iPad mini Smart Covers priced at $39

Nestled among all of the announcements today was a newly-designed Smart Cover for the iPad mini. They'll be available for $39 at launch in pink, green, blue, light gray, dark gray and (PRODUCT) RED. The only real difference with the original Smart Cover is that it's ditching the aluminum hinge and has a full wrap-around of the polyurethane fabric instead. 

Here are a few shots from the demo video on Apple's iPad mini site. Any takers? Do you guys use the current Smart Covers, or are there third-party covers or cases that you prefer?

Simon Sage

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stevethomp says:

I'm really excited about the new look, plus the surprise Product (RED) makes this something I'm definitely going to grab with my mini. Also with the potential scratches on the slate, I like the fabric hinge.

georgeY8nm says:

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GlennRuss says:

Hope it fits better than the iPad wrap around cover. That was a bad design, and as stated by many, not up to Apple standards

RodneyJ725 says:

are they smart "covers" or "cases" the covers for ipad only cover the screen, not the back. the "cases" cover the front and the back (and did not fit too well on ipads as you mentioned).

FlopTech says:

Must. Have. Black. Leather.
To match the slate of the iPad mini.

RodneyJ725 says:

I was also hoping for black leather :-S

ScottyT14 says:

Why. The first smart cover was this price. It's been a while, and this is smaller. Why is it still the same price?

Gazoobee says:

I find that the covers are only useful if you habitually use the iPad in landscape mode for watching videos. Other than that they get in the way.

If they made it so that it actually folded flat on the back and stuck to it, then it would be worthwhile because then you could read a book without having to detach the cover. Otherwise it's just a pain attaching and detaching that thing all day. I left mine at home after the first week and never used it again.

techiechick says:

Any idea when cases will be available? Other than Otterbox?? Something light and minimalistic but that will protect the back from scratches would be great! Leather would be even better!

RodneyJ725 says:

Will the mini smart covers be available for pre-order to be received on Nov 2 along with the iPad mini? I ask because most times, accessories may not yet be available when pre-ordering the device: meaning, the device will be delayed shipping while waiting for the accessory.

stevethomp says:

I hope so, I'm planning on lining up at an Apple store for the 2, so I really hope they have some in stock.

reneebjb23 says:

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