Apple delays iTunes 11 refresh until the end of November

Apple delays iTunes 11 refresh until the end of NovemberDisappointing news today for those eagerly awaiting the promised October launch of iTunes 11. Apple has just announced that it has had to delay its release until the end of November. Apple talked about the iTunes 11 refresh back in September at the iPhone 5 media event and said that it would be out by the end of October. All Things D has received a statement from Apple spokesperson Tom Neumayr.

The new iTunes is taking longer than expected and we wanted to take a little extra time to get it right. We look forward to releasing this new version of iTunes with its dramatically simpler and cleaner interface, and seamless integration with iCloud before the end of November.

Very disappointing news but it is better that Apple delayed it now rather than releasing a version that would prove to be buggy and problematic; Apple doesn't need any more bad press in this regard. Delaying it for a month to iron out these problems is certainly the sensible route to take. It's doubtful that the delay has anything to do with the managerial changes which were announced yesterday especially as Scott Forstall had very little to do with iTunes; Eddy Cue is the man in charge of that.The refresh of iTunes includes a cleaner design, much needed performance improvements, better iCloud integration, enhanced library search and a redesigned mini-player.

Were you looking forward to getting your hands on the refreshed iTunes 11 this week?

Source:All Things D

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Reader comments

Apple delays iTunes 11 refresh until the end of November


Hopefully, we will get a tab of sorts that will allow transferring files easily to iOS devices.

iTunes has become a jumbled mess over the past 3-4 versions. I hope this is a significant overhaul. I was never an iTune hater like a lot people are, but I've grown quite frustrated with the patchwork going on with the evolution of this piece of software.

yeah i'm not a hater of it either but i simply never understood why some things in itunes never get improved, fixed or streamlined. I've never understood why they've never had folder monitoring for people that have libraries that are not managed by apple. Like that was in Winamp i think 8 years ago.

So... they over-promised and under delivered and now are explaining why... while I would have liked it now, I'd rather not have it at all than have it, and have it be buggy. They should have gone this route with the Maps app...

Are you trying to claim there was ever a release of iTunes that wasn't "buggy and problematic" ?

Certainly it has never been accused of being speedy and efficient.

does anyone know if this still includes the list view because it's the only one i find usable? i've not using coverflow or grid or even cover list view. I have way too much music waste try to navigate by covers. Hell i don't even know what man of the covers even look like. But i hope they don't make it just cover eyecandy and make it cumbersome to use.

was hoping for the new version this month, but can wait. just hope there is actual substance behind this release, and not just flashy eye candy.

I'm disappointed in the delay but prefer delays over pushing out crap any day. Hopefully they will address the iTunes Match issue of 25K tunes. Once you hit the limit your device is locked out. It should not be too onerous a task to allow users to manage which items are matched.

I agree with other comments on managing music between devices, but I fear that they are going to an all cloud management system. Guess we'll see in November.

Meh i am disappointed but hey i dont really use itunes much anyway. I wish though that they would stop having mishaps like this as well as other issues and get back on their A-game

I'm a regular iTunes user since my Nano is my podcast player - I sync several times a day.

That said, I'm excited for the new iTunes but don't have any pressing need for it. Waiting 30 days is no big deal for me.

I'm not necessarily disappointed that it's been delayed, but I'm kind of disappointed that something as small as iTunes has to be delayed O_o

Have to admit, I'm a little bummed out. Really looking forward to the new interface as well as improved iTunes Match (which is pretty crappy as of late. Maybe because of the updates going into it?) But I would rather Apple release a full fledged positive release instead of a buggy one. As you said, they don't need anymore problems in that category. Sigh. End of November it is. (sips coffee)