Win a free iPad mini from iMore!

Apple has announced the iPad mini and we know you want to get your hands on one immediately if not sooner -- who doesn't? -- so iMore wants to make it as easy as possible for you...

By giving away a free iPad mini to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

And if you haven't already, make sure you also enter to:

As for the rules: We'll adjust the details (name and model) once Apple's made the announcement. One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the tablet, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 5875 comments. Add yours.

jumboadam says:

Think I could accept that offer!

Antiherosk8er says:

I never win anything. Ever. But here's to hoping I do. Love you imore!

andsoitgoes says:

My chances are better than winning the lottery, so why the hell not give this a try?!?

Thanks for the contest iMore!

pank says:

I'll be honest.... I LOVE my current iPad but my wife is dying for one of the mini iPads so she could finally ditch her Kindle!

kmi.r2d2 says:

I want the iPad Mini! it's just perfect! :D

Coach Albino says:

Love everything about the iPad mini. Would love to have one!

bryancoe says:

More and more I'm willing to pay the premium despite the move to closed appliances. The designs are just done too well.

Jo2reco says:

Wonder if a gen 4 iPad is going to be given awsy


I have an iPad 1, so I'm excited that the iPad mini has been announced. I'd love to win/get one!

b.bates says:

Woot! Ipad Mini is here!

mesaroco says:

I would be even happier if I win The Ipad :p

pupperdog says:

Have a new touch ordered, but now thinking might want a mini instead. Would be awesome to win one. Really POed that my iPad 3 has already been replaced by better model after only 6 months.

mrshawnt says:

I will use this iPad mini for good, not evil. Scouts honor!

Shadowheart says:

329.00 seems like a lot of money for a smaller version of the iPad and only 16GB, I will have to think about this for a little while.

Conando says:

Hopefully I'll win an iPad mini from iMore!

jcj_ramos says:

This iPad Mini will get a lot of people using iOS. $329 starting price is so damn good. I think the black version is a lot more devilish compared to the white one. :D Good job to Apple for coming up with this. I can't wait to read iMore's review on this! Hope it is as epic as it looks.

mikec8785 says:

Would love to win! (Sorry if this is a duplicate or triplicate. I was getting errors at work while trying to comment).

zen107 says:

Can't wait for the iPad mini! Thanks iMore for being my #1 site for the latest Apple news!

rmuchon says:

Great! I really want to put my hands on it!

Justin51 says:

Awesome a free iPad mini would be great since I never win anything!!!!!!

4lando says:

I'm so glad the iPad Mini has arrived, I would love to win one of these, it
would definitely be utilized to the max!

prewanabe says:

This would be perfect. Send it my way!

socalmo says:

FIRST TIME APPLE USER. Would like to win the ipad mini for my kid.

iRaw says:

Pick me please!!! lol

shanestandlick says:

Would sure be nice to win one!

StinkySocky says:

Sooooooooooooo excited!!!!!

epa says:

Looks amazing!
Thank you iMore

TFausett says:

I'll take a black one please.

danielkyu says:

The mini looks pretty cool. Much easier to carry around then the full size iPad.

roneair says:

It's time for me to win. I'm ready

doc211114 says:

I really need this ipad son would love it for christmas!

KS.Balajee says:

please i pad mini 16 gb slate black

pedrogfl says:

This site rocks!!! I'd love an iPad Mini :)

noel2lita says:

Daughter and I watched the announcement today. So excited! We've been waiting for this mini for a year. Thank you! Thank you!!

Farazali says:

woooooo iPad mini! Thanks iMore :)

gc3nz0 says:

Much better idea than I originally thought..

Vertiginous says:

I really wish it was cheaper than $329, I wanted to buy my mom one of these for Xmas but sadly I will not now :(

Cool Cat says:

I'd love a black one please! ;)

raberg says:

always up to win an idevice. $329 seems a bit steep for entry tho.

chrisg9650 says:

The new iPad mini looks sick!!! iMore, hook me up! Please and Thanks!

umairawan says:

I'm that one lucky winner!

The8Dark8Knight says:

i would love to win one! i honestly have never won anything like this! would be amazing!! Love you iMore!

lola_lolita says:

excited... wanna buy one. Why not win one. Thanks for the contest

MidMoMonkey says:

I was hoping to buy two of these for Christmas presents but $660 is more than I want to spend. $100 less for 8 gb would have been great.

gerbillo says:

Here's my entry. Good luck everyone!

ucantbegizzle says:

Love your podcasts. iPad mini would be sweet. Keep up the great work!

helenlee9999 says:

iPad mini would be so nice for my dad, who always wanted to see his grandkids.
Thanks iMore !

Darkgift says:

i'd love to have o e of these. Im new to iPhone (less than a year), and am getting hooked, rather quickly.

MayaD says:

An iPad mini would be a perfect birthday for me in two weeks!!

Lucky1211 says:


ajad1207 says:

I would love to win an iPad Mini for my parents! They've been hinting (or rather bugging) me to buy them an iPad for Christmas.

Bimmerphile says:

I'd love to win one of these!

michalkozak says:

Oh boy, I've been waiting for a smaller iPad for so long. This is just great! Smaller, thinner, lighter. And cute, might I add. Just the thing I've been waiting for.

Drives me crazy though that in my country, Poland, every single iDevice is always priced higher (and sometimes MUCH higher) than they are in the US.

Take the iPad mini for example: - it's 1449 PLN for the cheapest model! Which is like $483. To meat your price of $329 it should be about 987 PLN. But, of course, it's not.

Drives me absolutely crazy. It's like $154 more. Or put in other words, it's almost two times more (46% more). Why does it have to be so much more expensive here in Poland?

I guess the only thing left for me is to keep my fingers crossed and pray so maybe I can get one from you guys at iMoore.

philipangwk says:

After just 6 months, Apple is now releasing a new iPAD! Will the ever loyal Apple fans upgrade their iPAD 3 to this 4th generation iPAD in such short period of time? Let's see!

akram116#IM says:

I love Apple products and would love to add mini iPad to my collections

Ryuz4ki says:

I would love an iPad mini 64GB with cellular data, it would make reading on the morning commute to college that much more fun.

PJ73 says:

I am destined to win this!

DougFNJ says:

I think they have narrowed it down to the perfect size.....was that a pun?

Thank you for running this contest.....pick meee pick meeeeee :)

mgmiller68 says:

Would love to win an iPad Mini, preferably in white/silver, but the black is nice too! :-)

kalel619 says:

I would love the ipad mini thanks

akotonana says:

i am so happy there is an ipad mini...... this will be a really good device for me to use for school and book....will love to win this.

Macman says:

I would love an iPad mini

cMc says:

iPad mini please , and thank you!

theredeemedme says:

I'd be blessed if I'd win; I'm also blessed if I don't! thanks for the opportunity.

jhulgan says:

Would love to win the new iPad mini

mahtin9702 says:

Count me in. Would love to get my hands on a mini.

ontheroad55 says:

Will go great with my iPhone 5!

bezier says:

Could this possibly be my first iPad? Thanks iMore!! :)

Hikerinmaine says:

It's tough surfing the web on an IPhone 4S, so the new iPad mini would be awesome.

Anyone notice how the phones are getting larger and the iPads smaller, almost like they're going to converge at a perfect size?

mecholus says:

imore rocks and the new iPad mini look pretty damn awesome!!!!

guillaume33 says:

i really would like get this ipad , thank you so much IMORE , i trust on little star :)
enjoy mate you make really great work :)

vroomish says:

Looks nicer than the n7, so thats always a plus

ohdannyboy02 says:

Thank you for the opportunity to win such an incredible device. I've enjoyed reading your blog for over a year now.

iPhoneTHS says:

I would gladly give up my BlackBerry PlayBook, just like I did my Bold (9900) for an iPhone, for an iPad Mini!

shaolinfinest says:

would be nice to win something from here

eroMi says:

(: em ot sevig eroMi eht epoh I
I hope the iMore gives it to me :)

Jppc says:

iPad Mini for the win.

ffsteward says:

I would love to have one. As a volunteer fire chief this would be great to have to do fire reports on scene. With small budgets its hard to get the city to purchase one as they do not consider it a necessity.

markmancao says:

okay, I have the 3rd gen iPad already and should be satisfied, but what the heck, I'd love an iPad mini too!

christopherlau7 says:

I would love an iPad mini as an early Christmas gift!

PaulCostello says: No, please, literally, make my day!!

BomberBooey says:

Thanks for the awesome opportunity - Please throw my name in the hat. says:

Can't wait for my new iPad mini! Will definitely come in handy for school :)

cristiancousin says:

I want to win more than anyone else! PICK MEEE

Chrisvpeace#AC says:

YEEEHHH! Love it!
Thank you so much!

jvrockfn says:

I can't help but think every school kid will soon have one of these. What a great device to have. Thanks for the live podcast today.

asp15 says:

i would really love an ipad mini i love everything about it.

ONoahO says:

The new size is an interesting idea. Hopefully I'll get the chance to add one to my collection at no cost. As good a chance as any I guess!

bellarossa says:

I like the new size. Thanks for the giveaway!

agentmobile says:

I would love a white one! Thx imore!

docbeezer says:

I'm new to Apple products... Had an SG2 and an android tablet... Now have an iPad 3rd gen and an iPhone5... I'd love to have an iPad mini... Although, have to agree... a bit put off by the $329 price tag... Thought $299 would be better...

max2770 says:

Me! Me! Me! Me! MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! :)

InsanelyGr8 says:

Can't wait to try one in person. May be the perfect photographers companion.

ratedrbiz says:

So the iPad Mini is finally here!!!

Transtang z28 says:

would love to win one. costs too much to buy for me. Thanks for the opportunity guys. love this place!

smuser says:

It was smart of Apple to have the iPad mini resolution match the iPad 2 - I am not sure many developers would be thrilled to create special UI elements for a different resolution. Heck, some apps haven't even updated for the iPhone 5.

Berd1Yer says:

iMore is a great source to learn everything about Apple. Now I couldn't be happier to win the iPad mini to understand Apple better.

buddy5556 says:

Go mini or go home. Thanks iMore!

dan_es_4 says:

been waiting for this since last year...

doomque says:

I would love to have an ipad mini. My wife is in dire need of her own ipad so that she can read books, surf the web, and of course everyone's favorite....Facebook. Plus my son would love for her to stop taking his ipad that he uses to do his school work on. Please pick me.

marcd4 says:

Very interested in getting the iPad Mini for my kids to share (5 and 7 years old). Would be a great addition.


Diheder says:

Please pick me I'm from mexico and we have no official date and really appreciate I won the beautiful iPad mini thanks

dupokey says:

This would be a great gift for my wife! Can i haz?

chris122380 says:

I would like a iPad mini wonder how it compares to the iPad 2. Hope it has Siri.

outlooker says:

This simply ROCKS! I hope I win, it would be my first tablet!

aryo.susilo says:

Morning .. Love Ipad Mini ..

littlecorner says:

Would like to get one. Was hoping USB or SD slot added. Perhaps next generation of ipad mini.

Alex99us says:

I will win the ipad mini !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bee dawg says:

Well, fingers crossed again. Cheers!

RECON1 says:

The iPad mini looks sexy!

kaiafa says:

I want to win this for my husband, so he quits staring at my Ipad...

marcoaoa says:

i want to win the ipad mini!!! i hope i can win this

DNRuffin says:

Where have you been? All my l-i-ife?
Rihanna lyrics aside, I have seriously been waiting for a smaller iPad with two decent cameras and taking pics with this one won't be so odd. says:

I hope to win this time, although I'm playing small chances.

gerrgh says:


JLUnlimited says:

I would LOVE to win a new iPad mini!

dartmouthland says:

I'd love an iPad mini so I can trade with my wife and get my iPad back. :)

llweaver says:

So excited to upgrade from my iPad 2 to the iPad Mini... that's weird to say.

The_Hungry says:

Black ipad mini looks great!

JCramin27 says:

Black/slate iPad mini

Thanks for all the hard work you all put into keeping us informed with all the latest news!!

cyles666 says:

ipad mini from imoreeeee!!!!!!!!


Thanks for the contest fingers crossed!!!!!

jkamphof says:

Cool, I'd love to get one of these!

Thorasgar says:

Why did they leave out the phone?

Packmanron says:

iPad mini would be nice to have. Pick me

jadesimian says:

I would love an iPad mini! <3

ross778 says:

This would be the contest to win!!

Sha- def says:

iMore the best in store,
Get a free ipad drop it down once for- me
love 2 B up on da site,giving me good "i" advice,
Yea I love my ipad it's supa-dupa nice!!! Thanks iMore 4 ur time.

7venup says:

I would love an iPad mini please!

jshelbur says:

A repeat from somewhere else but Apple sells premium products at premium prices to people who want premium products.

maur62 says:

I would love this iPad mini!!!!!!

cwiekajakub says:

I never win anything in this world but that doesn't i cant keep trying :)

D.Anderson says:

My 1 week old iPad was stolen!

Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma hear me now!

I need this! Thank you for the opportunity.

diegoeatspandas#IM says:

iPad mini please and thank you.

beaobrique says:

Please let me win this iPad mini! I'm in college already and iPad mini will really help me in school!!! Please!!! This will be the best gift for me this christmas!! :(

Toymaker says:

I would like to win a mini, I just have a hard time justifying spending that much. I was hoping for a 199-249 starting price range.

mosep says:

I'd like an ipad mini :-)

solhito says:

I was hoping for the I pad to include the different color scheme that the i pod touch has. >< ohh well..

ongre10 says:

Many people will try to win this iPad Mini. I would like to be the one.

Anjaneyulu says:

Ipad mini price is not competitive

tekgawd says:

I have an iPad 3rd Gen right now, but I think the iPad mini is more practical for frequent commutes. And gaming with that size is better IMHO.

akopogy says:

Every inch an ipad for my kiddos!!!

linggakusuma says:

would love one,

wish you could send it to Indonesia...

I hope the iPad mini could cope on many great expectations from android tablet users...

thank you...

jangarlo says:

I need an iPad mini from you guys!

foley7 says:

I would love one of these

edvinoommen says:

Biggest giveaway of all-time.......

yeabuddy2 says:

The iPad mini is amazing, love to have one!

Good Native says:

I would love a new black iPad mini!

END says:

Have been trying to enter this contest for hours now.
Keep getting msg from site saying site error.

Oh well, trying again this might be the time!!


brancast says:

Wow. I need one of them. Looks excellent .......

boxer says:

Oh pleeaaaassseeee! Pick me!!!! I've been an iMore fan since way before you called yourselves iMore!!! Just getting started with Apple and only have an iphone 4S so far. I'm a fan!!!!

djstarion says:

this would be fun to have :)

Scrawdad says:

I would love to have a mini, but the price point is a bit high, $200 would have been easier to swallow.

Astanchanin says:

IPAD mini for me!
with love from Kazakhstan)

iosified says:

I liked the comparative chart between both the iPad mini and the 4th gen iPad that was recently posted. Thanks!

mc22gs says:

I'd love the iPad mini I def. want one!

rushden4362 says:

I would love to have this one, adding to my Apple's family!


jproubique says:

oh i want one sooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rickylee626 says:

Glad to see Apple doing their version of a cheaper, more affordable tablet. I'm sure it will be a success just like everything else Apple lol. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one as well.

"Posted from my BlackBerry Playbook"

JSho101 says:

I'd looove to get my hands on an iPad mini! Thanks for the opportunity iMore!

rbiro says:

What will cut into early sales more: $329 price or buying something else because it is sold out?

Sikntwstd8 says:

Ah! So tempted to get on this..

Dramer77 says:

OMG i want one of these!

simbamai says:

Definitely would love to have an iPad mini!

Just got introduced to this site. Pretty awesome!

Digginit2 says:

I staked my geeky rep on there never being an iPad mini and looky here, I get get apps on a device size that is so handy! Definitely want this to be the next addition to my Mac family!

theonlychoman says:

Me likey the iPad want!!!!!!!

NAllen22 says:

I love the this site, the articles, products, posts and contests. The contests always sound great, but I have never been able to enter any of the contests. The links just keep looping to other pages, none with the option to "enter" the contest. Has anyone else had this problem?

sortingitout says:

Love the new ipad mini. We'll see the publics prospective on the device in the next few weeks in relation to price, Apple's Brands appeal, and general likeability of the device of people trying it out.

cableguy619 says:

Can't get enough of Apple lately. They have me hooked lol

Lancota says:

I could really used a new iPad Mini :)

zwanneman says:

I'd like one. I'd like one very much thank you.

gregayoup says:

I wish I were reading this article on my new iPad mini!

jr.r.chavez says:

Thank you imore for giving this opportunity to own this precious little thing. Love y'all!

cucciasv says:

Hey thanks for offering this free iPad mini!

B1000 says:

i feel spoiled by all these contests

yous_31 says:

I love the smaller form factor and would love the iPad Mini. Pick me!!!!!

Beachtrash says:

I would love to win an iPad Mini from our Canadian Brothers!

jmjohn says:

iPad Mini is cute. Thanks for the opportunity

KekoaLani says:

Aloha, I would love to win an iPad Mini. It's a purse-sized communication device that would be a welcome and useful addition to my purse! Mahalo plenty iMore for the chance to win!