The Spark Digital is the first studio-grade condenser microphone available for iPad

The Spark Digital is the first studio-grade condenser microphone available for iPadBlue Microphones has announced the Spark Digital which is the first studio-grade condenser microphone available for the iPad. The new microphone is aimed at those that wish to use their iPad to record audio at an extremely high quality. The microphone will also work with any Mac or PC too.

The digital version of Blue’s analog microphone, Spark Digital is a professional recording device for the iPad. Featuring the same studio-grade components as its analogue counterpart, Spark Digital gives a consistent performance across a wide range of sources, including vocals, drums, guitar, speech and location recording.

The Spark Digital also provides two different sound options in one mic allowing more versatility and freedom to experiment with different sonic signatures. For storing and sharing, Spark Digital includes an exclusive Cloud Production Bundle with free access to production tools for easy organising, storing and streaming of audio content across the web.

If you take your audio recording seriously and want to get your hands on one of these microphones, you can get it from the Apple Store. It is currently on sale for $199 with free shipping. It works with every version of the iPad however if you want to use it with the iPad mini and iPad 4th generation, you will need a Lightning to 30-pin adaptor.

Source: Blue Microphones


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TheForstallStare says:

First "studio-grade" condenser? Have you not heard of the Apogee Mic? It's only been out since January.

infty says:

I was just going to say the same thing. I use MiC and I'm very happy with it. Although I would like to see a comparison of these two.

Obsidian71 says:

Can't wait for the head-to-head battle between the Apogee Mic and the Spark Digital