Dock+ hits Kickstarter, a charging dock for iPhone 5, iPad mini or latest iPod touch

Dock+ hits Kickstarter, a charging dock for your iPhone, iPad mini or latest iPod touchThe Dock+ has just arrived on Kickstarter and it is looking to fill the void left by Apple’s failure to release an official dock for the iPhone 5. Dock+ is more than just a dock for the iPhone 5 too, it also will support the soon to be released iPad mini as well as the latest generation of iPod touch.

Dock+ is machined from a single block of steel, a material 3.6x more dense than aluminum. That means it doesn’t tip or wobble as you use or dock your iPhone. And with non-slip rubber bottom, it doesn't slide. Your iPhone 5 just feels safe and secure. iPhone 5 is particularly easy to scratch and scuff on its back surface. With Dock+, your iPhone only touches the soft rubber pad, so you can be sure it won’t damage or scuff.

Office. Coffee table. Nightstand. Kitchen. Place Dock+ around your home and office, everywhere you place your iPhone. Free yourself from the charging cable.

The dock+ is currently looking for pledges before it can be made a reality. It currently has just under half of its goal of $75,000 but still has 43 days to go. If you fancy being one of the first to get your hands on one should they make it to production, you can pledge a minimum of $59. This will secure you a dock and charging cable but you will have to provide your own wall power adaptor. The dock will be made available in black, white or raw steel and each dock can be used with an iPhone 5, iPad mini or iPod touch with or without a case.

What do you think of the Dock+? Would you be interested in getting hold of one?

Source: Kickstarter

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Dock+ hits Kickstarter, a charging dock for iPhone 5, iPad mini or latest iPod touch


We didn't think designing a dock would be that hard either. But getting that "easy on / easy off" was harder than it looked. I think the market will prove this fact, when you realize no other dock offers it quite like Dock+.

I think it looks AWESOME! The video was reminiscent of an Apple ad to me for some reason..which I like. I want one when it launches.

I thought the video looked pretty awesome. To me it showed a level of seriousness and professionalism. It also helps that I'm a videography nerd, too.

I am nervous that this would not work with a case. The lightning pin to 30-pin adapter does not work with any cases with anything near the lightning port.

This dock looks like wouldn't work even if the case was completely cut out at the bottom.

Yeah I was wondering the same thing. It doesnt look like it's going to "dock" very easily if its got an otterbox Defender or Commuter on it.

"Each Dock+ ships with 2 soft rubber pads of different thickness. Choose the one that gives you the desired feel for your device, or remove the pad completely for very thick cases like the Otterbox™ Defender."

That's what I get from their Kickstarter page.

Best dock I've seen. Wish it was cheaper...but I guess it's 40 for the dock, 20 for the cable. Side note, will it work with a full size iPad? Too much weight and size for the little dock?

We've designed Dock+ width and height such that it doesn't tip over when an iPad is docked. Although admittedly, it's not designed for the iPad. It's more suited for iPad mini, iPod and iPhone 5.

Thanks for the reply, David! I see this on my computer desk to use for syncing...wanted to make sure it could handle an iPad as well so I don't have the dock plugged in via USB AND a Lightning cable for the iPad. :)

Update, just pledged for $59 since you took the time to read all these comments and reply to each question. Thanks!

Thanks LdoubleD! yes, you should be able to charge all your lightning devices with Dock+. We didn't want you to need to worry about having both a cable and a dock plugged in!

I think the Complete Dock looks like a better solution. I just backed it on Kickstarter and wish iMore would do an article on that to help it reach its funding goal. The Complete Dock also is forward compatible with almost any device (it seems), look at it and see.

This looks.... bad. The rubber on the prototype looks trashy. Go to :35 seconds into their video and take a look. It looks awful. It doesn't look as bad later when we see the black version of the dock, but still, it doesn't look high quality. The iPhone doesn't even seem to sit flat. Is it learning to the right? Again, in their video at :47 seconds in. It's leaning to the right. Or is the rubber just a mess? 1:30 into the video.... clearly, the connector is just bobbing around in there. 2:50 into the video. It looks so bad.

For $60, I expect better. And it's not shipping until spring 2013?

I agree with a commenter above that the Complete Dock looks like a much better solution. I haven't backed that kickstarter project yet, but I'm tempted.

@2oh1, I don't think anyone has watched our video with a pen and paper before. I'm flattered :0)

You said it yourself. It's a PROTOTYPE, so the rubber seat is made with "Rapid prototyping" techniques such as 3d printing. The final product will be made with injection molded silicone for tighter tolerances and much smoother surface finish. Folks, if you want more realistic renderings of what the final Dock+ will look like, visit or We'd post these on Kickstarter as well, but they no longer allow "photo realistic renderings".

The reason Dock+ is not shipping until March is because we're part of the Apple MFi program and have to go through a series of tests to be certified by Apple. This isn't the case for Complete Dock, and many others, who are not part of the program.

@2oh1, of course, you're allowed an opinion. I just want to make sure readers have the full story here.

I love it and love the fact that it is really heavy and uses microUSB for power. Only disappointment is that it won't ship until spring 2013.

Yeah not shipping till march kinda killed it for me too! Seems like a great product, but who wants to wait at least 5 months for a charging stand? I need one now.

I was writing that while watching your video. No pad and pen, though I enjoyed your snark :) I get why it isn't shipping until March 2013, but regardless of the reason, that's months from now, assuming it ships on time. I love Apple, but I really think they handled the launch of the lightning connector badly. They should have made it easy for third party companies to create accessories using it before the iPhone 5 was launched. I bought a case for my iPhone 5 the day the 5 was released, but I still can't find a dock for my desk. Very frustrating. Ah well.

The reason Dock+ is not shipping until March is because we're part of the Apple MFi program and have to go through a series of tests to be certified by Apple. This process is new, and largely unknown, so we didn't want to overpromise and underdeliver.

One way of looking at it is that it won't ever ship if we don't support it. The only other option is go to with a Chinese knock-off but who wants to risk their iPhone by using a charging dock which uses a non-apple charging chip? Or am I just being paranoid?

These counterfeit lightning pins hitting the market today may stop working in the future, if Apple blocks them in the software layer.

So I'm right to be paranoid about those knock-offs. If only Apple sorted this out long before releasing the phone. Not having a dock (loved my old Seidio charging docks x 3 - Office, Home & Cottage). I hate having to lie my new iPhone flat on the desk or night stand.....HATE IT!

Well that does it....I've officially supported my first kickstarter project! Now I just have to wait for the spring and hope that it arrives much sooner!