Win a free iPad mini from iMore!

Apple has announced the iPad mini and we know you want to get your hands on one immediately if not sooner -- who doesn't? -- so iMore wants to make it as easy as possible for you...

By giving away a free iPad mini to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

And if you haven't already, make sure you also enter to:

As for the rules: We'll adjust the details (name and model) once Apple's made the announcement. One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the tablet, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 5875 comments. Add yours.

Smh5108 says:

I'd love one of those new jems! Pick me!

johancontreras says:

An iPad Mini will be great for me, now I am registered and hoping to win

wonder777 says:

You guys rock!! Thanks for doing what you do.

AY031 says:

iPad Mini Haiku:

iMore covers well,
exclusive details discerned,
iPad mini mine!

krsgdlw says:

The iPad mini would great in my hands!

DaViD_BRaNDoN says:

I want an iPad Mini... for free from iMore! :)

Brandon32 says:

Ipad mini is a great tablet!

Kris Is Cute says:

I'd love a little tiny mini ipad

Galabad says:

When I walk in the spot (yeah), this is what I see (ok)
Everybody stops and they staring at me
I got passion in my panels and I ain't afraid to show it, show it, show it, show it

I'm a little bit sexy and I know it

Thanks again for the prize opportunity :)

tcullum says:

Will this drop kick the Kindle Fire? I'll be the judge... if iMore hooks me a free review unit!

stevenind says:

If the $329 price point holds for the iPad mini, it will be a test of the Apple premium pricing for its products.

tar6et says:

One comment to rule them all!

migo809 says:

It comes out in my Bday I guess apple lOves me


I'd love to win a new iPad mini to add to my Mac Mini and iPhone 4S.

Jeff30339 says:

I would SO love to win an iPad mini :) My fingers are crossed...

ebedoun says:

Thank you iMore! would love to win an iPad mini for my 4yr old son. He just watched the keynote with me and is all excited about an iPad mini. I would love to make a post on iMore with photos of him using it and thanking you for it!

vtcracka says:

Phil said I should win!

Lori831 says:

Any color is fine for me! I want to give it to my mom as a christmas gift. I will hide it from her until then. Shes been through a lot and I want to give her something to say thank you. good luck everyone! I hope i win it!

613jess says:

Fingers crossed, would love to win an iPad Mini!

Vy D says:

If you already owned an Ipad, the mini will never make sense. If you have an Iphone 5, what does the mini really do for you? There are so many devices in the 7" arena that the mini will have a hard time to differentiate itself.

Jayry55 says:

I would love to win this!

thedunn805 says:

i want my mini back, mini back, mini back, mini back, apple ipad mini

malcomjudd says:

id love to have one, please. i cant do anything with my iPad 1 now...

tigerinexile says:

Nice equipment, bad price...

cbprod says:

i think its finally time to upgrade my original ipad :oD

Prince_Basil says:

I wanna win one!!! Pick me!!!

botvp95 says:

One of these times I'm gonna win something...

Laoboy says:

Money tree's are the perfect place for shade and that's just how I feel....

cyclochimp says:

iPad mini giveaway?!? That would be awesome to win. Good luck to all!

Nemesisprimed says:

Gaining it a shot! Minify me!

nosivad79 says:

As always leading the charge in giveaways! Can't Wait!

meynardandres says:

i want black one...64GB hahaha

logicalform says:

I've gotta win one of these contests at some point...

Carlos223 says:

I would love one!

brianallenlevine says:

I'll throw my hat in the ring for a free iPad mini!

Thanks so much for the opportunity, guys.


cherndon says:

Meee tooooo. I want a Mini.

Kristinemarie says:

like most others out there, it seems that we're in overall agreement with the price being too high. I love the one Apple product I own, and would LOVE an IPad or a Mini....

BVBArmy says:

'Oh yes this would go great with my iPhone 5s and iPad 4' Jeesus guys, I can't even afford a low end vaguely decent phone that works how I'd love an ipad mini :(

detroitindy says:

Finally! The new Larger IPod Touch we have been waiting for.

briancook451 says:

I would love to win one for when i go to school

mekaw says:

I would love to have an iPad mini!! Please pick me

llcoold123 says:

i would like a white one

TylerVansantTV3 says:

I like how they added the black anodized aluminum to the black model like they did to the newest generation of the iPod Touch. Definitely want to win!

powellcrazy says:

I would love to check out the Mini. see what it is all about and how it can work with my Iphone 4s

ChrisBarnes850 says:

I come on here about 10 times a day. I would love to have this to visit imore.

peterdubro says:

I would love a mini iPad and so would my 5 year old son!!

Nibbz says:

Well I just got an iPhone 5, why not try and win another Apple toy to play with? I think I may like the Mini form factor more than its bigger brother, guess we'll see!

Good luck everybody!

gpc19 says:

Would love to have one of these please!!

thejimp says:

Mini pad looks nice. Let's hope they're not working on a Maxi pad.

Deyrkroz says:

Good luck everyone! Hope i can win


Win Please. Ipad mini looks awesome.

mbslink says:

pleaseeeeeeeee mini meeeeee!!

Jcos87 says:

this new device looks slick, light and with a very practical design for everyday use. I bit expensive though.

sixlovelylies says:

(In my singing voice) The new iPad mini is great, so I'm really hoping that fate, will make iMore say: You won't have to wait, to purchase this because on this date, it's yours to keep and make others envy and hate!.... Lol hoping to win this awesome new device!

iPhoneGuy says:

Would love to win the new iPad mini...Pick me, please!

Theecut says:

I guess this is my entry!

txbjp371 says:

I have had all 3 iPads and was looking forward to having an iPad Mini but that price is a bit much. Guess I will take another look at the kindle fire.

iPhone4s79 says:

shoot I'll do it sheriff!

NorthGuy798 says:

Cool.... I'd love an iPad mini. Yeah iMore! Yahoo!

MattBerry08 says:

Would love a mini. Works well size wise at work!

Bhealyb says:

MINImize me!! I'll be waiting

dez_matrix#WN says:

AT&T white or black right here please. :)

gkeihl says:

Would love to win the Ipad mini!!!

pensfan71 says:

$329 is a little high and not what I expected. I was hoping for $299, especially without the retina display. But Apple is still the best, and will run rings around the Nexus and KIndle.

mled203 says:

Pick me please! I'm just a poor college student!

gijoe2003 says:

I would love to have the Ipad Mini

NickFL2011 says:

Totally forgot about the announcement today.

jnpowell1 says:

I would love this woahhhhhhhh :]

Judson50 says:

I would love this for my family! Especially my two daughters!!!!!!

Chktdvs says:

great I love this new iPad mini, I can't wait to put my hands on it, Great giveaway

Tiah1802 says:

Excited to possibly win the iPad mini, I've been waiting this!

Blue_83 says:

Maybe this one will be a biggest seller for Apple than the regular iPad...

da jizzle says:

I'll take one for my daughter!!! I'm winning this one!

bradcirone says:

to much $ to buy, but i will take a free one, thank you

B-Lee says:

Please oh please pick me

18ymalik says:

I would like an iPad mini. Yay!

easd0423 says:

Thanks for giving us a chance to win!

PJKreft says:

I like it. I'd like to win one. Thanks for the opportunity!

GPWestjet says:

I think the iPad mini is great and would love to win one.

JoeCanadian says:

Wow! Thanks for the giveaway. I sure would love to have an iPad mini!

ShawnQt says:

I'm sooooooooooooo excited, can't wait to get my "hand" on one! Hopefully I win!

journeej says:

I'd love a white one :)

itsme.boohoo says:

i've been waiting for these to be released ... i would be so happy if i would win one..

mclarensr says:

I' love me one. Please sign me up.

dtstrickland1 says:

I'd love to win an iPad mini.

v17 says:

I'd love to have a mini!

bayourock says:

I'd love to win a iPad mini.... Especially since I owe a tablet to my wife.... lol

jkenny34 says:

Oh dear sweet Jesus, let it be me. for once I want to be "a winner".

trotto says:

Alright! Another great contest. thanks iMore

cfountain72 says:

Thanks for the opportunity. Can't really afford a regular iPad, but was trying to save up for a mini; winning one would be even better!
Thanks again for your good work.

jebulls says:

I bought my wife an iPad for her birthday and would love to have a mini also!!

abu00salman says:

iPad Mini would be a good choice !

Thank u iMore ...

215gtownkid says:

PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!

davekr says:

I'll take one please!!

scoobs1000 says:

What a tough decision to make - do I get an iPad 4 or iPad mini - I want both! It would be great to win the iPad mini.

prexd3 says:

I would love to win the ipad mini to buy and read books.

trentsongs says:

iMore will look great on a new iPad mini!

vel4769 says:

The mini is perfect for me as I want to minimize and simplify my life lol....

JayStreet says:

Appreciate the give away. Gives us people that don't have the budget for the latest and greatest Apple goodness a little excitement.

zdn1042 says:

W... (says ancient chant) I... (does secret ritual) N... (readies 'victory pose')!

JustusChan says:

Gee! let's give it a shot!
I'd love to have iPad mini! White one would be better! : )

Aantenu1 says:

I'm an iFanatic and I just gotta have an ipad mini! Please and thank you :)

dougdog says:

Oh I would love to get one of this.... If I win I will be very happy...

Lazerski says:

I agree with other people on the price of the Ipad Mini,way to high should have been around $250 for the teenagers and Christmas time.

peatricko says:

I'd love to put my hands on one of these!! WOW!! What a treat this would be!

RokkBold says:

I'd love to win one, thanks iMore!!!

swimmer0000 says:

I would love an iPad mini!

MLeuze says:

I would LOVE a black iPad mini.

DS9Sisko says:

Well, it's been a rough year and I'm still chugging along with a (perfectly serviceable and wonderful) iPad 1, but wining an iPad mini would be an awesome wrap up to what has been a very difficult period. Cheers and good luck to all.

fakhrizaki says:

It would be my first Apple product ever. A great companion for all ages.
Thanks iMore!

bielefeld says:

I would love to win a new iPad Mini!!!

Bantobi says:

Thanks for having the contest! I hope I win.

Foundry23 says:

I'm a Big Apple fan. Thanks for the great coverage.

Shadowhawk says:

Sure would be nice to win this... :-)

tayswg20 says:

I'd love to win. Thanks imore for the chance :-)

rh1indle says:

Thanks for the great giveaways imore! :D

smfa1965 says:

Glad I joint iMore over the weekend! Love to win a iPad Mini. Thanks much.

ffastffrank says:

Finally a iPad that will fit in my pocket. I have been peachingc pocketable tablets for a long time. Now if it could make could make a phone call and only carry one device. YES!!!

surrealx says:

Another great giveaway, now if I could only win one...

iphonelover330 says:

Thanks iMore for doing this!! Doubt I'll win though XD

nickpthemft says:

I'll take one, please! Super excited!

wi7son says:

ill leave this comment right here...... i want one

ThisBrian says:

The new iPad mini would be sweet for a early Christmas.

hhxxddup says:

iPad Mini. Here I come.

brownsdawg says:

My wife would love to have one of these - it would fit perfectly in her purse, and she would be able to lose it (like she does most other things in her purse) in no time!

tonythay says:

I'll be happy to have one!!!!

okstateboi07 says:

the Black one would be perfect! hand it over lol

ovi08 says:

I would like to win one to give to my mom for her trip to meet her mom.

champbaka says:

Still pissed for my iPad 3, but a iPad mini would be nice :)

AppleJudoka says:

Would love to get one for my daughter...

CM8613 says:

I love the look of the iPad mini with the small side bezels.

heitorstifler says:

I'm not lucky to win contests that I'm in. But I'll keep trying, maybe one day the luck pick me up and gimme this iPad mini.

lafountain says:

Apple may not make as many products as the other companies, which can be a good thing, but the ones they release are definitely solid all around products.

ahteoh_82 says:

It's specification might not be incredibly attractive. Still, i would love to have one... Let the lucky winner be MEeeeee.................hehe.......

firebirddmt says:

iPad mini would be great. Thank you

Stump3r says:

Now this is what I've been waiting for. Bye bye playbook!

Jkleinsc says:

I would love an iPad mini!

jal39000 says:

I'd love to win one of these!

AmyLynnOrg says:

I'd love to win one, need one badly for work, but I'm sure I'd find some time to play games too!

fatimusprime says:

I would love to get my hands on an iPad mini! Thank you!

jclisenby says:

An iPad mini needs to be mine!

cwrightl6 says:

I would love an iPad Mini!

Adam1172 says:

God I should be so lucky and win something!

cpew.72 says:

i cant wait to get one im sick of my android tab it BLOWS!!! pick me

sqdavid says:

The iPad mini really looks great! I would love to have one. Sad in Brazil all Apple products are twice or more the original price =(

anthonyrt says:

As a Apple user group leader I could really use an iPad Mini to support my leadership role... you guys continue to be very generous agents for what is great about Apple!

lrivero says:

This is a great site for the up to date info for Apple products. Keep up the great work!

Christ0f says:

Please pick me! Thanks, iMore!

erbe232 says:

I'll take one for my wife!

Ablacksparrow says:

Please help me out guys, I would love a Ipad Mini!

azzsse says:

Please let me win! :)
Greetings from South East Asia.
iMore's fanboy

pazafuera says:

My kids keep stealing my "full size" iPad and I need a Mini. It will fit better in their tiny hands AND return my beloved iPad to mine.

usafstein says:

No matter which iPad you choose, you can't go wrong in my opinion.

tryfe says:

YES! I'd LOVE one! wo0!! :D

lds710 says:

I would like aiPad mini too!!

afwriter says:

Well, I've been told my chances are better than 1-in-a-million, but not much better.

So, you're saying there's a chance?

subearu says:

Is it time to pick a winner yet? Lol

ariestocrat says:

i want an ipad mini. pretty please!

rr4him says:

Please, please, me!!!

keith-blair says:

i would really like to win one! would be so nice

freitame says:

Who loves Apple? All of us! Who loves iMore? All of us even more! says:

Thanks for the opportunity iMore!

mustang8918 says:

A nice new mini would be large.

darkwarrior0 says:

I'm getting weak on my knees just by thinking about what will happen if I win the iPad mini.

Dekard says:

The black mini looks sooo nice!

Mayme1 says:

This becomes so much more interesting when you can get one free in a raffle.

Slickvic621 says:

Really? A free iPad mini? Who could pass that up?!?!

bstafford20 says:

Why does Apple always do this. They could just own the market by coming in at a certain price but just have to be a little above the sweet spot. Neither the less want one and they will sell a ton.

aallison05 says:

Awesome! Love the iMore contests, keep up the hard work folks!

silverha says:

I love iPad Mini. It is the lightest tablet yet with more screen estate.

tom.weiss2 says:

You guys rock, thanks iMore.

lolsson says:

iPad Mini = Awesome! :)

jcyeoh says:

I would love one too, thanks!

southpawmedic says:

This would be perfect to use on our weekly trips to Minneapolis!

maul104 says:

Thanks for the chance!
I guess it's time to get in the pool :)

cslaten says:

I would love to win an iPad Mini for my wife................

spoofer09 says:

I know i can ... i know i can .... i know i can win!!

BlackBerry Guy says:

Would look great next to my full sized iPad and iPod touch.

jd7189 says:

May I please be the lucky winner for the Ipad mini. I would greatly take care of it, download plenty of apps and games, use it for ibooks, streaming music and movies, and of course i'll show it off to my friends :D.....................thank you!

headelf says:

Would love an iPad mini but since I only bought my now old new iPad a few months ago the price point is too high for my pocket. Winning an iPad mini would be awesome.

krazybltch says:

i would love to win this for my daughter for christmas as life is tough right now would make up for so much . good luck everyone

DJ G.MAC says:

Doesnt matter the memory size or color. I'll be just happy to get one, thanks!

JustinHorn says:

I'm not going to buy one, but would like to see how it would if I would actually find a good use for it in my tech life.

ktatum24 says:

This would be great as an early Christmas present!

jkirkla says:

Thanks for the contest.