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App Wait-a-Thon: Win $100 in iTunes Gift Cards

the iPhone Blog Wait-A-Thon: Wind $100 at iTunes Every Week

Everybody here at the iPhone Blog is very, very excited about the iPhone SDK Roadmap. We can't wait for native apps, for more functionality, for games, for Apple to go after BlackBerrys. We can't wait - seriously - it's going to kill us waiting until "Late June" for all this good stuff. We've called in a team of psychiatrists, it's not looking good.

We bet you feel the same way.

So to help ease the pain we're instituting the iPhone Blog App Wait-a-Thon! Starting next week and then every week until Apple releases the iPhone 2.0 Software Update, we are going to give away a $100 iTunes Gift Certificate to a lucky reader.

You may not be getting your native apps now, but at least your can download some emo music to drown your sorrows, or a Pixar movie to cheer you up, or the first three seasons of LOST1 to help remind you that it's not that bad.

Here's how it will work: Sometime during the week, two to three of our blog postings, articles, or reviews will have "Wait-a-Thon" after the title, that's your cue to comment on that entry. Comment on that entry and you'll be automatically entered in that week's drawing. (Just one entry per post counts, max three per week).

The latest Wait-a-Thon post is always available here<a.>. Just take a look over next to the Wait-a-Thon contest graphic!

Full details after the break!

Them Details:

  1. Open to everybody who has an iTunes store in their country (Yes, Mods too!)
  2. One entry per "Wait-a-thon" post counts, but feel free to post as much as ya like!
  3. No cheating on the referrals, we're watching and we know.
  4. Contest will run each week until "Late June" or whenever Apple releases the iPhone 2.0 software update. Yes - if Apple's late we'll keep it running. This is a Wait-a-Thon, after all.
  5. We'll announce the previous week's Wait-a-Thon winner in the next week's first Wait-a-Thon posting.
  6. You can win no more than twice.

1: Has anybody seriously considered the Apple angle with all the stuff that's been happening on LOST? That satellite phone was iPhone-esque... Is Steve Jobs Alvar Hanzo? Or did he perhaps spend his early days studying with the DeGroots? Think about that: timeline fits, his counter-culture experimentation fits, all fits!

Dieter Bohn

Dieter Bohn is former editor-in-chief of Smartphone Experts, writing across iMore, Windows Phone Central, Android Central, and more. You can find him on Twitter (and everywhere else) @backlon.

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There are 65 comments. Add yours.

Michael Han says:

Hopefully with this gift certificate I'll be able to download enough music and movies to keep me busy until the new 3G iPhone drops!!

Z says:

Or instead of buying/renting movies and music you could wait and buy iPhone apps upon the 2.0 release

Deda says:

I like the idea and I REALLY can't wait for the Apple upcoming announcements and releases.

Robin says:

I am so excited, I can't wait for the new iPhone!!! Best thing since sliced bread!!

mofoman69us says:

Sweet contest.
Waiting for the new iPhone is cruel torture.

Michael Olivero says:

I've had the countdown widget since about 2 or 3 weeks ago...finally I see a single digit in the days column!

Kari says:

I am hoping it will have some curve to it. Easier to rest in your hands. But either way, I can't wait for it.

lovinthedrummin says:

I can't wait to see it. o the glory. Winning would be awesome too, of course.

lovinthedrummin says:

o the glory. Winning would be awesome too, of course.

Moh says:

Sweeeeeeet .. count me in

Pamela Hansen says:

boy whaat I could do with $100 on Itunes please enter me thank you

smileyboy says:

Lost and the Apple iPhone Steve Jobs connection.... thats a stretch. Stretchy Pants

SLOANY777 says:

AHH! i hope i win the $100 in itunes. I hope the new iphone is cheap.

Adam says:

Can't wait for 3G!! App Store will be awesome!

Paul says:

I am on pins and needles for the new software, Can't wait

Andy says:

I cant wait for the new iPhone I bough the 4GB when it first came out, now they don't even make 4GB iPhones!!! I need more space and once i heard the rumor of the new iPhone i knew this was my chance to finally upgraded in space and put all of my movies and music on my iPhone!!! I really hope that this isn't just a rumor!!!!!!!!!!

DaffyHercules says:

It's here TODAY! I heard it on the news this morn. I see that the winners of the iTunes cards are getting them through email. I won and my name was announced above the April 10th posts but I have not received anything or heard from anyone. What's the story guys? Hope you read this for I don't know how to contact anyone.

Dieter Bohn says:

Hey Daffy -
Apparently iTunes only lets you buy a certain number per day. I'll try to put yours and a few others in later this afternoon.

Andrew Gordon says:

wow, the new phone is a letdown

Pamela Hansen says:

i wish they would make a phone more shaped to your grip but i really think I will like this phone if I ever get one

Anne Broussard says:

I'm looking forward to this phone. I washed (yes, in the washing machine) my video ipod last month and am wondering it the iphone is good as a primary ipod. Any comments welcome.

Tiffany says:

the iPhone can't come soon enough

Ed says:

gimmie gimmie gimmie!

Ali says:

Man i can't wait...this is better than waiting 4 Christmas

sarah woods says:

They say the new iphone will be then answer to the new blackberry/wrong spelling/please forgive; that it will beat the socks off of it. Thnaks SW

rdbecker says:

I'm no phone geek, but the iPhone can't get here fast enough.

Janet says:


Leah says:

I need this! Can't wait for the new I phone.

Kelly says:

Can't wait to get an Iphone!

Janet says:

Can’t wait to get an Iphone! ty 4 the great contest!:)

Roger Deming says:

great idea to enlarge the circle of information by giving away an Ipod.

Barbara Baker says:

Absolutely fantastic idea for a giveaway!!! I'm in!!!

Bethany says:

OMG!!! Perfect gift for my mum since she's working her butt off so I can go to college! That's so wicked cool!

hazel hunt says:

I am so excited, I can’t wait for the new iPhone!!! Best thing since sliced bread!!

Angie Richard says:

This is a wonderful prize. I would LOVE to win it. I would be able to buy my favorite songs and videos to play on the new Ipod I got for Christmas. Please pick me! :)

outpour says:

Looking forward to switching to AT&T on the 11th for the iPhone 3G...if I can get one that day!

Ron says:

The data plan plus the messaging plan seem pretty steep, but I guess they have got us!!!

Dan says:

I can`t wait for free apps in the apps store.

Jack says:

Yeah, gift card! I'm suspicious of all this money you are offering though. It seems too generous. Oh well!

Hugo says:

I love FREE stuff but not as much as i love my iphone!! Good luck everyone

Alex says:

I don't give my gift cards for free BUT i sell ONE real 200$ Gift card for only 100$ on ebay. Please email me if you want to:!

dee parks says:

I hate waiting but I love contests especially ones about apple products...The Iphone rocks!

SG says:

iTunes gift certificate giveaways over at
i guess there are two giveaways, 10$ and 20$

David Dabney says:

Giveaway, schmivaway...
I need help getting my contacts over from Microsoft Outlook 2k3 to my iPhone, and so far, haven't been able to use the native exporter. Any suggestions?
(and forget that 'giveaway, schmivaway' statement - I wouldn't mind $100 in iTunes downloads...)