Mobile Nations Passport Contest: Win the Ultimate iOS Prize Pack!

Login to iMore and leave a comment to this post to be entered to win the Ultimate iOS Prize Pack!

Last week we rolled our new Mobile Nations Passport account system, which makes it easy for any member of iMore to also participate across our other sites. With Passport, you have one account and to rule them all!

In honor of the successful roll out of Passport and thanks to our awesome friends at Gogo, we're celebrating with an amazing cross site contest. Each of our sites is running a contest giving away an Ultimate Prize Pack for their platform. And thanks to Passport, you can easily enter for a shot at winning each prize pack on each site.

Thanks Gogo!

How to Enter: 

Step 1: Login to iMore and leave a comment to this post to be entered to win the Ultimate iOS Prize Pack!

Register or Login using the links at the top right corner of this site (see where it says Passport Is Live)


Step 2: Also enter to Win the Ultimate Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and webOS Wildcard Prize Packs:

Click on over to Android Central, CrackBerryWindows Phone Central and webOS Nation (<-- on those links) to go straight to the respective contest post for that site. Simply login on each site -- which is painless thanks to Passport -- and leave a comment there, as you're doing here, and you'll be entered to win that prize pack. 


Step 3: Like Gogo on Facebook!

Our friends at Gogo -- the KINGS of Inflight Internet -- made it possible for us to run this Mobile Nations Contest. Gogo ROCKs. So be sure to click the button below and like them on Facebook. Your comment to this post is enough to be entered to win, but we'll love you, and Gogo will love you, if you like them (if the button doesn't work in your region, don't panic).

Beyond the Grand Prize, we have awesome runner up prizes as well. Keep reading for more info on the prizes and for the full contest details. Contest is open worldwide and ends at Noon PT on Monday, November 19th. Don't waste time... Enter now! Good Luck! 


Mobile Nations Passport Contest - Full Contest Details 

Prize Packs:

Click the Prize Pack links to jump over to that site to enter to win it! 

Runner Up:
- Nexus 7 Tablet (32GB) - 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- BlackBerry PlayBook (64GB)
- 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- iPod Touch (32GB)
- 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- JBL PowerUp Speaker
- 5 Gogo passes


Runner Up:
- Take your pick of any of the Runner Up Prizes we're offering for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry



Contest Rules & Fine Print:

Nothing to hide here, but these are the things to know! 

  • Contest is being run by Mobile Nations
  • Only enter one comment per contest post on each site. If you enter additional comments, only your first comment will be counted towards entry of the contest.
  • Contest is open worldwide.
  • Contest ends at 12 Noon PT on Monday, November 19th, 2012.
  • Contest winners will be drawn and random and announced on all Mobile Nations sites soon after.
  • We will do our best to reach out to all contest winners. If a contest winner for whatever reason does not reply within a month of the winners announcement, Mobile Nations reserves the right to select a new winner for that contest prize.
  • Individual prize winners are responsible for any taxes due on prize total if required by local laws.
  • If the prize is not available at the time of winners announcement (example - a BlackBerry 10 phone), the prize will be delivered soon after it becomes available on the market for purchase.

Any questions? Email

Kevin Michaluk

Kevin Michaluk is Chief Media Officer of Mobile Nations and editor-in-chief of He also loves watches. And Campari. A lot.

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agentmobile says:

I would love this! Liked Gogo as well, you guys rock!

saket87 says:

I'd love to win for a change. iWin ;)

mail1946 says:

xmas could come early...

Guignards says:

Sign me up.. would love to see this happen

Tre says:


RileyFreeman says:

nice contest. pick me please :)

Robert Gagnon says:

BlackBerry by choice. Make it so.

f1mx says:

Cool, something free is always awesome!

matus201 says:

Wow these are some sick prizes! Thank you guys!

wecw says:

This would make a great Christmas gift for a family member. Fingers crossed ;)

poojarastogi says:

I hope I win the grand Nexus prize!!! Here is looking at you kid :)

kcmagnet says:

Would like to win please

rengle02 says:

I love iMore and this would make my year.

onix7cv says:

This is great. I've used GoGo though; wish reception was more constant in airplanes.

pddgme says:

Alright!! Let's do this thing.

Beard: Check...
Whiskey, neat: Check....
Luck: ..... We'll see.

Cathc you on the flip side.

Robert Gagnon says:

BlackBerry by choice. Make it so.

McNibbler says:

Wow!! You have no idea what it would be like for me to win this! Thanks so much for the chance!! Fingers crossed!

kublai says:

Appreciate the love. Hope to win.

ricksantiago says:

Yes please! And thank you. :)

ZkiZZoiD says:

Apple Rocks!!!! Please be mine..

deuce300 says:

Thanks for all of these awesome contests. Would love to win one! You guya are awesome!

gp48 says:

I want it........I need it!!

mbc7107 says:

Count me in! Hope I win!

bronxbomber says:

pick me pick me. Good luck everyone

sstinman says:

I'd like to win, please.

Andyjhay55 says:

I'm entered. I love free stuff. Keep up the great work.

C4RL0S says:

who wouldn't want a free iphone/ipad... no one.

diamondj says:

Love passport, and this is an awesome contest.

jcb18 says:

Awesome! This would be a great Christmas Gift!!!

Tim Norris says:

Would love to get some iOS device to play games on.

jeffwhite10 says:

Thank you Mobile Nations and Gogo!! You both rock!!

Niavlys77 says:

What's an eyePad? Is that a pirate thing?

Guysreviews says:

I would love an iPhone pack! I let an iPhone 5 slip out of my hands... :(

ZkiZZoiD says:

Please give it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

admac83 says:

Don't forget me! I like free stuff too!

christcentric says:

Yes, I couldn't say no to a new iPhone!

riceboyler says:

I'd become an iLemming fo' free...

thebrain2u says:

As always, here goes nothin'!

n8tiveg says:

Awesome contest thanks for offering these great prizes. Hope I get chosen

IamHahn says:

Obligatory Comment for iMore awesomeness!

hartguy says:

Thanks to everyone involved. Good luck!!!! :D

boi2012 says:

Santa, I've been a good boy.

91_z28_4me says:

Lets see if iMore can convert me over to the dark...I mean Apple side.

volleyman says:

cool contest! i'd love to be the happy winner!

lmr47 says:

I'm sure I could find someone who'd want and Iphone. ;)

Dareoth says:

I love winning things!

Foggiest says:

Press enter to continue.

Chrissosa18 says:


Fogdog98 says:

I so will take my free stuff..

chris7heko says:

Awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

velinion says:

Bring me victory, or bring me... well... a large mug of hot chocolate, I guess.

OscarMaDi says:

Nah, Timmy doesn't show so much interest, but he says hi to everyone.

shack1108 says:

Over 3000 comments. Wow! Please pick me! That would be great! says:

Wanted: New iOS devices. Grand Prize shall be automatically accepted. No references required.


Am9 says:

Cool! Would love to win!

vicky2181991 says:

This is so cool and awesome. It would help me in my studies. But, there is no hope that i win this. The luck never shines upon me.

grastogi78 says:

Cheers to Mobile Nation and its affiliates, hope I win the nexus pack!!

ctrl_doom says:

This would be for my brother

GooTz66 says:

Please let this be the time I finally win!

Wh1temage says:

And if I don't win the other contests, but win this one, at least I could switch to a new iPhone instead of my broken screen.

JenkTJ27 says:

Commenting on this post to be entered to win the Ultimate Windows Phone Prize Pack!

Nuttz565 says:

To Renee you have changed my perspective on the technology world and run by far the best podcast there is, so thank you. Now myself(and especially my kids) would be grateful to win this. So start are Christmas early and choose us!!!

sibebabe says:

Free stuff is the best!!

robtraf says:

Would love to be a winner!

Hoosier says:

If it's Free, I'll take Three

drieetha says:

wouldn't complain if i won!

jmccomas04 says:

Best giveaway I've seen yet!!!

tailgater says:

Awesome contest! I hope i win! Mabuhay!

kallemia says:

Definitely count me in. I'd love to win. Great constest!

josue_zoey says:

Josue&kitten for the win

TheDave says:

I would LOVE a free iPad for school

c2c says:

Me, me, me!!!

berrydroidapple says:

Good luck to everyone, but I want to win too LOL.

SofaTester says:

I would very much enjoy any of these prize packs really. Quality stuff.

DavidJ726 says:

I think I'm going to like this Passport thingie.... And wouldn't mind a prize pack either :-)

joamon21 says:

Yes, more chances for free stuff! I'm in!!!

LightningGA says:

Amazing prize packages!!!!

shaganat says:

i lovee this, really hope i winn!

Merk42 says:

This is the biggest contest ever on this site, right???

gidiowo says:

I want this very much, thanks mobilenation. You da best.

jrt14 says:

I would really love to win an iPhone. Thank you for a chance to win.

tygros says:

Great work on the contests!

Binaryfragment says:

Sweet. My chances are low, but I would like in please!

Rob Mirkovic says:

For the! Count me in!

ShadowAdama says:

Oh yeah this is the mother load of all contests! I hope I win!!

doubleksquared says:

Great contest, if I win my niece is going to be happy.

lasm2000 says:

May I have one of those wonderful gadgets?

kdUbz says:

would loveee to win this!! - kp

E.J. Macaranas says:

I'd be grateful to win anything.

bagarwa says:

Hope iWin. Soooo want an iPad since soooo long.

Preemptive says:

I would love to be able to give the phone to my friend and the ipad to my Mum. Maybe this will give me karma points over the 3000+ who have already commented!

bvilela says:

Another great contest.... Thanks
I hope i win...

PJKreft says:

I'd like to win this cool stuff. Thanks for the opportunity.

ariestocrat says:

best things in life are FREE!! i want!!

Jnkamau21 says:

This an orgasmic deal right here!!! imore is awesome

robteaboy says:

wow. good prizes at mobile nations

D-Caf says:

Please enter me, I'll give these Apple devices a try!

acav1986 says:

I want to win this time!

freddy_thimmaiah says:

The prizes being offered are simply phenomenal!

Mack_43 says:

Pick me!!! I would love to have free apple stuff.

willinilly says:

Sign me up.
Thank ya much.

mo77 says:

i will try ios if I win it

four4usc says:

I would really love to win something for a change.

7Anthony says:

Great giveaway, Great site!!!!!!

Tom DeVor says:

I will donate my winnings to, just kidding...sorry...

Jeff is Your Guy says:

i would love an early Christmas, so bring on the iPad

knowledge2786 says:

I would love to win the iPad for my mom and the iPhone for my sister. Please pick me....

McMiece says:

I can't wait to get a tablet!

travaz says:

I could use a new phone

qberry69 says:

Brilliant! Count me in!

therandomone says:

I'd like to win!
Pick me! pick me! pick me!

alvarooil says:

Hola! I'm participating. :)

e koulak says:

Although I would like to win and by any means would not turn down the prize, but I hope it goes to someone who couldn't purchase these devices on their own and could benefit for winnig :)

cdl0007 says:

Ahhh. I would love to win this!

Hmar9333 says:

Gotta be in it to win it!

wpgteacher says:

Yes please! This would be awesome!

ryanwleach says:

Would love this...sounds awesome.

alifarhatt says:

Ok I'll use a crapple if you give me one.

Davepear says:

Wow, winning this prize would be a wonderful thing for someone who never wins anything. Thanks for the opportunity.

hulickr says:

OK, so I'm still a fan of the beauty and simplicity of webOS:-). I still appreciate the effort that Apple puts into the experience. And they have a couple more apps :-)

janvierg says:

I am ready to take a bite of the apple again, been a few years (left ever since the original pre, but it may be time to come back to the flock)

Blittzo says:

Sup random number generator, knew you would choose me.

Rqomar says:

Would nice to win something for the first time...

d03jke says:

If I win I'll be souped but congrats if others.

a4ivens says:

My brostache would really enjoy a new ipad.

MadBrew says:

This would be a great prize package to win and would be put to good use by myself and with my kids.

Magex47 says:

Good luck to everyone. Happy holidays!

HAL 8950 says:

Awesome prize pack, thanks iMore for the chance to win!

ridzie says:

Ultimate prize pack indeed. Here's hoping.

ramy68 says:

Always the best contests here.

Purple4 says:

I want in on this great contest.

cecoleman says:

I never win anything. Can you please change this?

HelderTavares says:

Great and very generous contest. Thanks.

curvezzz says:

I would love a prize pack

anddangit says:

Would so love a new iPad!

prophoto1 says:

love to win this! love using apple! enter my name please!

Argh says:

Great prizes on offer here!

R_j_W says:

Please oh Please oh Please let me win this great package. My life would be a little bit more complete with these two great devices in my life..!!! Please oh Please give this to me.. !!!!!!

Cameron MacDonald says:

Awesome prize pack! Very generous of Mobile Nations and Gogo.

Uzian says:

Nice prize package, sign me up.

popartist says:

I'm generally iLess, save for my Touch, but who am I to turn down an iPhone, 'specially since I can use it on T-Mobile now!

wile_e_jackal says:

Amazing prizes! Count me in!

bambuco says:

Oh boy, count me in! MNP is a #win, linked all my accounts AND social networks in question of seconds and few clicks. AMAZING!!

jakeless.123 says:

What an amazing giveaway!! Fingers crossed that I'll win!