmas.. A free one always helps!

Reubenstein89 says:

I'd like one. It's worth a shot!

weas says:

The iPad mini is basically an iPad 2 scaled down to 7.9" si I think it'll have a grest perfonmance. And it's not expensive at all, notice that the entry price corresponds to a 16gb model!

joshtech23 says:

Sir, could I please have an iPad mini? It's for my family.. :)

jsb55 says:

Would love to win this and save myself from having to use my Kindle Fire!!

benbates says:

Thanks for all of the great reports, iMore! Would love to win an iPad mini for my wife!

Cantico says:

Would absolutely love one!!!

raven9810 says:

Another great Give-Away! I'm felling Lucky!

slippieslik says:

Love a white :) pretty please with a cherry on top!!

rreich49 says:

My ipad2 needs a baby brother (or sister).

Njamess96 says:

I would love to win one! c:

Lepennenere says:

I would love one. absolutely

littleredn says:

I Love IMORE! These contests are so fun and exciting!

Mossdaddy says:

i'm concerned about the price, but it looks like a great addition to the line in terms of capabilities. Love to have one.

romeytang says:

Bring on the new iPad. Need to start reading again and I am sure this will get me rolling.

iA says:

The iPad mini is a grate product and sets all of the 7 inch tablets apart from the iPad mini,AND it runs iPad apps the first TABLET that does not run on phone apps

Connard says:

I'm apprehensive about the mini.

Nick_87 says:

It would fit just right in my 7.9-inch hand ;)

number1jjackson says:

I really want the Black Ipad mini!!!!!!

Joshualee82 says:

Yes! I would love to be entered and win!!!

westongallagher says:

Thanks for all these chances to win. I think the new iPad mini looks awesome.

BeauGM#CB says:

A white one please so my three year old will let me use my iPad2 (soon to be upgraded to 4th gen)

Jeromegotevo4g says:

Why do I keep getting emails from these comments?

Jay Roc says:

Would So love To Win This love The Site keep the news coming!

Canadianmerc says:

Would look sweet next to my new white iPhone 5!! Looks really cool and better than I would have expected.

goodevening says:

This would be the perfect size to fit in my purse.

mfm77 says:

Let me complete the suite!

djohnston says:

I want to win!!! Pick me!!!

Buddy L says:

I would Love a Black iPad Mini to match and tether to my iPhone 5

tworth23 says:

Hello. Would love a new iPad mini please!

crazywabbit says:

Gee I could buy a smaller purse to carry it in, now have to have giant one for regular ipad

cdean16 says:

I like the matte black finish on the black model

Rgarza70 says:

Awesome. You guys rock!!! thx for giving the chance to win an iPad mini.

mcgahab says:

Can't wait to get one for only $329!!!!! :)

willymonsalve says:

A mini? great. Poor samsung note.

Nicoya2001 says:

♫Here I go again on my own, Going down the only road I've ever known♫....Imore to get a free IPAD. thanks guys!.

mridge23 says:

iPad mini in white would be lovely! :)

ehutchins says:

Would love a handheld iPad !! Thanks!

artiss says:

I'd love to win one for my daughter. She has been saving for her own iPad for months, and is still far away from the $329 price point. We'd be thrilled to win! Thanks for the entry.

DonB52#IM says:

Yes please...I'd love an iPad Mini!

smileymiles says:

it's sooooooo gorgeous! I want to hug it and pamper it and stare at it all the time, if it were mine! puhleassseeee, choose me!

bvilela says:

One for Portugal, please! (For me :))

rmejiaborja says:

Man! another great giveaway! good luck everyone.

siddo_d says:

I would love to have one, please.

mackinboi says:

another contest! I love iMore. Entered.

drewfus0929 says:

I would love another iPad, I always seem to want to use our current iPad 2 while my wife is already using it!

SpartaMK says:

wow hope i would get one, i dont care the details just to hold one

ArrioChain says:

I was definitely surprised by the price, was expecting closer to 250 or 275...

Jamest2000 says:

Please Pick Me, It Would Be My First!

Superben711 says:

I would really love to win an iPad mini. I am a huge Apple fanboy and don't have much of a social life so any Apple event is pretty much a social event for me. I would love the new size of the iPad mini so that I would be able to read because it keeps me busy

joulesnjim says:

enjoying your site and especially love your appearances on the TWit network. Love me a contest. Thanks...

DayAnStef says:

I've never been lucky to win a prize :( hopefully iMore will break that unfortunate of mine.. Greetings from Macedonia <3

iHeartApple2 says:

I am torn between the 4th gen iPad and the iPad Mini or maybe the 13" MacBook Pro. : )

Ides of Buster says:

I'll take an iPad mini in black, please. :-))

moheryea says:

I thing its little much for this...

alokeprasad says:

Maybe I will finally prove not to be a loser?

k1ing says:

Please let me win. Please let me win.. Crossing my fingers! =D

stantastical says:

Oh please let this be the first contest I've ever won!!!! Choose me!

vic867 says:

i would love to have a mini iPad...

M_Rod says:

I would love to own the iPad mini for free! Hope I win

ifobeejives says:

Gimme one please...
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

kyleriem says:

This would be SOOOOO awesome to win :)

GlennRuss says:

Put me down for one. Good luck to all.

FlopTech says:

We'd love a black iPad mini. Any memory size. Wi-Fi-only or Wi-Fi + LTE.
It's all good.

rewNATION says:

thanks for the opportunity!

Juiceair says:

I'd love to have one. Never owned an Apple product till a few months ago. Would go great with my iPhone!

kristopherlarry says:

I Bet This Time I Will Win!!!!

kitchen137#IM says:

I am impressed with the Ipad mini. I don't like the name but the device is top notch!

dweb#AC says:

man i would love to have one, i would give it to my grandama so she can get in touch with world of apple.

paulg1978 says:

I would kindly request to win.

prettybones24 says:

I can honestly say that I have never won anything before. All my money will be going into getting gifts for family members this holiday so no ipad mini for me. Please pick me cause I would like to finally say I one something. :)

andrew.ortwein says:

I'll take one (black if possible). Thanks!

D V says:

Well, now that it is $30 more than the $299 I expected, I cannot afford it. I hope I win one from iMore!

MacBookBuddy says:

This iPad Mini looks sweet!!

jasonpolk says:

Yes thanks, I'd love one.

jTemplar says:

The iPad mini is here, or at least there ... somewhere, but not actually here, as in with me so please despatch as soon as possible to me. Missing it already!

Benz85 says:

Sorry folks but this will be mine !

mattoaks says:

Oh the things I would do with an iPad Mini!! I'll show you if I win!!


this would be nice for my son for school

drewsammie says:

Rumors from anonymous sources say I might win this contest

jsbrock says:

Yeah, who wouldn't want an Apple product. I'd love one. Its my birth-month so pick me :)

KC1988 says:

Really want a new iPad!

peezyj says:

I'll take a free one any day!

ytsukid says:

I would love an iPad minion!

Chriswow says:

I want an iPad never had one before

morphorod says:

I would love to have one. Thanks

The Karma Police says:

I can't wait to add one of these to my Apple collection! I love the slate look of my iPhone 5 so I think i'd like to have the black iPad mini as well.

Comoromo says:

This thing looks boss! Any model or color would be awesome!

Rhizorne says:

I think I'm going to take a dip in the ipool

ThePerry says:

I was hoping the ipad mini would be under £200 unfortunately I cannot afford even the basic one... would love to win one tho.

Godwithme says:

I would love to be the winner. I have always liked to win one of itechs. Thanks God bless

aberdeen5 says:

Does the IPad Mini sound like the beginning of the end to the IPod Touch?

CMeyer2001 says:

Winning an iPad mini would be a great birthday present!!

Thachoc1 says:

Count me in, I'll take a freebie anyday!!!

Karrott9 says:

I could really use this for school!

yzzilyzzid says:

I need one of these just to show hubby that he should have been patient and not buy his kindle fire. :)

iPro says:

I would love one! ;)
If I can choose color too, i'd choose black.

davisbs1971 says:

Although I thought the specs would be better. I would happily take one. :-)

dip00dip says:

iPad mini, my precious …

mp_batera says:

I really want the ipad mini ! Please choose me

Regul8tR says:

I'd really like to get my 'hand' on one ; )

ReyGarza says:

Great cover of the Apple Event.
Thank You!

dale225 says:

My kids would love the mini iPad. With 1900+ other replies my chances are.. better than the state lottery, or being hit by lightning. I like my odds.

tylerluke says:

I am in LOVE with the iPad Mini! I've wanted one of these for over a year now!
imore love from CANADA! Boom! Like a Boss!

prplvlvt911 says:

Owning an ipad mini sure would make doing my job easier! Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win. Good luck to everyone! :)

laity78 says:

This would be so great to win this, I have wanted an iPad for so long but just couldn't afford it

curl2k1 says:

In for the win. Really wish these had started at a slightly lower price point. That psychological $300 barrier is in full effect

knightowl23 says:

Please pick me! Don't worry I will still keep reading if you don't.

Glenjemin says:

iPad Mini...gotta have it!

Sniv says:

Hopefully you'll want to send one all the way to Denmark...because that's where I'm from :-)

I've never had an iPad (I'm a student) but the new iPad Mini has potential! Fantastic that Apple has change its mind and want to give the smaller tablets a try. Bring on Nexus and all the others...

Heledor says:

iMore is amazing! thanks for the opportunity!

White one please *crossed fingers*

RRF785 says:

Would love to win this!

Nilesh Somani says:

I'll have 32gb white please

bridges2186 says:

I would love this new IPad mini!

Nismomac says:

Me me me me me me...please?

Primo.TM says:

I like the Mini! Really nice.

SmartFah says:

iPad Mini in Black please!

SirPsycho84 says:

I hope i win. I also hope this comment only posted once. I was getting an error message lol

Dredd67 says:

I would be so glad to have the ideal ebook reader I was dreaming about. Ipad mini, whichever color, you'll be welcomed here !

MrDJL says:

I would really appreciate an iPad Mini. Thanks in advance!

305mp07 says:

Hi... I would like to submit my post to win an ipad mini. My brother was sick in hospital these past days. He has an old iTOUCH and I would like to give this iPAD mini as a gift.

Thank you!

bcast says:

Sign me up for the giveaway !!

Fabian Job says:

I WANT ONE PLEASE!!!!!!!! ñ_ñ

rulzdaniel says:

I would be over the moon if I got chosen!!

killakow says:

I'll take it if it's free

Roustermiller says:

It would be so nice to win this for my wife

may17 says:

Nice, now I can keep a spare iPad in the bathroom.

CRNEU1979 says:

Would love to win an ipad mini! Consider me entered!

newostyle says:

Will I be a winner one week from now?

SaintlyNYC says:

Perfect size for a great gadget. I SO wish I could win this one. Vacation of a lifetime is coming up and this would be a perfect compliment to a 13hr flight.

sp1k3 says:

I would love a white one if you choose me, thanks! Of course, the black one will do just as well.
I ain't going to complain either way.

Mthugsta says:

Please Sir, I want one :)

tryates says:

An iPad mini would be awesome!

fire2412 says:


Coke02 says:

Yo! I wanna win a awsome iPad mini ^___^!!!!!!

Irishguy798 says:

I've practically never won anything in my life; an iPad mini wouldn't be a bad place to start eh?

jodiz1 says:

I want to have it in my hands!

imtravis says:

Mini for meee.. would be keen!!

svinberg says:

I have an iPad 2, so this would be a great alternative :)

yannickzz says:

Allright, i'm in again! Goodluck everyone!

sharktank14 says:

never had one so i'd say a red itouch