iOS gets a new Google Search app, and it holds its own against Android

Google today announced an updated Search app for iOS devices. That in and of itself is should be cause for celebration, but it's the the new voice search that has us particularly excited. (Especially since Siri hasn't quite lived up to expectations.)

So how's Google Search stack up? Set side by side with its Android counterpart, quite well. We gave it a gander from an Android Central point of view and came away pretty impressed. Lacking on iOS is the deep integration with the operating system, but that's to be expected. Have a look at the video after the break and see for yourself.

Google Search

Phil Nickinson

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Antrikshy says:

Why exactly has Siri not lived up to expectations? It has its flaws, but so does the Google Search app without systemwide integration. Siri makes a great handsfree companion.

ronmcse says:

My google iOS app actually spoke results to me and even commented on the wood chuck joke. Do you think he had his volume muted? I even asked it the weather and it told me... I actually like this app now!

quad100 says:

wow! I just tried it and yes it is true. way better then siri.

djstarion says:

The "do a barrel roll" trick also works in the iOS version

No1hotpapi says:

Those who have the iPhone 4 or 3gs or iPad 2 and 1 this is perfect for them and I think better!!'

Tunnelrunner says:

+1. I just asked for tomorrow's weather forecast and the app spoke it loud. And the text does sound much more human/smoother than Siri. An unexpected (and awesome) surprise!

patrickquirke says:

Can someone tell me how to get the app to speak, it won't speak for me on my iphone 4s, am i missing a setting?

Tunnelrunner says:

I believe you have to have the settings for English for starters. Other than that, I'm not sure. It doesn't speak back EVERYTHING. Some questions that got it to speak back for me: "what's the weather like tomorrow?" "What time is it in Japan?" "who do the Bears play next ?" "Who's the president of the Phillipines?"

Tunnelrunner says:

Got your answer. Go the settings of the app (the little "i" in the lower left hand corner) and make sure that "speak answers back" is set to "on."

Another plus: this app gives you directions/integrates with Google Maps (web version) and not iOS maps.

cardfan says:

Cool i guess. Not that I'll ever use it.

Numbuh101 says:

I use android 4.1.2 and Google Now, and let me tell you the iOS app is far prettier than the android one.

v1nn1e says:

Holy crap. Okay, this is actually really cool.. there's a new deputy in town, Siri. haha.

It's really good that Siri doesn't work for (checking flight statuses for example) .. I'm definitely keeping it. It'll come in helpful somewhere.

Dev from tipb says:

Impressive -- significantly faster than Siri, while being equal or better in terms of accuracy (at least in my limited testing). Most surprisingly, Google's offering is much, *much* more personable than Apple's. It suffers from not being able to access the rest of the system, though -- if it could be allowed deeper access into the system, I would definitely use it.

Vanti says:

Praise the lord i have been waiting for this update to the google search app for such a long time. If your still on ios5 this app is ridiculously useful because it can tie into your maps app etc and deliver. Been waiting for a while ever since i saw this and am elated that apple didnt restrict it

sjm614 says:

Do you think ios will ever get a google search widget like the weather or stock widget? That would be sweet.

Gigiddy says:

Hoping Tim Cook and the team will open up to allowing widgets. This is LONG over due...

Gigiddy says:

Downloaded this and have been playing around with it for the last day or so. Obvious issue is non-integration with iOS, but the speed is nice. Also nice to take you right to google results page. And while I think it can do a few things Siri cannot at this point, there are things Siri can do that this app will never be able to do without iOS integration, like setting appointments, reminders, etc. I will continue to play around with both, but I think I will remain partial to Siri for sheer sassiness (and she calls me by my nickname (I have no life).