Nokia bringing maps to iOS with Nokia Here

Nokia Here mapping app coming to iOS

Nokia is set to release its own map application for iOS. Called Here, the application will be part of a wider rebranding of Nokia’s mapping product. Here won’t be completely native, as Nokia announced that it is based on HTML5. Here will include voice-guided walking directions and some measure of offline functionality, among other features. Nokia says in its press release:

To further extend its location services, Nokia is launching a maps application for iOS under the HERE brand. Based on HTML5, it will include offline capabilities, voice-guided walk navigation, and public transport directions. The application is scheduled to be available for free download from Apple's App Store in the coming weeks.

With the problems faced by Apple Maps, many have looked to Google for a new native mapping experience on iOS, but it’s not here yet. Nokia says Here will arrive “in the coming weeks.”

There hasn’t been serious maps competition on iOS before, so these next few months, with Google and Nokia releasing competing products, and Apple fixing errors and filling in missing data, are going to be interesting to watch. It is also important to remember that despite problems faced by many, Maps on iOS are still reliable for many others. When these alternative apps from Google and Nokia do eventually launch, if they are good, iOS will have not one but three viable mapping options available.

While some might question whether or not Apple would approve these apps, remember that having three major mapping apps on iOS is good for users, and makes iOS more attractive, and as long as you’re using iOS, Apple wins.

Source: Nokia

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Reader comments

Nokia bringing maps to iOS with Nokia Here


Sadly this will never ever happen i dont even give thoughts like these the time of day anymore because they are a waste time and brain power

.......Do you think apple is having a revelation on their ideals and principles? I dont think so its just a few people being booted who do not fit the current scheme....

"There hasn’t been serious maps competition on iOS before"... other than that entire section of the AppStore called "Navigation"...

Even if these maps were good, or even great, without the deep integration into the os it will still be cumbersome at best

It's actually pretty impressive as a web app. has worked really well for me. Pulled up all sorts of public transit options and driving directions around chicago

I just looked up the site on my iphone and its actually very helpful. The only downside would be that it lacks detail just as apples own maps does in my area. This is actually painful to look at where as Googles map are refined and apples are not anywhere near googles level of refinement but they sure did draw them easy on the eyes

I recently started using WAZE for mapping & nav. Have found it incredibly comprehensive, accurate, & fast to use. Lots of other features the other maps, even Google's, don't have.

Check out WAZE!