Jasmine YouTube client updated with new features but loses a few too

Jasmine YouTube client updated with new features but loses a few tooSince Apple removed the stock YouTube app in iOS 6 many users have flocked to the hugely popular third party YouTube app Jasmine for their YouTube fix. Jasmine has just received an update today which adds in some nice new features but unfortunately, Google / YouTube have insisted that some features be taken away too.

Google has insisted that the developers remove the following from the Jasmine app:-

  1. Removed Automatic "Background Audio" playback. Native to iOS, this can still be invoked manually by double-tapping the home button, swiping right and hitting play
  2. Removed customisable skip/rewind controls
  3. Switched to YouTube compliant playback (adds 1-2 seconds to video load times and limits refinement around playlist auto-queuing)

To offset the disappointment of losing these features, Jasmine has got some shiny new features to enjoy so it is not all bad news:-

  1. Drastic improvements to available videos
  2. Added "Preferred Quality" selection to Playback Settings
  3. Added "Watch Later" list in Playlists section
  4. Added timestamp to videos
  5. Fixed: Missing videos from playlists
  6. Removed: "Always Ask" option for feed quality (use "Preferred Quality" instead in Playback Settings)

I hope that some of the positive changes here will help to alleviate the negative. I'm more disappointed than anybody else at the removal of some of these conveniences, but I'm not discouraged. There is still a lot to be done, and so much that will be improved.

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It is always disappointing when an app update takes away feature so if you use the removed features think carefully before updating the app. Of course by not updating you do run the risk of the app not working in the future as well as missing out on new features when they are added.

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Reader comments

Jasmine YouTube client updated with new features but loses a few too


How did I never know about this app!? This is great. It's literally eberything I wanted (but didn't get) from the "official" Goggle app. So happy right now.

I think this is great but nowhere on my ipad can I find where to set playback quality. Any clues
? Thanks

It amazes me that Google hasn't updated the YouTube app to support the iPhone 5. I mean seriously... it took me like two days to update my app for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. Jasmine saved my life.

i think i'm the only one that actually prefers the google app. i actually had jasmine for months but deleted it about a day a go. not because it's bad but because i simply preferred the official one. but hey i'm open to have my mind changed.

I would love to say that i love Jasmine as i know it is an awesome app but it don't seem to like to play nice in the uk and blocks loads of stuff i wanna watch.
Anyone of your clever people wanna help me out with suggestions on the problems i'm having maybe i'm doing something wrong.

I cannot find anywhere to input my preferred download insettings onnew jasmine. Cannot infact find settings anywhere.help! Also, tried the tip for background play audio but it didnt work WHERE do I swipe R?