UK Courts still not happy with Apple's statement, orders them to pay Samsung's legal fees

UK Courts still not happy with Apple's statement, orders them to pay Samsung's legal fees

Apple's last court-ordered apology to Samsung still wasn't enough to appease the UK courts, so they've now been ordered to pay Samsung's legal fees from parking tickets to Porsches for all the lawyers. Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Fortune has the details.

Ordered to post a two-paragraph corrective on its website and in the British press, Apple not only dragged its heels, but it broke up the required paragraphs and interspersed language of its own devising -- including a bit about a judge ruling that the Samsung Galaxy Tab was "not as cool" as the iPad -- language that was, according to Samsung, false and misleading.

Fortune has more quotes and excerpts from both Apple and the court via the link below below as well as the complete text of the Apple issued statement that was rejected by the courts.

So, is the court being too fussy or is Apple being too flippant?

Source: Fortune

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Reader comments

UK Courts still not happy with Apple's statement, orders them to pay Samsung's legal fees


If they would have written an honest apology just like they were ordered on Day 1, they could have avoided this whole mess.

APPLE WAS NEVER ordered to write APOLOGY .... DUDE... just a statement... GOT IT....!!!
I was working for Korean companies for over 20 years... bin there many times... they think... they are the greatest in everything ...but only, what they are really good in... is: eating dogs and copy-cats ... believe me ...DUDE

Well... they are good at making CPUs for iPhones, Memory that's used in iPhones, other components that's used in iPhones, screens for iPhones...

iPhone, it's just another Samsung device with Apple branding.

Yeah, sure I can see your point. But this is also a great example (amongst many) as to why we kicked the shit out of the UK and their beloved queen and declared our independence. They still haven't got over it. It's no different than the kid who used to get bullied, turning into a wife beating cop.

Why would anyone expect anything else from Apple? They are a truly evil company. And don't get me wrong, Google is just as evil and intrusive.

How arrogant do you have to be? They should also have to thank Samsung for the hardware that makes their "cooler" device possible...

Samsung is really a sore loser!! They should put this determination into designing original mobile phones instead.

How so? This isn't Samsung making them write an apology, it's the UK Courts so if you want to point fingers, point it at them.

Actually I believe that Samsung was the winner in this case which is why Apple has to apologize.

If your ordered to write an apology it's not honest or genuine anyway. What difference does it make how it's written? Foreigners and their fruity laws.

Ahhh I've read this news so many places and they've all got it wrong. The court order is for indemnity costs, this is typically 70-80% of the other side's costs compared with 40-60% that is a standard costs order. Odd maybe, but how we deal with costs in England and Wales.

AND what are typically *the other side's costs* in judges back pockets in England and Wales ???

The other sides' costs are lawyers fees. Court fees are a relatively small amount, and judges get paid a salary that isn't affected by how many cases they do or the rulings they make. This ruling means Apple will have to pay 70-80% of Samsung's lawyers' fees, with Samsung covering the rest.