Seidio CONVERT Combo case for iPhone 5

I saved the donuts. I had my iPhone 5 in my hands, and a box of donuts, and everything began to fall, and I saved the donuts, and my iPhone 5 screen shattered. Apple replaced it for me, but it was expensive, and if I'd been using a case (or if I valued donuts less!) I could have avoided the cracked screen, the cost, and having to tell you this story now. But I didn't, it did, and I do. Sigh.

So now I'm looking for the perfect case to protect my replacement iPhone 5 without getting in my way about it. First up is the Seidio CONVERT Combo for iPhone 5.

The Seidio CONVERT Combo for iPhone 5 is actually two cases in one. First, you get the Seidio SURFACE case for iPhone 5 which is a two part hard case with soft-touch coating that provides pretty good protection all its own. There's even a screen protector to ward away scratches. Second, you get a rugged skin and skeleton which turns the protection up several notches with a silicone outer shell and plastic frame that keeps out pretty much everything you'd want to keep out.

Topping it all off is the the Seidio holster. As much as I make fun of holsters, this one is actually pretty cool and locks securely in place.

It's a two piece case with a soft inner layer and hard out layer. You can use the inner layer separately if you really want to, but for maximum protection you'll to use both.

Most of the time I'd personally stick to just the SURFACE part of the case, but I like the option for the added protection for hiking, camping, skiing, and, you know, donut carrying.

If you value protection but also want flexibility, check out the Seidio CONVERT Combo case for iPhone 5.

Seidio CONVERT Combo case for iPhone 5

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Reader comments

Seidio CONVERT Combo case for iPhone 5


Georgia I'm curious. I use the cheap Verizon case with the lattice like design and the kickstand that allows you set it up portrait. It does nothing for actual protection but I enjoy the viewing feature. Are there any cases that do exactly this but with more protection?

This is a good case. The phone is meant to carry in the belt holder face toward the holder, to protect the screen. The screen protector is one of the better types. The belt holder can swivel, so you can wear it side mount. The belt holder has a slide type lock to keep the phone in place, I find it easy to unlock it with one hand. The only con, is the camera cover. It does not always fit in the open position, and can get in the way but is better than the first design, that went to the side, instead of down. A little pricy, but still a good case if you work outdoors. I like it better than the otter box defender style case.

Can you make it a deal of the day ;) I have the Seidio Active case (Amethyst) and I do like it except for the bottom. There is a thin rubber area across the bottom that is very flimsy so the bottom of the phone is not really protected especially when you try to plug in the lightening connector. As for the Convert...wish they came in more colors, but I could live with the sand :)

Um, yeah, Georgia, the phone goes in the holster the other way.

I have the Surface case and I like it a lot. One thing about cases is some of them have cutouts individual for the headphone port, grills, and lightening connector. Some people will find those cutouts aren't large enough for some accessories, for example, the lightening to 30-pin adapter. The Surface part of this Convert case is completely cutout at the bottom. A little less coverage at the bottom, but basically completely compatible with anything that needs to plug in the lightening connector.

The Convert is hideous for anyone who is a minimalist case freak (like myself), but the Convert is a nice to have add-on for when you feel you need protection. I agree with Georgia. I would mostly only use the Surface.

Good review. Except for the part were you're using it wrong.


I just got this case, the silicone is much better feeling in quality compared to my old Otterbox Defender for iPhone4. This case is really a stop gap for me until I get my Lifeproof case, but it's a great case for the money! I got mine for like... $27 from My only real beef with this case is the stupid lens cover, it does nothing but get in my way so I just ripped it off.