Employees film themselves throwing, dropping, iPads at Kentucky Walmart [NSFW-L]

This is why it’s a good idea to carefully check every iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other device you buy immediately after buying it, and to know the return policy of your local electronics retailer. Employees at a Wal-Mart in Pykeville, Kentucky, filmed themselves tossing iPads to each other across the stockroom. The employees failed to catch some iPads, while one was deliberately thrown on to the ground. The incident involved at least four employees, who have since been fired.

While something you purchase might have a manufacturing defect, or have been damaged in shipping, considerable damage can be done by the employees who are supposed to sell you the product. Remember, poor judgement is not exclusive to one chain of stores, so no matter where you buy your electronics, be mindful, and keep your receipt.

Source: YouTube via Mashable

Employees film themselves throwing, and dropping, iPads in Kentucky Wal-Mart [NSFW-L]

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Reader comments

Employees film themselves throwing, dropping, iPads at Kentucky Walmart [NSFW-L]


Stupid, dumb, imbecilic hicks. I'm glad that they were fired. I'm currently a student and a part-time unloader at Walmart. If management caught us treating the high-end electronics like that, we'd be fired upon the spot AND probably have to pay the damage.
Anyways, I don't understand why the iPads are in with the normal freight: usually Apple products are delivered separately via UPS or FedEx and signed for by a member of management or someone from the electronics department.

I'm so happy they were sacked, shows a total disregards for their products & customers and this sort of behaviour is unacceptable.

I hope they continually fault to secure further employment.

nothing more than a few good ol' boys having some fun on the job. As someone who once worked a crap job like this, we used to do the same kind of stuff in the stockroom.

If anyone believes that mail/delivery/stockroom employees do not throw boxes you are sorely mistaken... tossing is much easier than walking over and placing especially when time is tight..... however I would never intentionally throw or drop anything on the ground....

... and I hope you got fired for it. You do NOT do that with fragile items. Toss the toilet paper around all you want, though.

hope he got fired? meh, thats probably helping him out. instead, hope someday something expensive he buys was dropped by careless employees. Karma is a great punishment. :D

Oh, thats makes it ok? 10 years from now when you are still doing those kind of jobs, ask yourself why you have not been promoted. Could it have been because you didn't care enough to work for it, destroyed property, and don't deserve it?

Well guess what rewnation, someone else would have lived that job you fucking idiot. Go add another point to our unemployment average you lazy piece of shit.

Sad thing is... is that were paying for their unemployment because of their idiocy. It's people like this that complain about not having a job because they do shit like this and get fired and wonder why they cannot be rehired somewhere else.

As if this were significantly different than what any package goes through during the shipping process. The hardest test for any packaging designer to pass will ALWAYS come from UPS and FedEx.

Apple still uses UPS/FedEx to ship porducts to their stores. And like others are saying, I had friends who'll tell you without hesitation they steal/throw/kick/open boxes all day. So unless you get it off the line in China, it was handle by someone.

Yes, like it or not, your friends are idiots that deserve to be fired. Probably not quite as stupid as these guys filming it and posting on YouTube, that's a whole new level of dumb.

No wonder US economy collapse because of this kind of American Idiots, Dumb, Stupid, Fat, Lazy, and Retarded. All 3 fat like a Pig! Shame on them.

America is crumbling because of NAFTA and GAFTA. Because companies in the US cant compete with Chinese-slave-labor-goods. All for the reason of profit, so Warren Buffet, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Obama can all move their investment capital to China and not the US. So they can treat workers like crap and get a good return on investment. Well Americans get a taste of Chinese like working conditions and you see what happens, they dont commit suicide like the workers at foxxconn, they just smash stuff.

I find that video more insulting and rude and generally stupid than the so-called "vertical video problem" they are trying to address. You will notice that they never tell you *why* vertical video is bad, just that you will "look like an idiot" doing this "bad" thing.

These are the same type of intolerant folks as those that say you shouldn't take a picture with your iPad, and that you should be ashamed if you do. Why? Because they say so? Because it hasn't been done before? So what?

This is just intolerant, random hatred with no excuse and no reason. They disguise it nicely with the cute puppets, but the whole message here is "your an idiot because I say so."

Gazoobee, you make me cry.
No man, woman, or child would be so incapable of understanding such a simple concept without being severely handicapped.
The ability to "read between the lines" is something that even those of us with other developmental issues are capable of. The fact that George Lucas was shown with only half his face visible should have elicited the logical response that the video would have been better in landscape mode than portrait.
Perhaps you were drunk. Could that be? Perhaps every function of your brain shut down aside from your ability to form complete sentences and to express an opinion. Perhaps in this beer-addled state you only picked up on the emotional parts of the video while leaving logic and reason behind.
If not, then as I said, you make me cry.

Oh for the love of all things holy. Is it wrong that one of the worst things I noticed about this video was the CONTINUED use of vertical video?!? Seriously. I guess I shouldn't expect more from morons, but it needs to end. There needs to be a massive warning that says "unless you want your friends to think you're more of a tool than you already are, turn the damn phone sideways. Idiot"

"Wal-Mart owned" ... So when all these items get broken and Wal-Mart claim off of the insurance, your premiums go up everytime people or companies claim so you better get used to the fact that, in essence, you will pay for those broken iPad's and many other items ... Enjoy!

Wal-Mart sucks and its not the employees. I guarantee that these employees were sick and tired of working for a *&^% company that cares not about their employees or customers. At the distribution centers (walmart's) they have such extreme and inhumane quotas to meet for chicken feed pay that it will drive anyone to damage stuff. I remember working for one and just stomping on packages, not because I was angry at the company, but because the freight was coming down too fast and I had no way of getting around the packages to meet my quota. Wal-mart might have fired these guys, but they encourage you to not care about the package but to care about the speed. If you have to throw or step on packages to meet numbers they see that as par for the course. These kids probably got so sick of Wal-mart's policies and double speak that they just figured they would have fun. The worst companies in the world have to be Wal-Mart and Monsanto. I cheer these employees on.

If this is how they react to so-called poor working conditions, such as acting like spoiled children rather than getting a different job, or maybe being grateful to have a job at all, I can pretty much guarantee they will be working this type of job for the rest of their lives.

Seriously no one working at Walmart needs to complain about working conditions. Send them to Honduras for a week or so, let them find something to complain about when they get back.

Yeah... I dont like your example at all and it clearly is short-sighted. Let me put it in lamen terms... Your example is the equivalent of; If i beat my child constantly and he gripes about it and acts up, so i send him to a Pedophile ring, like Sandusky's house, and then when i get him back he enjoys being beaten, because least he isnt at Sandusky's house.

Welcome to the real world, not everybody has the perfect job but they don't go around smashing things and being a set of fat tosspieces ... You know, when you hate a job so much and the company sucks you do have the choice to get another job, maybe that concept is lost on you and I'm pretty sure that the 3 inbreds in the video are not capable of doing anything that involved brains.

Dont think you get it, you clearly have never worked for walmart. They were applying for a new job when they made the video, id hire them just for their hate for walmart. Walmart smashes your spirit just like these hicks smashed their product. And everyone that shops at walmart for almost anything is a chump - they are funding their own countries demise. Every time you buy something from walmart you are taking away from your local community and eventually from yourself. I applaud these kids, their artists waiting to happen.

I don't patronize Walmart, EVER, but I surely wouldn't buy an Apple product there. And this is one of the million reasons why. I hope they also have to pay for all the iPads as well.

I wonder if these idiots ever took into consideration that the person who ends up buying one of those iPads maybe some poor guy/gal, with a job just as cr@ppy as theirs, who scrimped and saved for months to be able to purchase it.

Probably not, because they probably drink and smoke all their money away and can't conceive of the possibility that anyone but the 'rich' buy that kind of thing.

(I worked my way through college at a barely over minimum wage job... lots of hours... and about a month before graduation, bought a new car. Most of my classmates just couldn't conceive of how I could afford such a thing. I pointed out that most of them spent my car payment in well under a month on booze, cigarettes, and various illegal substances.)

Oh, the shock.

The most exploited proletarians, showing no regard for property, commodities or their boss. Special contempt for fashion objects, the expensive vanity toys of yuppies. Savages.

You can see that they're not really afraid or anything. It's as if they don't have much to lose! Go figure! It is a shame, no respect anymore. They should all be slaves, that'd show them!
oh. wait.

Good point! This could have been a film of some autoworkers who make more than my of us building your next car. It's kind of a proletarian kind of thing, huh?

When there are honest people looking for jobs, these nuts get hired. I am sure there were better applicants for the job. The thing that really gets me the most, these idiots will film themselves, then wonder why they got fired. Happens all the time. Some family trees have no branches.

I can tell you at the Meijer where I work the iPads are in sealed containers and the numbers on the seals are recorded and checked again before the container is opened. If one store does not meet the standards of Apple then the product is pulled. I can only imagine what may follow this at other Wal-marts. Maybe Apple will pull the product? And just in time for christmas too.